Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Quiet Day

That's what I have had. My humans have been out for a while but when my MH came home, we went into the garden and I went rock climbing again while she watched me.


We had a lady visitor in the afternoon and she made a fuss of me and let me have a sniff at her bag which I liked. My MH says I am nosey, but I tell her I am just widening my education!

We had visitors last night too and they tickled me and cuddled me and that made me happy and they liked it too.

I had a message from my pussy cat paw pal in Germany who is called Satchmo and he told me it is OK to be sad and excited at the same time, so that has put my mind at rest. I am feeling a wee bit less sad and a wee bit more excited so I am sure it will be fine.

I think I might be able to write to you tomorrow but that will be the last for a long time so I hope you don't miss me too much.

I suppose I will have lots to tell you when I DO come back and I hope you are all safe and well until then.

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