Monday, 1 July 2013

Happy, happy, happy

I am having the bestest time ever and I am just a happy, happy wee pussy cat. I love the summer and I am having lots of fun playing outside and talking to all my little animal friends.

There are lots of birdies on my island 'cos they come here for their holidays and I am always happy to see them and I don't hurt them, 'cos as you know, I am a good puss. I am also a clever puss and I very quickly worked out that if I chase the birdies, they just fly away and as I can't fly---yet!---I will never catch them, so I just save all my energy for doing other things.

I have been outside nearly all day and so has my DH 'cos he is doing lots of work in our garden so I always have some company when I need a cuddle or a wee chat.

I am not very pleased with my MH 'cos she has bought a new machine and it is a steamer for cleaning and it spits and makes awful noises and it's just another machine I do not like, so while she was playing with that, I went outside and played with my DH on the grass and then I went mountaineering on my little garden wall. OK, I know it's not very high, but remember I am just little---and adorable! Don't forget the adorable bit!


After I helped her with all her exercises, in the gym and her leg exercises, we settled down and watched Andy winning his tennis match.We were a wee bit worried at one point, but he did it, so well done Andy.

I have got my little paws crossed for him and I will tell all my cow friends and birdie friends to cross whatever they can cross, so if you see birdies and cows moving funny, you will know why!

I am now going to settle down for my after-dinner nap and then I shall go outside again to find out what is happening on my little island and I think I might stay out for hours and hours before coming in to cuddle up beside my MH.

Oh yes, I am certainly having lots and lots of fun and I am certainly very happy and I hope you are happy too.

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