Monday, 8 July 2013


I have three lots of WOWs for you today.

The first wow is the tennis match that Andy Murray won last night. It was magic. I sat on my MH's knee for most of it and we both watched my television. I say 'most of it' 'cos sometimes we were behind the couch just hoping that he would win, but he did and we were so happy for him.

The other wow is that the weather today has been absolutely glorious and this little pussy cat has been outside the en-tire day. The only thing that made me sad is that my humans had to go to Kirkwall 'cos my MH had to see the fizzy-o lady again so I  had nobody to play with until they came home again.

My MH told me that the fizzy-o lady was very pleased with her and told her that she should get a gold star 'cos she had worked so hard, and she doesn't need to go back again. We have just to keep doing all our exercises and she should be fine, so that is very good news and the nice lady told my MH to tell me that she wished she had a pussy cat like me, so I think I should get a gold star too.

The last wow happened when my humans were home and the weather was so good that they left my door open and when I was in the kitchen I heard a funny noise and then I saw the most ginormous bumble bee I had ever seen. It was huge! I think it was so huge it could have carried me away!  :))

My MH heard it too and she came in to investigate and when she saw what it was, she lifted me up and put me in the living room so that I would be safe and then my DH came in and managed to put Mrs. Bumble Bee into a box and let her go outside and she flied away. Phew!

I wonder if I will have any more wows before bedtime?

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