Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A Question

Can a pussy cat be sad and excited at the same time? I think that's what I might be and I shall explain.

As you know, my humans are going away on holiday and today they started looking out all the things they want to take with them and I got this funny feeling as I watched them.


I am sad 'cos they are going away. I love them loads and loads and I will miss them so that's why I am sad, but I love my friends A. and J. too and I know I will have great fun with them so that's why I am excited, but I just wondered if this was OK?

I don't want to mention it to my MH in case she gets worried about me, so maybe somebody out there can help me.

I have had a good day today 'cos both my humans have been home and they have played with me whenever I wanted them to and we have all had good fun and my MH has just told me that my friend S. is coming to see me to night so that has made me very happy AND excited!

I know I am a very clever puss but I think there is still a lot I have to learn.

The weather has been naughty again and I have been indoors nearly all day but that's fine 'cos I am a wee bit tired as I was out so much last night, so it's good to have an excuse to rest and be a wee bit lazy.

I will probably go outside tonight after my visitors have gone home and maybe some of my little friends will be able to answer my questions.

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