Sunday, 7 July 2013

Oh Dear

I was in a lot of trouble this morning from my MH 'cos I stayed out really, really late.

My humans were up quite late too and I decided to go out exploring about eleven o'clock 'cos it was a very nice night. I am not going to tell you where I went 'cos it is a pussy cat secret but I was so happy that I didn't come home even when I heard my humans calling for me.

My DH eventually went to bed and my MH said she would stay awake until I came home and I am afraid that I didn't return until half past four o'clock in the morning and my MH was very worried that something had happened to me and as well as getting a big cuddle I got a big telling off!

I think I had better behave myself today!

 I have been very attentive and I helped the old dear hang out her washing and did my usual running up and down the clothes poles which amused her.

Then we had a wee wander down my garden and did some acrobatics on my gate, but now I am lying on my MH's knee and we are watching the tennis, because between you and me, I am a wee bit tired, but I don't want to complain 'cos my MH will say it all my own fault for staying out all night.


And I think she just might be right, but that, dear reader, is between you and me!

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