Saturday, 6 July 2013

Play Time

I have been watching more tennis today and I am getting to like watching my television. My friends J. and A. came over to see me and to get all the instructions for looking after me. My MH need to know that I am being well looked after and my friends do a very good job---I make sure of that!

Since it was a good day, my MH cut our grass again and I followed her round the garden at a safe distance from the lawn mower, but I had a wee roll in the grass when she was all finished and then we sat on our bench and had a chat again.

We were sitting in our living room and looking out of my window when the naughty bird came back again to try and steal the food from the little birds and my MH took this brilliant picture which I know you would like to see.

I am having a rest now but I shall be heading out later on and if I see this naughty seagull I shall give him a piece of my mind and then send him quickly on his way.

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