Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year

I probably won't write to you tomorrow, so me and my humans would like to wish you all a very happy new year and we hope it will be a good one for everybody.

I have had a very good day just doing lots of my normal things which I don't really need to explain 'cos you all know me so very well by now. My DH is still not very well, but he is getting better and we are all taking things very easy which I like, but when I think my MH is getting a wee bit fed up then I ask her to play with me which she does and right away she is cheered up.

I have made my new year and I have decided to try to become even more adorable, although I am not too sure if that is possible, and the other one is to always make my humans happy and that is an easy one 'cos I know they love me millions and whenever I am around they are happy.

I had a wee surprise this afternoon when the nice farmer man from next door came into see me. I always like when he comes in 'cos he lets me sniff his hands and they have all sorts of interesting cow and sheep smells off them. One day I nipped into my porch where he had left his boots and I had a sniff at them which was the wrong thing to do 'cos they were VERY smelly and I nearly passed out. My MH saw me swaying on my adorable little feets with my eyes glazing over and just caught me before I hit the floor! So, I now stay away from his boots, but the rest of him is full of interesting smells which I love.

So there we are. My year has finished on a very good feeling and I hope that you will have a very happy 2015 and I will look forward to sharing all my adventures with you and maybe I will get some more paw pals to write to. I would like that but I love all the ones I already have.

Happy New Year everyone. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A Sort of Surprise

I have had a very good day today. I have been able to play with my toys and my MH 'cos she just did a wee drop of housework which suited me fine. My DH still isn't very well but he got more medicines from the doctor, so we are all hoping that he will be a lot better very soon and I am sure that with me and my MH looking after him, he will be fit very soon.

I have been in and out a lot but it is still quite cold for me so I just stay out for little whiles and then I go back inside for a heat and a cuddle and it was during one of those cuddle times that I got the sort of good news. Remember I told you that my MH was going away to Glasgow next Tuesday to get another hip? Well, the hip doctor told her today that she had to wait for another week before she goes away, so that means that she will be home with me for a longer time and that made me happy, but I am still a bit sad that she has to go away at all. I wonder if the hip doctor could just send her hip up to my house and maybe my DH could put it in for her? Or would that be too hard for him to do? Maybe I shall ask!

I have been having really good fun with my new toys and I am just loving them. I play with the little mouse and I am still trying to get some treats out of my other toy and I made my humans laugh today 'cos I was sticking my adorable little tongue inside it and I was licking all the treats and then when I accidentally thumped it, some of them fell out on to the carpet and I gobbled them all up. Oh, happy Squeak.

So that's all my news for today. The vacuum cleaner is away in its cupboard again for a lot of days which makes me and my DH very happy indeed. I will probably write to you again tomorrow and then I might have a wee rest for a day or two. It will all depend on what my humans are doing, but I am sure you had worked that one out all by yourselves? Hee hee.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Back to Normal

And you all know what that means, don't you? The vacuum cleaner and the dusters have been chasing my MH all over my house today as the old dear gets back to normal after Christmas, but she has promised that it is only for a couple of days as she will stop for new year and once again yours truly shall be the main attraction.

I like that idea, but after that I am afraid I won't be able to write to you for a while as my dear old MH is going to Glasgow to get her new hip and I am left in charge of my house and my DH. I will miss my MH but she will only be away for a short time and she has promised to run about my garden with me when her new hip has settled in, so I am looking forward to that. She is going away on the 6th of January, so I won't be able to write to you after that.

I have had a good time playing with my humans and playing with my 'treat toy' which I am getting used to now, but if I get a wee bit frustrated, my MH tips some treats out for me and I like that. There was only one little cloud on my otherwise sparkling horizon and that was when I got de-flead and de-wormed all in one go! The vet has sent her something new for me and I didn't see it coming so I wasn't able to escape, but I will know better the next time.

And yes, I know it is for my own good and it keeps me well, but I don't have to like it, do I?

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Not Much News

I don't have very much to tell you today except that I am still having a very good time and I am sure you will be pleased to learn--although not too surprised---that my MH has kept her Christmas promise that I would get all her attention, and I have. I have had lots of play times with her and millions of cuddles so I have had a very good Christmas but it is coming to an end 'cos the vacuum cleaner will make an appearance tomorrow and the housework will begin again for a few days. I am OK with that 'cos I have had a good time and I do like a nice clean house!

I have been playing with my toys today and have had good fun bouncing all over my living room and scooting through my house making my MH laugh out loud, especially when I skidded in the kitchen and my adorable little feets were going in all directions trying to keep me from falling on my equally adorable little bum. Hee hee

I have also been outside quite often, but it is a bit too cold for my liking so I just do what I have to do and then nip back in through the window to where it is nice and cosy and there is always a cuddle lying about for me somewhere. My MH hides them all over the house and I just need to find them. See?

My MH has noticed that my sleeping habits have changed and I am now sleeping the whole night without asking the old dear to get up and feed me and she is very happy about that. I have decided that as I am now a growed-up puss cat, I can make sure that I give my MH peace to sleep and if I am hungry I can always go and get a wee biscuit which are always in my dish and now I have my new toy which I just kick to get some treats, so I am being very mature.

But I am still a very playful kitten!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

A Chuckle Story

There are two puffed out little chests in my house today, and I apologise if that is a picture you don't want in your head right now, but one of the little chests is mine and that is an adorable one as you already know, and the other one is not so wee and not so adorable and it belongs to my dear old MH.

And why are they puffed out? I hear you cry. Well. You remember I told you that I got a toy for Christmas which gets filled with treats and when I push it over the treats fall out for me to eat? Well, (again) I wasn't quite grasping the mechanics of it and to be honest my dear friends I was in danger of losing my temper, but then my MH lied down on the floor with me and showed me over and over and over what to do. In fact, she showed me so many times that my adorable little tummy was almost full of treats, but then when she stood up she saw me doing it all by myself and she shouted a great big 'whooppee' which was the signal for the sticking out of said chests. See?

We have had another good, lazy day which we are all enjoying and although it is quite cold for this little puss, I have been able to get out to play lots of times and that has been good. I even helped my MH feed the birdies this afternoon and I had a wee run on the grass before I went back into my house and I sat on my MH's knee for a while and we had a wee girlie chat which I always love.

So I have had a very good day indeed and I hope you have had a good day too.

Friday, 26 December 2014


I had a brilliant day yesterday and as my MH promised, I was the centre of her world and I got cuddled and played with whenever I wanted it. AND I got a brilliant toy from Santa as well as lots of things for my little tummy, but my toy is for my feets and my tummy 'cos it is a wee ball which my MH puts some wee treats into and then when I roll it around with my adorable little feets and the treats fall out for me to gobble up. Magic!

We all had a really good day yesterday which we enjoyed and as a special treat I got some real salmon for my dinner which I just loved so after I had that I went straight out to boast to all my little mouse friends and I think they were quite jealous of me so I am going to ask my MH if I give them some. I'm not too sure if there is any left though!

We are all having another quiet day today but I am still getting all the attention I need, and I hope you are all having a very good day too.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Just One More Sleep!!

I am going to bed VERY early tonight so that I will be up bright and early to see what Santa has brought me. I have had a super day today and I have had lots of cuddles from my MH which I love.

My humans had to go out for a while this afternoon and I nipped outside just as they were leaving, but the living room window had been left open for me if I wanted to go inside 'cos it was raining a wee bit and I am afraid I was just a little bit naughty. I shall explain. There is a little brick outside our utility room window and I like sitting on that just watching the world going round and round, and that's where I was when the humans went away. It was raining a bit, but my MH knew I could get in the window if I wanted. As soon as they went away, I scooted under my DH's car and sat there for a while, but when I saw them coming home to me, I ran as fast as my adorable little legs could take me and perched my little self back on top of the brick and gave my MH a 'oh, I have missed you' look and she thought I had been sitting there all the time. So that made her feel a bit sad and for that I got a ginormous cuddle and an extra treat! Oh yes. I know just which buttons to push, and I am getting better and better at it!

We all played together for a while and I asked my MH to let you see what she had done with her walking stick 'cos she has tinselfied it for Christmas and I just love it and every time she passes me, I grab hold of it and that always makes her smile. I hope she keeps it like that, 'cos I love it lots.

I don't know if I will be able to write to you tomorrow, but I hope you all have a very brilliant Christmas and that Santa will bring you lots and lots of lovely presents.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Nearly There

Have you worked out that I am quite an excited little puss? I love Christmas. In fact I love December 'cos at the beginning is my birthday and then it is Christmas, so it is a very good month for this little pussy cat.

I have had a good day today and I even got a big surprise when my friend S. came to see me and I liked that very much. I haven't seen her for a while 'cos she hasn't been very well but she said she couldn't go any longer without a cuddle from yours truly, so I made it a very special one today and I am sure I have made her a whole lot better.

There is one thing which has made me a very happy puss and that is the fact that the dreaded vacuum cleaner is away for a long rest just as my MH promised and the rest of the time is just for me. Yippee! I can have her attention whenever I want it and for as long as I want, so what more could I ask for? Give me a minute and I am sure to think of something! Hee hee

My DH went over to Stromness this afternoon so it was just us girls in my house and we had good fun, but we will all be together now for a wee while and that's when I like it best.

I hope you are not too busy getting ready for Santa and I hope you have a lovely time, but I will write to you again tomorrow if the Broadband thingy is still working.

Paws crossed, eh?

Monday, 22 December 2014

Good Fun

I have had a very good day just doing all the little things that I like doing like nipping in and out of my windows when the wind stopped blowing at me and then cuddling up beside my MH on my couch when the wind comed back again. So I have it all worked out.

The old dear did all her housework today as usual but she told me she was making my house extra clean for Santa Claus and that made me a bit excited, so I nipped over to my Christmas tree and I stared at my presents hoping that the paper might just fall off and I could see what I was getting. But it didn't, so I am still excited.

My MH has promised that after her housework is finished tomorrow, she won't bring the vacuum cleaner out for a long, long time and she will spend as much time with me as I want. Now, I know you can't wrap that up and put it under the tree, but that is my very favourite present ever!

I have developed a new winter routine which I am very happy with and it means that I am staying indoors more if the weather isn't to my liking. I just nip out for short times when it is not throwing all sorts of horrid weather at me and I spend the rest of my time either sleeping on my couch or cuddling in beside my MH where I am at my happiest.

Ah yes. I think I will like my new winter routine.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Still Here

Well, I am starting to write this to you, but I don't know if I will be able to finish it. My dear old MH started to download something on her computer last night and even though it was so slow ( even slower than the old dear herself hee hee!) she decided to keep going and she left her machine on all during Strictly and just when it reached 99% the whole thing crashed! Oh boy, was she not happy at all. I took my adorable little self off under the sofa and put my little paws over my equally little lugs so that I didn't hear her, but I knew she was not a happy MH!

So, there we are. There might be more bad temper if this crashes too, but we will try. I liked the dancing programme last night and am glad that Caroling won 'cos I like Pasha too so I am a happy puss. I have also been a busy puss and I helped my DH wrap up all the presents for the children's raffle at the party on Friday night and my MH said they all had a very good time. I had a brilliant time sniffing everything and as you can see, did a lot of exploring, although it was mainly inside paper bags and boxes!

It has been a wee bit windy today but I have been able to get out to play for a while. My MH told me that today was the shortest day and it is quite dark on my little island about half past three o'clock, but as I have brilliant night time eyesight, I can see even when it is at its darkest and I quite like the dark time, so I will be out playing as long as I am not getting blowed away.

I am getting quite excited 'cos I know it is only four MAIN sleeps till Santa comes. Why do I say 'main' sleeps? Well, one year I was told it was three sleeps, so I went onto my bed, had a very quick sleep, got up and ran round my living room, then went back for another sleep, ran round the bedroom and had another sleep and then told my MH it must be Christmas 'cos I had had three sleeps! See? No, she didn't either! But now I know.

I'm afraid that if I have one little flaw it is that I am a bit impatient, but I shall have to learn to wait. It is not easy though, 'cos I am a very excitable little puss, but if I can get out to play, then that helps too.

I hope you are a wee bit excited but not too impatient.

Saturday, 20 December 2014


Hello. It's me again. Squeak! I am back. Oh I hope you haven't forgotten me. I have been very well but the weather has been awful and we have had thunder and lightning as well as lots of rain wind and hail and I have not been very happy 'cos the awful lightning took away my phone and that meant that I couldn't get in touch with you. Our phone is still not working but for some reason our Broadband is working today, so I asked the old dear to write to you and let you know I am very fine.

I am a whole year older than when I wrote to you last and I had a lovely birthday. I got lots of cards and a special mouse from my friend J. which I just love and I play with it all the time.

I also got a special message from my friend B. who said I made her laugh with one of my last messages and I liked that. My MH says I make her laugh every day and that is good 'cos it means she is happy and when she is happy, we are all happy.

I even got a birthday tree which I helped my humans put up on my birthday and then when it was nearer Christmas my MH put more lights on it to make it a Christmas tree so we were all happy.

I don't know when I will be able to write to you again but please don't worry about me 'cos I am a very well little puss and me and my humans would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy Christmas and I hope I will be able to write to you as normal before the new year arrives.

Happy Christmas, everybody.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Dear Santa

This isn't my REAL letter to you as I am still thinking about all the lovely things I would like you to bring me. I have been a very good puss all year and even my MH will tell you that. I have helped her and made my humans smile and I have played with my MH and stopped her being sad or fed up and I have cuddled into her at night time to keep her warm and cosy. I know you will be wondering what I do for my DH? Well, you see, if my MH is happy then my DH has an easy life. See?

So why am I writing this letter to you? I wondered if you could do me a ginormous favour and when my MH gives you my real letter, will you ask her to please get me a light weight armour plated jacket, a tin helmet and four little boots 'cos I am getting a bit tired of being thumped all over my adorable little body with these HUGE hail stones that are coming from somewhere. I love going outside, but this weather has been dreadful and I do get a bit cold and sore when I am out playing and hunting and doing very brave pussy cat things, and I hope maybe you could help me. Thank you very much. Squeak.

Today has been a tiny bit better but still not the bestest weather for anybody to be outside. My poor old DH had to go away out quite early this morning to get all our messages 'cos the boat was coming at a different time. I will tell you a very important story. Our normal boat has broken and we had to get a couple of runs this morning from a special boat 'cos people needed their messages and things and that's why my DH had to be away out about ten o'clock this morning and the poor old soul still isn't feeling very well, but off he went any way and me and my MH were waiting for him when he comed home. She put all the things in the cupboards while yours truly played with the string and jumped in and out of the box and this made my DH smile and made him feel a whole lot better. I just hope Santa was watching!

I have been outside a few times but it is very cold and still very windy and I got a big fright when I heard a great big rumble of thunder. There has been lots and lots of thunder and lightning and I must say I am not a great fan but I have been trying to look brave which is quite easy when I am sitting on my MH's knee!

I hope it is better tomorrow because I need a long play outside without getting weathered on.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


What a day! My little weatherman friend was right when he told me that I would be safer staying indoors. The weather has been the worst I have ever seen in my en-tire life. There was rain, hail, sleet, lots and lots and lots of wind as well as thunder and lightning, so I did what my little weatherman friend said and took to my bed where I stayed all curled up for most of the day.

My humans didn't go out either so we were all in my house together doing very little which was very nice 'cos it meant that they were on hand to cuddle me whenever I asked. However, I was a very brave pussy cat twice this afternoon 'cos I asked my MH to please let me out and although she tried to persuade me to stay inside, my mind was made up and I marched straight to the door where I stood and made a few squeaking noises which meant 'open this door for me please' and she did.

As soon as my adorable little self hit the outside, I sort of took off in the wind and landed on the grass and then I was able to run to one of the bushes where I was able to shelter for a while. None of my little friends were out, so I nipped back up onto the window sill and asked to be let in. It was a wee bit difficult getting up onto the window sill 'cos when I took off the wind sort of caught me and I'm afraid I missed the window a couple of times and my MH said that if she hadn't been worried about me it would have been funny 'cos she just saw my adorable little head appear at the window and then it disappeared again in a sideways direction.

I did get a little surprise this afternoon when I returned from my first trip out. I was sitting on my MH's lap as she was using her ipad and I heard a little 'ping' which means she has got a message, but when she opened it up it wasn't for her. It was for me!! It was a new paw pal and I was so excited when she read it out to me. I have lots of paw pals now and I just love hearing all about the things they do and of course they love hearing all about me and my trillions of adventures.

Oh, I just being me---even when I am living in a weather bomb!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Good Evening

What a day! And what a forecast. My little weather man friend has told me to stay in my little bed tomorrow and to tell my humans to stay beside me 'cos the wind is going to be badder than ever and it will not be safe for any of us to go outside. Oh dear.

It has been blowing and raining and sleeting and you will see from today's pictures that the sea has been very angry and there are millions of white horses on it. I love watching them as long as I am in my house of course. Oh yes, I am a wise puss, but then that comes with age does it not? Did I tell you....???? I think maybe I did mention it. Hee hee

I have had a good day and not a very busy day. Me and my DH were up at about four o'clock in the morning as he needed to get a wee drink and I had to make sure he could find everything 'cos he didn't have his specs on, and then for a wee reward I got a couple of treats and then nipped back to bed. I think maybe I should have borrowed said specs 'cos I kind of missed my take off and sort of landed with my adorable little left paw right on my MH's not so adorable left lug which didn't cheer her up for some reason. Oops

She did a wee bit of housework and then we sat on the couch and had lots of chats and cuddles. I did venture out a couple of times while the wind was having a wee rest and I only got hailed on once, so that's not too bad. I have still been scooting around, but not as much as yesterday 'cos my litlle feets are a wee bit tired. I think I nearly overdid it yesterday. Nearly but not quite!

The little boat you can see in the picture is called the Graemsay and that is the same as my little island is called. It is the boat that takes all the humans from here and from Hoy into Stromness and it is the boat I need to go on when I am being taken to the V-E-T, but apart from that, it is a very good boat. I watched it today and it was bouncing and rolling on top of all the white horses. They are not real horses, you know. They are just pretend---I think! Maybe I need to find out why my MH calls them that.

That's my homework for tonight.

Monday, 8 December 2014

A new name

My MH has given me a new name. I am now 'Scooty puss' and I know you will be anxious to find out why. Well, it has been another not very nice day with weather on my little island and I have had an awful lot of energy which needed to be used up, so I have been 'scooting' all over my house for nearly the en-tire day! Hence the new name. Don't worry, though. It is just for today 'cos I really love my real name.

My day started at seven o'clock again, although I had been up a couple of times through the night with my poor old DH who was coughing a lot and wasn't feeling well, and he needed me to help him and look after him, and I just happened to need a wee feed as well, so we helped one another.

My MH went away out and ten past seven o'clock in this morning and it was really dark. I asked her to let me out please, but she said no 'cos it was very cold, and the wind was blowing hard and she didn't want me to get cold and wet. Now, normally I would have had a tantrum, but because I am very grown up now---did I tell you I will be five next Monday?----I just said thank you MH and scooted back to bed and waited till the old dear came home again.

After her breakfast, she did some housework and everywhere she went, I scooted in front of her and dived on and off the furniture which made her laugh a lot. I did venture out a couple of times and as soon as I hit the outside, I scooted under the bushes in my garden so that I could get some shelter and it was while she was watching me scooting for the umpteenth time that she decided I needed a new name.

But just for today. I will be Squeak tonight and forever 'cos it is a brilliant name and it suits me so very well. She did get a wee bit worried though when I jumped up on top of this shelf when she was writing some letters 'cos there is a television on that shelf and I have to make a big 'spring' and it makes the television shake and every time it shakes my MH holds her breath until I am safely up on top of the hub, but then she worries about how I am going to get down again. Oops.

I shall tell you a little secret. In all my nearly five years, I have never broken anything or knocked anything down. And that's how I intend to keep it. So there!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Good News and Bad News

What would you like first? The good news or the bad news? OK. The bad news. We'll get that out of the way first.

I am a not happy puss! I have been rained on and blowed on and sleeted on and even hailed on and that was sore! We were in my house today and we all heard the thunder and I think I even saw some lightning but I'm not very sure. However, I snuggled up to my MH and waited until I thought it was safe for me to go out and then I asked her to please open the window for me which she did and oft I went out into the weather.

I played about for a little while and did some sniffing but the wind was blowing too much for my liking so just as I decided I had had enough and was on my way back to the window, the rain came on and then it turned to sleet and it all fell on top of me. I think it might have fallen somewhere else too, but I didn't hang around to find out. I shot up onto the window sill and clattered the window with my adorable front paws until my dear old MH opened the window and let me in.

I have a routine when I come in wet. I jump in the window and land on the chair and I sit on the arm of the chair making little squeaking noises until my MH closes the window then lifts me up and cuddles me warm again, or if I am soaking or even 'ringing', she gets the tissues and dries me then cuddles me and I nip into the kitchen for a little nibble at my biscuits, and I am happy again.

I had a rest on my couch for a while and then decided to go out as it was looking not too bad, but again just as I was beginning to enjoy myself I got hailed on and I did not like it at all. It was sore, so I scooted home and went through my routine again except this time I needed a double cuddle 'cos I was very cold, but as usual, the old dear knew just exactly what do do. Oh yes, I have taught her so well!

So, that is my bad news. It's not too bad, but bad enough if you are a little puss with very important business to do outside and can't do it properly because of the horrid weather. Sigh!

The good news is that I asked my MH to take some pictures of yours truly and that's just what she did, so here they are. We had a good old play in my living room this afternoon and I was able to get some of my energy used up and she got to play with her camera which makes for a happy MH and as my DH is beginning to feel a wee bit better now, my house is a bit happier today, and I hope you are all happy too.

Saturday, 6 December 2014


I haven't had any more mishaps today, so that is good, but I haven't had a very exciting day, so that's not so good. However, being an intrepid little puss, I have made the best of it.

The weather on my dear little island hasn't been very good and there has been a lot of rain, so I have had to time my trips outside to coincide with some slightly better weather so that I don't get soaking wet again. I did manage a couple of visits out to my garden but I am afraid I sort of annoyed my MH when I asked her to let me out the door and as soon as it was opened I disappeared, only to ask her again as soon as she walked back into my kitchen. Oh dear. I know it upsets her, but an adorable puss such as I has to make sure the time is exactly right, sure I do? She forgives me anyway 'cos she loves me. Aaawww!

We are both a bit worried about my DH 'cos he was up a lot during the night with a horrid cough and even me and my MH couldn't help him and that made us sad. He said he is feeling a wee bit better tonight so I hope we can all get a better sleep tonight. I am a very patient puss, but I do need my sleep,so I may take my adorable little self----and the duvet!----into another room for a while. I will tell you tomorrow.

You may have noticed that there aren't any new photographs of yours truly and I am not sure why my MH isn't clicking as much, but I have drawn her attention to this fact and I am sure there will be new pictures of yours truly very soon.

Meanwhile I shall have another snooze on the back of my couch and hope that I might be able to get out to play later on.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Ho Hum

Well, I have had two little mishaps today and although they weren't very serious, they upset my adorable little self, and if I am upset then everybody in my house is upset. I make sure of that! Except that my DH was still in his bed when it happened, so I will upset him later on. I had forgotten about that. It is such a good job I write to you every day, sure it is?

However, I am waffling again. It is quite a while since I have waffled, but I have felt like a waffle all day and you just happened to get it. Hee hee
I shall now get to the point. Is that a great big sigh I hear? Me and my MH were up in the middle of the night again as she was going to the Post Office and I decided that I wanted to go out exploring in the dark and I asked her to open the window for me, which she did, and oft I went out into the blackness. The old dear had her breakfast and then as it was time for her to go away, she called for me to come in as the wind was blowing and she couldn't go away and leave the window open, but I decided I was staying out and off she went leaving me locked out! Oh dear.

Now, being a kind, considerate MH, she told the postie man to let me in if he saw me when he came with all our letters and a long time later he arrived and let me in. That was good, I hear you say. Well it was in a way. But he only let me in the porch!! He never thought to open the other door into the real bit of my house and I was stuck in the little cold porch for about a half hour until the old dear came home. Oh she was upset when she saw how much I had suffered. Did I tell you I was becoming a bit of a diva? Well, I am when the need arises, and the need definitely arose this morning. Hee hee

The rest of my day was fine with me and my MH having a little snooze together 'cos she was a wee bit tired. I love these time when I can snuggle up close to her and we are both so very comfortable and happy. Sigh!

So, we had a snooze and then I decided to go outside again and just as I was gaily sniffing away at some interesting grasses and things the hail came on and started hitting me really, really hard and I did not like it one little bit. I was quite a long way from my house and by the time I got back to my window, bits of my adorable little body were quite sore.

However, as soon as I got in, my MH cuddled me all dry again and all the sore bits disappeared. I think she is magic, sometimes, and I like it lots!

I have showed you a nice weather picture today and not the one with all hail in it 'cos I wanted to make you feel happy and not sad. OK?

Thursday, 4 December 2014

No More Surprises

I have just had a very normal day today, but you all know that my normal days are good days, so I have been very fine. My poor old DH isn't fine though. His nasty cough has come back so he spoke to the doctor man on the phone and there will be something on the boat tomorrow to make him better, so me and my MH will be very happy---especially if it means he will stop coughing through the night! I nearly went to sleep on another bed, but I didn't want to leave my MH 'cos that would have made her sad, so I just lay there with my adorable little head under my MH's pillow and that helped a wee bit

When we got up, me and my MH had our usual girlie chat and then I went and lay down again while she ran all over the house with the vacuum cleaner and the duster, but every now and then, she would stop and talk to me and cuddle me and she smiled when I purred back again.

We played some games in my living room this afternoon and I have decided that I like being a kitten puss again and I am very happy playing with my toys when it is too cold or too wet to go outside. I am surprised at how well the old dear has remembered how to play my games and how easy it is to get her back into the routine again.

I must have teached her really well. Oh what a very clever puss I am! Adorable AND clever. What a mixture! Hee hee

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A Great Big Surprise

My day was ticking along quite nicely and everything was nearly normal and it was quite good. Now, when I say is was nearly normal and quite good, me and my MH are a bit worried about my DH 'cos he has got a really bad cough again and he didn't sleep much last night 'cos he just coughed and coughed and coughed and me and my MH had sore little heads listening to him, so he decided to stay in his bed and not go to the Cat Shop, so that made my day not very normal. See?

I looked after him and purred to him while my MH was out for a while and then she tooked over when she comed home. Well, she looked after him but she didn't purr, she just speaked to him like normal, but you know what I mean. Me and her were having a rest on my couch and she was using her ipad and it was then that I got a great big surprise 'cos suddenly my friend S. appeared on my MH's computer! To be honest, dear friends I was sitting on the old dear's lap but I was half sleeping and then I heard S.'s voice and suddenly I was wide awake and when I opened my adorable little eyes, there she was. On my MH's computer, on my MH's knee and she was looking at me and speaking to me and I was very happy and a little bit confused. How did she get in there? And what is even more worrying. Will she get out again?

I sat there just staring at the screen while S. and my MH had a long blether and then I got another surprise 'cos I saw Buttons! Yes, S.'s pussy cat came right on my screen and looked at me and I gave her a big purr to say hello and I could tell she liked it 'cos she swished her tail as she walked away

Oh it was such a lovely surprise and I liked it so much that I have asked my dear old MH will she do that again please, so she said she would see if it suited everybody and maybe we can.

Oh goody!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Nothing to Report

I have had a good day, although it hasn't been very exciting, but sometimes those are the finest days, sure they are? Both my humans were at home with me 'cos my MH was supposed to be going to the dentist, but he cancelled her appointment so she just stayed home with me and that made me happy.

Well, I was happy until she bringed out the vacuum cleaner and her dusters. Sigh! However, it didn't take her too long because yours truly was helping and she likes that and every now and then, she would stop and give me a cuddle and she told me she loves me and I just purred back but she knows that means that I love her too.

My DH still has lots of wee jobs to do in our greenhouse, but he was in the house with us lots of times too so that was good. When my MH was all finished her work, she was just going into the living room when she noticed me doing my funny run into our bedroom and she knew that I was asking her to come and play with me, and of course she did. I didn't even have to ask twice 'cos she always does what I want.

So, we went into the bedroom and I jumped up onto my bed and as soon as my MH held up my blanket, I scuttled under it and hided from her and she pretended she didn't see me until I peeped out and then she rolled me up and tickled my adorable little tummy through the blanket and it was just great fun. We played together for a long time and then we went back into the living room to play with some of my toys before I went outside for a wee while.

I will have my usual nap on my couch and then I will go outside again later on although it is a little bit cold so I don't think I will be out too long, but you never know what might happen. That's what makes my adorable little life so exciting.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Another Week Begins

Me and my MH were up early again and it was very, very dark. I like it but my MH doesn't and she needs to take her torch with her so that she doesn't get lost. I suggested that she took me with her 'cos my little eyesight is so good that I never need a torch so I could show her the way, but she said it was too far for me and I had to stay round about my house till she comed home again.

It wasn't raining or winding so she left the window open for me and I had a play for a while then nipped back in beside my DH who was still sleeping until his alarm clock shouted for him to get up and eventually he did, but he was all ready when my MH came back again and we all had a chat about what we were going to do.

My bit was quite easy really. I was going to play, eat, sleep and play some more then settle down on my MH's knee! Simple. My MH had lots to do 'cos this is her housework day but every now and then she would stop and tickle me or cuddle me or just talk nice to me. And she kept telling me she loved me and I like it millions when she says that.

We were sitting on my bed at one point and we played a brilliant game. She stretched her arm out to tickle my adorable little tummy and I gripped her arm with my four feets 'cos I was lying on my back, so she rolled her arm round and round and it felt like I was on a roller coaster and I am sure I was nearly laughing 'cos it was such good fun.

Me and my dear old MH just have the bestest of fun some times and then when we are finished, I settle down on one of my chairs and have a snooze and that's usually when she grabs her camera and that's just what she did today.

Cute or what?

Sunday, 30 November 2014

So Lazy

We have all been very lazy this Sunday and we are all liking it. Both my humans are feeling a bit better now and my MH has her own voice back but my DH is still coughing an awful lot and sometimes my adorable wee head gets sore listening to him, but I know the old soul can't help it. He thinks he might go to the Cat Shop tomorrow so me and my MH will get peace. Oh goody!

We didn't get up too early and I did have a wee wander round my garden but I didn't really see anything very interesting so I just went back inside and sat on the sink while my MH did a wee bit of her ironing and we had a good old chat which we both liked.

I was still feeling a bit tired so I went and lay on my bed while my humans watched the football and then I sat on my MH's knee for a while before we had a play with some of my toys and that was very good fun too.

I didn't see my friend S. today 'cos she has visitors but my MH told me that she might come on to my computer and talk to us and that would be good. Did you know that one of my MH's friends who lives in Australia has seen me on her computer? I am not sure how I got there but I was in a living room in Sydney, so there. I wonder where else I could go to show more people just how adorable I am.

I liked Strictly last night and we will be watching again tonight to see who has to go home. I still haven't made up my mind who is my favourite so I shall have to start paying more attention and make a big decision. I think me and my MH will have a chat and maybe with my friend S. when she arrives on my computer.

I am getting quite excited at the thought of it all and naturally I will tell you all about it.

Saturday, 29 November 2014


Do you remember that I told you yesterday that I was to be the centre of my MH's universe today 'cos I had been left all on my own last night? Well, the old dear kept her word. I sort of made sure she did by asking her to play with me lots of times, which she did, but then we both had a great big surprise 'cos we got visitors and I loved it.

One of my MH's former pupils was back on the island and she wanted to see me and she brought her two baby humans with her so that we could all have a wee look at them. There was a little girl and she is about two and there was a baby boy who is just months old so he really wasn't very interesting although I did have a sniff at him when his mummy put him on the floor. I was rather lucky 'cos I sniffed his hair and not the other end and my MH told me I was a very wise puss!

The little girl was more fun and she wanted to play with me and my MH told me she was very proud of me 'cos I was very gentle and I let the little girl stroke me and touch me and she loved me very much, so that is another gold star for yours truly! I even had a seat in the little boy's carry cot. He wasn't in it at the time so I decided I would like to see what it would feel like to be a human baby and I jumped in but it sort of tipped over so I jumped out again and that made everybody laugh. We all had good fun, but my house was nice and quiet again when they all went away and I had to have a little snooze to recover from all my adoration.

As you can see, I have had a good day and the best bit is just about to happen as I am sitting on my MH's knee and we are patiently waiting for Strictly to come on again.

I hope you have had a good Saturday too and that Sunday will be a super duper day for you.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Friday Again...

... and still nothing very much to report. Me and my MH were up before seven o'clock again this morning and yours truly stuck my adorable little nose out of the door, but as soon as it got rained on, I was back on my couch again!

My DH is feeling a wee bit better today and my MH isn't sounding as croaky as she did yesterday so I think that my nursing has paid off and I am sure that by tomorrow they will be back to normal again, although they have just told me that they are going out partying again tonight, and I am not best pleased!

It was my friend M.'s birthday last Sunday and she is having a big party tonight in the Hall and everybody on the island is going, but not us animals. Why do we never get invited? My party manners are very good and I would keep them amused with all my adorable little antics. Sigh!

However, my dear old MH has promised that I will have her undivided attention ALL weekend, so I shall spend this evening making a long list of all the things that I want her and me to do and I shall present it to her tonight when she comes home to me.

You see, she will be feeling guilty then and will promise me anything at all! Oh, am I a clever little puss or what?

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Just another day

And a very quiet day for us all. My DH has stayed in his little bed all day 'cos he isn't feeling very well and my MH has the funniest voice you have ever heard. It is all deep and husky and croaky and I think it sounds really funny but I didn't tell her that 'cos she says it is a wee bit sore when she tries to talk, so I have been very kind to her.

She told me that whenever she gets a cold it makes her voice go all funny so I think maybe that's what is wrong, but she got some medicine on the boat so hopefully it will be better soon. She wanted to phone my friend P. and H. in Germany but that will need to wait till she sounds better, but she asked me to tell them that she will phone soon.

So, my day was just a kind of normal one with me staying beside my DH while the old dear ran round the house with her vacuum cleaner and her dusters and when she was finished I went and sat on her knee and we had a nice time together. I did go outside once or twice and every time I come home, I jump up on the window sill then onto the leather chair at the window in my living room and it is then that my MH notices I have left lots of little paw prints on it and she has to keep washing it.

She told me she was going to knit me little boots but I told her that if I wear ANY boots, they will be real ones made specially for me, so she is thinking about it. I hope I get ones with laces 'cos whenever my MH goes anywhere she puts on her shoes and then when she comes back she has to take them off again, and I have the bestest of fun biting her laces, so if MY boots have laces I will have great fun while she ties them for me.

I think I am beginning to warm to this idea!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Just a Normal Day....

.... except for my poor old DH who wasn't feeling very well and decided to stay at home 'cos he has the cold, so when my MH went away out, I cuddled up beside him and I think I made him feel a whole lot better.

When my MH came home I sat with her for a while and we had one of our special chats and then I helped her in the study while she printed off some pictures. I like in that room 'cos there are lots of places for me to go climbing and exploring and as usual the old dear had her camera with her so she tooked these pictures to show you what I was doing. I had a brilliant afternoon and was a very happy little puss.

I was very patient and waited until she was finished and then I did my special run which means I want to play and that's just what we did. I ran all round my living room and dived from chair to chair until I was nearly puffed out, but I was very, very happy and so was my dear old MH.

It has been a good day on my little island and it is still nice, so I have a feeling that after my apres-dinner snooze, I shall go out hunting for a long time. I shall ask my humans to leave the window open and then I can come back home whenever I feel like it.

Just the perfect end to a perfect day!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Another Early Morning

for me and my MH as she had to get the early boat to take her away to Stromness to see the doctor, but she was home at lunch time to see me and my DH. We had both been fine, but I miss the old dear when she's not here and I think my DH misses her too, although he didn't tell me that. I just guessed and I usually guess right.

When she comed home I sat on her knee and she told me what she had been doing. She saw the lady nurse who tooked gallons of blood from her. I must tell you, my dear reader, I did come over a tad faint when she mentioned that bit, but I didn't let her see me throwing a wobbly and I listened again when she said she had seen these little ducks in Stromness harbour. Now, yesterday I told you about the little birdies I haven't seen, but I HAVE seen ducks 'cos they come to my little island and one day when I was down at the pier to see the V-E-T, I saw lots of black and white ducks and I liked them a lot, and these ones are quite nice too.

Later in the afternoon, I went into my garden and I sat under the bird feeder in case the little robin birdie came back, but I am afraid he didn't and I was quite disappointed. Maybe tomorrow. I shall keep watching and let you know.

When my MH was watching me out of the window, she saw two houses over in Stromness and it looked as though they were on fire but it was just the setting sun reflecting on their windows and when she told me we thought you might like to see it too.

So I hope you like these pictures today.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Monday, Monday

So, me and my MH were up in the middle of the night again and when I asked to go out to play she said 'no'! Well, I was flabbergasted. In fact, my gast has never been so flabbered because my dearest MH has never said no to me before. I did consider having a tantrum by lying on the the floor and beating the tiles with my adorable little paws, but then I had a listen and I heard the rain battering off the window, so I graciously agreed to stay home and before the old dear was inside her little motor, I was back in my little bed! Oh yes!!

I sat with her when she came home and we had a chat when my DH went away to the Cat Shop before the vacuum cleaner and the duster came out, so do you know what I did? Yep, back to my little bed until she was finished and then it was more cuddle time.

In the afternoon I got a big surprise 'cos I saw a little birdie that I had never seen before and my MH told me it was a robin and that the robin was one of her favourite birdies along with an owl and the puffins and she has seen all of those birdies, but I haven't. I have just seen the robin and I liked his little red breast so I hope I see him again.

Me and my MH had a little snooze in the afternoon and I was all snuggled up beside her and she told me that I made her smile 'cos she heard me doing a little snore and she said it was so beautiful that it nearly made her cry, but she just smiled instead. Ah bless!

We are going to be up early again tomorrow 'cos my MH has to go and see the doctor in Stromness and then she is getting her hair cut, so it will be just me and my DH till lunch time and then I shall sit with my MH while she tells me all that she has been doing and I am looking forward to that bit.

I am sure we will have a good chat and I will tell you all about it later.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Lazy Day

It was a sort of normal Sunday at my house today with me and my humans having a long lie and then doing more footering rather that doing any work, but then they both went away out in the afternoon and I couldn't go with them.

I do get a bit sad when they go away 'cos I am so used to them being at home with me and although I am not frightened on my own, I prefer it when I have company, but it was not to be today 'cos they both went away to the Hall again where the Lifeboat Ladies had come over from Hoy in the lifeboat and they were selling things and had a raffle and the humans could look round the lifeboat if they wanted. The lifeboat wasn't in the Hall, you understand 'cos the lifeboat men left it at the pier. AND there was a doggie as well. He is Hector the mascot and he even has his own life jacket with a carry handle on it so that he can be lifted on and off if he needs it.

You can tell that I have been listening very carefully to my MH when she comed back and I am rather taken with the idea of a jacket with a handle, so I might put that on my Santa list. I have a feeling that I am going to need more than one sheet of paper! My list is getting rather long and my MH says she is going to stop me watching the television 'cos I am getting too many ideas!

I have been playing outside for a short time but it is raining quite heavily now, so I have decided that I will watch Strictly in a wee while and then I will see if I can get out, but I am not going if it is still pouring. I am getting rather annoyed at being wet all the time, so I will wait until the rain goes off.

I am making the best of a nice, quiet house 'cos I know it will be back to normal tomorrow with the vacuum and the dusters flying round the place. Sigh!! I am so glad I can just take to my little bed and sleep until it is all over.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

A Good Day

I have been a very good puss today and I have had a lovely day just 'footering'. Those of you who read my blog lots of times will know that 'footering' is one of my MH's favourite words and it just means doing little bits of things and nothing too serious, and that's what we have all been doing.

The oldies weren't out too late last night as I had told them that the door would be locked if I was asleep before they came home. Hee hee. I even made sure the window was shut, although I think I would give all my paw-kit money just to see my dear old MH trying to climb in the window like I do. I will definitely have to learn how to work her camera!!!

When they came home I sat on my MH's knee and she told me all about their night and she said that there were lots and lots of people in our little Hall and that everything went well, so I was very happy for them. She was a wee bit annoyed that she couldn't dance 'cos her wee legs were sore, but she was very happy 'cos she had trifle after her dinner and she loves trifle, so that helped her get over her disappointment.

I went out to play for a short time this afternoon but it has been a bit wet, so I just came home and asked my MH to play with me, which she did and we had good fun for a long time. I am having my usual sleep now, but about seven o'clock I shall assume my rightful position on the old dear's knee and we shall watch Strictly 'cos that is our favourite programme on a Saturday.

I will go out to play later on if the rain stays off, but I think I am going to have to learn to clean my adorable little paws before I land on the chair when I come flying in through the window, because the old dear is getting annoyed at all the paw marks I am leaving and she has to keep washing the chair. She says she will leave a tray of water outside the window if I would be so kind as to have a paddle before I come in, but I don't know if I fancy that at all.

I shall let you know.