Friday, 14 June 2013


I have the bestest day in my en-tire life! The sun has been shining and it has been warm, so I have been outside the whole day and I have had a ball!

I went outside early 'cos my DH was up to go to the Cat shop, but my MH was having a wee rest 'cos her little legs were a bit sore after doing all their swimming stuff, so I left her in peace until I decided it was time she was up, and up she got. I have her very well trained!

She had to do some housework so I went away exploring and hunting and I know I was away for a long, long time and I think my MH must have been a bit worried 'cos I heard her calling for me and when I saw her in the garden, I ran as fast as I could and sprang straight through the fence which always makes her smile.

We worked about for a while in my house and did 'our' exercises and once I knew she was OK, I went away outside again and found some lovely long, warm grass to lie in and I think I fell asleep for a while.

My friend M. came to see me and we all sat outside in my garden and had a chat and then me and my MH went down the path to give the bull and the baby bull a drink of water. I stood quite close, but not too close and the calf had a good look at me.


When we were there, I saw this lovely starling and I asked my MH to take its picture so I could show it to you. I think his colours are beautiful. I think I might like to have some more colours. Do you get fur dye for pussy cats?

My afternoon ended with my MH cutting my grass and then we both waited for my DH to come home and I went into the greenhouse with him before having a rest in my peedie hoose to build up some more energy for my evening excursions.

Roly poly pussy cat

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