Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Another Wednesday

I don't really like Wednesday's 'cos I am left alone for a long time while my DH is at the Cats shop and my MH is out, but then she always plays with me and cuddles me when she comes home, so it is worth waiting for.

I was outside a lot and I came across this little birdy and it wasn't afraid of me at all. I think all the other birdies have told him that I am a good, kind pussy cat and that I don't hurt birdies. I think this is a beautiful birdy and when I showed it to my MH she said that she saw some of those birdies when she was in Malawi, and then we looked at the map and she showed me where she had been. It is very far away.


When my DH came home we went into our greenhouse and I showed him my tomatoes which are growing better than his and he wasn't very pleased. Hee hee. I told him that he needs to learn to purr like I do, but he just shooked his head. I don't think he will ever purr!

I am now awful tired because I sat on my MH's knee and we watched Andy playing tennis and it was a brilliant game, but we both thought that he was going to lose and my MH was sad, but I gave him a special purr and a special squeak and suddenly he got better and better until he won and we were both so happy for him, but we are both worn out with excitement.


What will we be like by the final? Well done Andy. Keep it up 'cos I am purring for you.

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