Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Just a Normal Wednesday

My DH went away on the boat to help at the Cat shop and me and my MH had a seat on my couch and a wee natter until it was time for her to go out, and then I retired to bed to have a snooze until she came home again.

I made both my humans laugh this morning when I gave my MH a great big loud row and it came as such a surprise to them both, that they were silent for a minute and then they both laughed. Normally I don't meow. I purr--lots and lots! and I make squeaking noises, and that's how I got my name which I think really suits me. Anyway, this morning my DH was up first and he gave me something to eat and then a wee while later my MH got up and she obviously thought that she didn't need to put any food out for me, but yours truly was thinking otherwise and I told her so---very, very loudly. To be quite honest dear friends, I even frightened my adorable little self. Hee hee

The rest of my day was fine and I sat on the couch with my MH while she did all her wee bits and pieces and we had a good afternoon until all the children arrived for their next guitar lesson. Oh dear, my poor wee lugs.

I did my usual disappearing trick when they arrived---well, I didn't know who was coming into my house, so I just melted under my couch and lay very quietly listening until I could work out who it was and when I knew it was the guitar class, I came out for a minute or two to let the children adore me, but when the 'noise' started, I went back under the couch. Unfortunately I could still hear them.

My MH had given them a new song called 'You are my sunshine' and while they were playing it, yours truly was under my couch singing 'I have a headache, a little headache' and it fitted into the tune just perfectly, so I must make up some more words for my very own song! Oh I am such a clever Squeak, am I not? Yes, is the word you are looking for, Hee hee :-))))

My house is lovely and quiet now and I am finally having a rest, and I am very, very happy and comfortable.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Ah Well....

....I suppose the weather had to change sometime and it did today. Ho hum. It has been cold and damp and definitely not a day for adorable little pussy cats to be outside too much, so I have stayed inside where I have been lovely and cosy. But then I got a shock, 'cos I was listening to my little weather man friend and he told me that it might snow on Friday. May...!!! I might need to look out my little boots again!

Both my humans have been at home with me all day and it has been too cold for them to go outside too, so I have had plenty of company all day which makes me a very happy little Squeak. Me and my MH played with my toys while my DH watched us, but when we were finished, I took my MH into her wee gym and watched while she did her exercises and then we had a very quick play in the garden and my MH watched as I had a good sniff at all the plants and that made her smile.

I like being in my garden and inspecting everything, but between you and me, I was very happy when she decided that it was time to go inside 'cos I was just a tad on the cold side. We sat on my couch for a while and then my MH put on her Wii and it was time for me to get weighed again and my little Wii Mii said hello to the real me and told me that I was still the same weight which made us all happy.

And then it asked me if my adorable little nose was wet and I said it was and my little Wii Mii told me that was 'cos I was healthy, but I knew that! I am a very healthy little puss and I hope you are healthy too.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Still Magic

I have had another very good day and I have been in my garden nearly all the time and to make it even more perfect, my humans have been outside with me too. I was so happy that I didn't even complain when my MH took out the lawn mower and ran round the grass with it. I just lay on the bench and watched her until she was finished.

I did get into a wee bit of trouble though 'cos I scratched up a bit of grass that my MH had just lawn mowered, and I wasn't supposed to do that. Oops! I won't do it again. Well, when they are watching, I won't do it!

My DH has made a new bit of garden with some pampas grass and some lovely wee flowers and I gave it a great big inspection this afternoon and my humans have made it very clear that I have NOT to dig up any of the flowers so I will try my very best. Promise.

In the afternoon, my friend M. came to see me and we had a we chat which was lovely. My MH thinks that all these visitors come to see her, and I suppose they do, but I think the REAL reason they come to my house is to see yours truly but don't tell the old dear that 'cos she would be so disappointed.

Me and her had a seat in my garden after all the work was done and I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon, but as soon as I had my dinner, I felt really, really sleepy and so I settled down on the chair and had a big snooze and I think I shall be there for a long time.

I wonder what tonight will bring, but I am sure it will be magic and I hope you have a magic evening too.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Magic Day

Oh I am so happy, happy, happy! I have had simply the bestest day and I have loved every single second of it. When I wakened up this morning, I didn't think it was going to be a good day 'cos it was still very misty, but by the time we had all got up and had our breakfast, the mist was clearing away and it was getting brighter and warmer, so we could all get outside. Which is just what we did.

My DH was working in our greenhouse finishing off the little table for the Boss and I had a look and I think she will like it. My MH was talking to her friend on the phone but when she was finished, she came outside and decided to do a wee bit of weeding outside my living room, so naturally, I was right there to help her.

Now, if you remember, I told you there were lady cows in the field in front of my living room. Yes? Well, when my MH was bending down to pick up the weeds, the cows all came up the field and stood right beside her with only a little fence between them and her. She isn't frightened of the cows, but I decided she might be in danger, so I went close up to her and protected her. Ok. Ok. Maybe I should have been standing in FRONT of her to protect her, but I decided to do my protecting from behind her legs and it worked 'cos the cows just stayed there watching us. Phew! I may be very brave, dear MH, but I'm not silly!! Hee hee

My DH came round to see how we were getting on and he played with me and some pampas grass for a long time and I rolled and jumped and wriggled and made them laugh, but I was having great fun and loving it and I think I even made the lady cows smile.

Just when I was thinking that my day couldn't get any better, it did when my friend S. came to see me and we sat in my garden for a while as she was talking to my MH and I showed her all my little ornaments and she smiled as I sniffed them all while I was telling her what they all were and it made her very happy too.

So, now it is just after dinner time and I am having my evening siesta before I go out again later on and my MH has told me that because the weather is still very good, she can probably leave the window open for me, so I might stay out very, very late.

Oh happy, happy Squeak.

Saturday, 26 April 2014


.... I have had to show off my meaner side today and I know that will come as a great shock to all of my friends who know and love me so well, but it had to be done.

Picture the scene. There was I minding my own business, lying on my little bed watching my MH, when I suddenly heard someone at the door and I went to have a look and there, right outside my door sitting in my garden was a DOG!! a real live, shouldn't be in MY garden doggy! So, I nipped up onto the window sill and gave it the evil eye and I made my MH laugh out loud, 'cos all the time the doggy was there, I never moved and just kept staring at it until it went away again. Not a happy Squeak!

I had been having good fun on my little bed with my MH 'cos I had found my little green ball again and I was jumping all over the room with it. It is still my very favourite toy and I carry it with me from room to room and then every now and then, I get a big surprise when I find it after I have forgotten where I left it.

Oh, life is full of surprises, is it not?

Friday, 25 April 2014

An OK Day

Just an ok day with mist and coldness but not too bad. My DH went away on the boat to the Cat shop and my MH went out as well 'cos the minister was coming to the island and she goes and plays her guitar, but it was just for a wee while and she was soon home with me again.

I ran to the porch to meet her and when she was trying to take off her shoes, I decided I would eat the laces and for some reason she wasn't best pleased with me, but she is never angry with me, and you all know why, don't you? Yep, it's 'cos she loves me loads and loads that I can get away with anything. Well, nearly anything!

We had a good afternoon just sitting and chatting and I played with a couple of my toys before I went with the old dear into her wee gym and I sat on the chair again while she did all her cycling and walking and when she was finished, we played on the grass but just for a minute or two 'cos my MH's little legs were tired and she needed to rest, so it was back onto the couch again and we sat there till my DH came home off the boat and then we listened as he told us all the things he had been doing.

I am now having a rest on my couch and building up all my strength for later when I will go out into the fields and see what is happening and 'cos it is Friday and my humans don't need to get up too early tomorrow, I can stay out as long as I want to, so I am looking forward to that.

I hope you have a good evening and a good weekend too.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

A Better Day

I like Thursdays 'cos usually my humans are both home with me and although my MH does some housework, she doesn't do too much so she always has plenty of time for me which is just as it should be.

My DH is still working in our greenhouse making his little table and it has to be a surprise for the Boss. She has a rough idea what it will be like but she has not to see it until it is all finished, and I have not to tell her---and I wont 'cos I have promised.

She did some hoovering and dusting while I stayed with my DH and then I went inside just in time to see the old dear starting to do her baking, so I nipped up onto the kitchen chair and sat and watched her and she talked to me all the time she was making good things for us all to eat. That took her quite a long time and when she was finished we sat on the couch and had a rest. I didn't really need one, but my poor old MH was a bit tired and needed to put her little feets up and I of course had to sit with her and make sure she was getting a good rest.

When I knew she was OK, I nipped out of my living room window and went into the field to have a wee chat to the lady cows and one of them told me that there might be wee baby cows for me to play with soon and that made me very excited 'cos I just love playing with all the new baby cows. My MH put this picture of the cows on for you to see them, but as it was still quite misty, it is not one of her best, but at least you can see some of my new friends.

I had a very good afternoon and in order to gather up all my strength for tonight's hunting I had to have a snooze and just as I was settling down, my MH tooked this picture of me, and then she let me have a sleep 'cos that is my routine of an evening. I have my dinner and then I settle down somewhere, either on my chair on on my couch, and I have a sleep until about nine or ten o'clock and then I ask my humans to open the window for me and off I go into the night as happy as I can possibly be.

Oh I just love being me 'cos I have a very good life indeed.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Ho Hum

All the sunshine has gone from my little island and it has been much cooler and a lot mistier today, so I haven't been outside very much at all.

It was all systems go at Chez Squeak today with my DH going to the Cat shop and my MH going out for a wee while and yours truly having a very pleasant snooze until she came home and as soon as she came through my door, I ran to her for my cuddle which I always get and the old dear did not disappoint me. Bless!

During the afternoon, after I had had a seat on my MH's knee and listened to all the things she had been doing, I decided to have a look out of my window and I got a big surprise 'cos the nice farmer next door had put some of his cows into the field in front of my house, so I shall have lots of company when I go out to play tonight.

I did ask the Boss to take some pictures of the lady cows for you but she said it was too misty and she would do it on a better day, so I will let you see them sometime. Today's pictures of yours truly were taken yesterday when the weather was better and you can see I was enjoying being outside.

Just before tea time the three little children arrived at my house again with their guitars so that my MH could show then how to play, but 'cos I didn't know who was coming into my house, I disappeared under my couch and lay there till I was sure it was safe and then I went and said hello to all the children and I let them stroke me and that was lovely.

The 'noise' they made wasn't just as lovely, but it was better than last week, so I think it will be fine---I hope!!!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Still Having Fun

The weather is still lovely and I have had lots of fun in my garden and in our gym and greenhouse with my humans. They like the good weather too 'cos they both like being outside especially when they can play with me or just watch me as I do all my pussy cat things which make them smile and I like that.

My MH had just a little bit of housework to do today but she washed all my blankets and hanged them out on the rope and I sat up on the top of the clothes pole and watched her. It was funny looking down at her and it made us both smile. My MH looks after all my covers and my dishes 'cos I can't do that. I just look after my adorable little body and keep it as clean as I can and sometimes my coat is just shining 'cos I am a very healthy and happy puss.

My DH was in our greenhouse but he wasn't working with the plants as it is still a bit early, but he was playing with bits of wood as he is making a table for the Boss so that she can use it when they sit outside in the very warm weather which my little weather man friend has told me we are going to have in the summer. I will let you see the table when my DH has finished.

At the same time as I was watching him, I could nip round to the other side of my house to see my MH in her gym and I made sure she was fine and not overdoing all the exercises, but she was OK, and when she was finished, she tooked these pictures of me with some of our little ornaments outside the door of my house.

One day when the nice farmer man next door was in, he told me that the house must be for me 'cos my DH has his greenhouse and my MH has her gym, so the house is mine and I like that idea. I just have to sell it to the humans and I don't fancy my chances!

So, right now, dear friends, all is well in my little world and I hope everything is well with you too.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Dear Friends....

.... does anyone out there have a manual on humans 'cos mine are confusing me and I need help. I thought I had them all worked out and I also thought I had them trained so that I knew their every move, but I am afraid I have missed something somewhere.

Let me explain. I told you yesterday that my MH was going to Kirkwall with her friends today and me and my DH would be at home. Right? Wrong! My DH went to Kirkwall and my MH stayed home and they have not explained to me why they changed the plans, but I shall shine a bright light into their eyes until they spill the beans. Oh dear, I think I have been watching too many gangster films, hee hee! Actually, I do know why, but I thought I would amuse you a wee bit. My MH's friend was sick so she didn't go and my DH needed some things so he did go. Simples, but not nearly as interesting.

So, back to today. It started off very misty and I was a tad annoyed, but then the sun came out and I was very happy again and headed outside after my breakfast and I played on the grass and up the clothes poles and I loved it. My MH was playing with her vacuum cleaner so I just nipped in every so often to make sure she was OK and eventually she came outside and played with me and watched as I sniffed everything and gave it my seal of approval. I like my garden when all the wee ornaments are in it 'cos I feel like they are my friends.

In the afternoon we went into the gym and just as my MH's wee legs were going round and round on her bike, my friend S. arrived to see me 'cos she couldn't manage to come to my house yesterday and she didn't want to go a whole week without seeing me and hearing my special purrs, but my MH was so busy listening to her music, she didn't see S. until she was right in the gym and she nearly got a fright, but then we all giggled.

So you see I have had a very good day and I was so tired after my dinner that I needed a snooze and I shall be like this until later this evening when I shall go out hunting again. Oh happy, happy days!

Sunday, 20 April 2014


I am as happy as I was yesterday. In fact, I might even be a wee bit happier. It has been a glorious day with warm sunshine and no wind and me and my humans have been out in my garden nearly all day and I have been running and playing and hunting and resting. Oh I am happy, happy, happy!

I have lots of pictures for you today 'cos my MH had her camera out with her and she loves taking pictures of anything really, but 'specially of me 'cos she loves me loads and she thinks I am beautiful. And she is oh so right!

I was having a bit of a rest when she took this one and I am afraid I didn't put my paw up to cover my mouth when I was yawning, so I am sorry if this might have put you off your dinner, but you could always pretend that I am laughing.

I thought you might like to see this wee boat which is the one which is coming to my wee island just now while our 'own' boat the MV Graemsay is away getting its MOT. This one is a bit littler and a bit slower and my poor old MH says it is not just as easy to get on and off but she will manage. She is going to Kirkwall tomorrow to meet her friends, so me and my DH will do some more work in our garden and in the greenhouse. Anyway, this little boat is called the Golden Marianna and it comes to my island every year from Papa Westray and stays for two or three weeks.

When I am out playing at night times, I go and lie down beside these straw bales 'cos that's where there are lots of mouses there at night so we all have a chat and we like that a lot. The people on my island call these 'roondy' bales and I like that too.

And my final picture for you today is another 'awww' one 'cos I think I look simply adorable in this and my dear old MH agrees with me. Remember I told you that my DH told me he would soon be putting out all the wee ornaments? Well, he did that today and of course I had to help him and then I had to inspect everything that went out and give it the Squeak seal of approval.
I will show you more pictures of all the little ornaments later on, but I watched my MH putting some water in the birdie bath and I had to have a closer look and as I was doing that, the old dear went 'click' and here I am.

I am sure you will like this 'cos I do.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Oh Happy Day

Yes, I have been watching Emmerdale with my MH and I like when the scarecrows in the field sing to me, so that is my song for today 'cos I have been very happy.

The weather on my little island home has been beautiful with no rain, no wind but lots of sun and we have all been outside lots and lots. The only cloud was the arrival of the lawn mower which my MH ran round my garden with, but when she was finished my grass looked really lovely and it was good for me to play on, so I should stop complaining. I should, but I don't know if I will. Hee hee

I had a very good night last night as I was out playing until quite late, but I am afraid I confused my DH and kept him up later than he wanted. I had been out playing and I came home for a while so he thought he would go to bed. My MH had already been snoring for a long time, so it was just me and him, and he decided it was sleeping time for him too and he started to look for me to make sure I was home, but he couldn't find me. So he looked in the spare rooms and he even looked in the cupboard, but he still couldn't find me, so he went and wakened my MH to see if she knew where I was! Now. How silly was that? ONE---you NEVER waken my MH unless the house is falling down and TWO---if she was sleeping, how would she know where I was? There are times, dear friend when I think my DH is not the sharpest knife in the drawer!

Anyway, the Boss gently told him she didn't know where I was and oft he went again and guess where I was? In behind the curtain in the living room, but he hadn't looked there earlier. Silly DH! Eventually, we all got to sleep but my MH was not best pleased at him. Oops!

Fortunately, today has been a lot better and I got a very pleasant surprise when my MH put on her computer 'cos I got a letter from a new paw pal and I now have a new pussy cat friend that I can write to and that has made my day a very happy one.

I hope you have had a happy day too, and I hope you all have a happy Easter.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Happy Squeak

Oh I have had a brilliant day today and I am just the happiest little puss ever. The weather on my little island has been good and me and my humans have been outside lots and lots today and that's what makes me so happy.

My DH has been working in the garden and in our greenhouse getting it all ready for our tomatoes and strawberries and he has promised me another tomato plant to look after again 'cos he knows I make such a good job of it. He told me that he will soon be putting out all the little ornaments and I like that too.

I played in the long grass and ran up and down the clothes poles then I helped my MH wash her windows with her window machine until they were all shining again and then I went into the gym with her while her little legs did all their exercises and after that we played on the grass together and she chased me until we were both tired.

Because it is Friday, our message boxes arrived and I had lots of string to play with and my humans laughed at me as I chased the string all over my kitchen and then carried it into my living room and chased it again. Oh I just love playing with bits of string!

After my dinner, I went out to play again and after a long time I came back in and that's when I got a big surprise 'cos I was feeling a wee bit peckish and wandered through to the kitchen and I discovered some fish in my dinner dish! Wowee, some 'real-out-of-the-sea' fish just for me. I LOVE it and I gobbled it up so fast my MH said I would get hiccups, but I haven't yet, but what I do have is one very happy--and adorable!-- little tummy. Yum, yum

I lay on my couch for a while and then I saw this great big birdie having some dinner at our bird feeder and I asked my MH to take some pictures of it to let you see what it was doing. I hope you like it.

I am looking forward to having a good weekend and I hope you do too.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Discovery

Remember I told you that I thought I was magic? Well, I have discovered that I can only do magic with some things but not with everything, and that made me a bit disappointed but then I decided that being a wee bit magic was still OK.

So now you are wondering how I found this out, aren't you? See! I knew I was magic Hee hee Well, picture the scene. Last night I was sitting on my MH's knee and she was sitting on my couch and we were waiting for her television programme to come on and my DH was playing on the computer in the study, and we were all comfortable and content, when suddenly there was a click and all my electricity went off and of course so did the television and the computer and my humans were not best pleased as you can imagine. My MH phoned the Hydro man and he said that all the lights were out all over the Highlands and the Islands and we would just have to wait. Oh dear.

That's when I thought I would try my magic and see if I could put all the lights back on again. So I did my magic moves, said my magic words and waited---nothing. I did it all again with a slight variation--just in case-- and waited---still nothing, so I just had a lie down and a wee think, and I have decided that maybe I can just do magic with the weather but not with the 'lectric. Shame.

Later on my DH phoned the Hydro man and he said that all the lights would soon be on, but by this time my MH decided she would just go to bed and because she didn't have her 'lectric blanket, I had to go with her and cuddle in close so that she was nice and cosy and she liked that a lot, and at midnight all the lights came on again and we were all very happy, but I stayed cuddled in beside her in case the 'lectric went off again.

We have had a good day and have all been working quite hard, so I have been busy with my humans watching what they have been doing and I am quite tired now, so I am going to settle down on my couch for a little snooze and then I shall hit the hunting grounds later on and see what I can find.

I went out last night and there was a strange pussy cat in my garden so I very politely asked it to leave, and it did---very quickly! I hope it doesn't come back again 'cos I don't like being unkind, but this is MY house and I will NOT have strange animals in it. Ever!!!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Magic Squeak

I am beginning to think there is nothing this adorable little pussy cat can't do if I put my mind to it, and I have proved it again today. I shall explain.

As you know, my MH was away from me all yesterday afternoon and I don't like that, so you can imagine how not happy I was this morning when I heard my humans saying that they would be out all afternoon today and I would have to be left all alone without any human to look after me!

So, I decided to do my little magic dance again and it worked! Whatever they were supposed to be doing was cancelled, so they both stayed at home with yours truly. Now if that is not magic then I don't know what is!

We all had a good day and I watched as my humans did all their work and then in the afternoon I got a very big surprise 'cos three of the little children from the island came to my house so that my MH could show then how to play the guitar. I disappeared under my couch for a while until I knew who it was and then I slowly appeared and lay on the back of my couch while they did all their learning.

It wasn't the bestest of half hours, I can tell you 'cos the noise wasn't brilliant and I did try to put my adorable little paws into my little lugs but that just made all the little childrens giggle, but when they went away my MH told me that it will get better.

I hope so, dear friends. Oh I hope so!!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Just one wee hiccup.... an otherwise perfect day for this little puss. The weather is beautiful and I was able to get out to play the entire day which just makes me the happiest little animal in the world, but the only snag was that my MH had to go away to Stromness to see the dentist man. She was OK, but he just wanted to have a look at her teeths, so she had to be away all afternoon and it was just me and my DH, but we still had good fun.

He has been working in the garden so I have been helping and then doing pussy cat things like playing on the grass and hunting in my fields which I just love. I stayed out all afternoon just nipping in occasionally for a wee feed or a wee drink, so all was well in my little world.

I was lying on my grass having a think 'cos I have been asked a very important question by my friend J. who has a problem and naturally, she has turned to me for advice, so after I had done all the things I needed to, I lay on my grass and I just thinked, and I might have come up with an answer for her.

Anyway, I digress. There was I lying on the grass and thinking, when I saw my MH's little car coming round the corner, so I put all the thoughts away in a corner of my little brain for after and I ran to meet her and as usual she lifted me up and gave me the biggest cuddle ever and told me she had missed me, and I purred and purred for her to tell her I had missed her too and then we went into the living room and I looked at her teeths to see what the dentist man had done, but they just look the same to me, but my MH is happy, so that's all that matters, sure it is?

I am just loving this weather and hope it stays like this for a long time 'cos there is so much I can be doing outside without getting rained on or blowed away and that's the way I like it, thank you very much!

Monday, 14 April 2014


I have had a crackin' day! A brilliant day with better weather and lots of visitors who thought I was----what was the word again? Oh yes, ADORABLE!!

I shall start from the beginning and tell you all about it. I had a very good sleep 'cos I was tired since I had stayed out quite late even though it was wet and windy, but I just love being out late at night and my intrepidness lets me go even if the weather is terrible--which it was.

So. I wakened up this morning, opened my adorable little eyes and lugs and didn't see the rain or hear the wind, so I jumped off my bed, bounded into the spare room and looked out of the window and saw the sun!! Yippee! It was a good day--a Squeak day, so I bounded back into the bedroom and jumped up onto my bed and then onto my MH who made that funny 'ooff' noise as I landed on her tummy which hadn't wakened up yet, and I told her I was hungry so would she please feed me very quickly so that I could get outside, and of course she did.

I had a play in my garden and a wander round all my fields and I could feel the sun on my little body and I was lovely and cosy and so very, very happy, then after a wee while, the nice farmer next door came into my house to see me. He talked to my MH but I knew he was really in to see me. He pretends that he doesn't like animals but he really likes me and lets me sniff all the smells on his boots which I like. I have had a thought. Maybe it's just me he likes, which is understandable, is it not?

After he had gone away, my MH continued with her housework and I went outside to help my DH who was putting varnish stuff on our benches and I had to make sure he was doing it in a way that would suit the Boss and he did, so that's fine. While we were in the garden we saw some more visitors coming up my path, so I hided for a wee while 'cos I didn't know who they were, but once they were in my house and talking to my MH, I went in to let them see me, and I remembered one lady who had been before and she had brought another two ladies to see me and to talk to my humans, and guess what? Yep. They thought I was adorable too. Oh, this was turning out to be an excellent day!

Later on, me and my MH went into the gym and it was such a good day that she could leave the door open so I could watch her doing her exercises while I played on my grass and then she played with me when her little legs were tired. The rest of the afternoon was quiet 'cos there were no more visitors and the old dear was making some cards, but then I got a big surprise 'cos she came out to the garden to play with me and I ran and ran and ran and I even climbed up the clothes poles and I just loved it.

All this was done before dinner time, so I will have a snooze now and then I shall go out to play later on tonight. I am looking forward to being out in my fields when it is dark and I shall tell you all about it tomorrow.

I hope you have had as good as day as I have.

Sunday, 13 April 2014


.... it is still winding and it is still raining and I am still not very happy, although I have had a good day, so I can't really complain.

It was a dreadful night last night and I am afraid I was getting very tetchy 'cos I couldn't get out. I paraded up and down my living room. I sat on the window sill and squeaked and I pulled at the curtains which is a definite 'no no' in my house and so the old dear got up and opened the window, but the wind was blowing so strong into my house that my poor old DH nearly got thrown against the wall! Well, I wasn't going out in that now, was I? By the time my MH had closed the window, I was back on my couch!

A couple of minutes later, I am afraid I did the same thing all over again, but my dear old MH was wise enough to know that since the wind was exactly the same, I still wouldn't go out, so she gently lifted me up, carried me through to the kitchen, opened the door and threw me out! It was just a gentle throw, but it still meant I was outside in the wind and the rain, so I very quickly scooted under the car and sat there taking in the atmosphere. I stayed out for a long time until my DH opened the door and whistled for me and I knew it was nearly bedtime, and like the very good puss I am, I went straight home and cuddled up beside my MH who was already snoring.

I have had a good day today and have been outside once or twice 'cos the weather is a wee bit better, although still not as good as I want, but it didn't keep me in too much. Then I got a big surprise when my friend S. came to see me and I gave her a big birthday purr which she liked. She gave me a cuddle and then after she had chatted to my MH, she played with me and my bit of sting and I liked it lots and lots.

When she went away,I decided I needed a rest and I lay down on my little bed and that made my humans smile 'cos I have lots of places to sit or sleep and I choose a different one every time although my very favourite place is still on my MH's knee, but my humans thought I looked so cute that they wanted to show you this picture of me.

I am sure you will like it.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

A Peaceful day

My house has quiet and peaceful today, but because it has been wet and very windy, we have all stayed indoors. I don't really like being inside all day, but as long as my humans are here with me to play with me, then I don't mind too much, but I am still hoping to get out after my dinner.

We had a quiet afternoon with my MH sitting at the table doing some cards while my DH was watching the football on my television and I discovered one place in my house where the sun was shining in through the kitchen window, and that's where I was. And I was oh so cosy. Then I was annoyed when it went away again. Boo!

I wandered into my living room and jumped up on the table to see what the old dear was doing and after she had told me all about it and showed me all her wee bits of paper, I just hopped up onto the top of the big unit and you will see that my MH managed to take a straight picture today! I had a wee word with her about the last one and told her she needed to try harder, so the poor old thing has been practicing and I think she is starting to show promise. Hee hee. Oh, please don't tell her I said that, 'cos you know what will happen to me, don't you? :-))

If you look at the picture you will also see the teapot that my DH won when he was on Countdown, but that was long before I was even a twinkle in my 'real' mummy's eye. He won his games so they gave him a teapot! I think I would rather have some biscuits or treats, wouldn't you? Anyway, he seems happy with his teapot and my MH often takes it down and washes it and I know that if anything happens to it while I am up there, I will be in deep, deep trouble, so I am a very careful little climber.

Today is a special day for my friend S. 'cos it is her birthday and me and my MH sing'd 'Happy Birthday' to her on the telephone this morning and I am saving a very special purr for her when she comes to see me, and I know that will be the bestest birthday present of them all. Happy birthday S.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Lots to Do

I have been quite a busy wee puss today. I have been playing with my MH as it was just us girls at home today 'cos Friday is one of the days my DH goes to the Cat Shop. Now, normally I am the centre of attention but I was not best pleased with the old dear today and I shall tell you why.

The weather on my little island hasn't been too great and when I saw my MH putting on her coat and going outside, I decided that she was going into the garden to play with me, but I was wrong. Oh so wrong! The silly old sausage took out the lawn mower! It was threatening to pour with rain and blow a gale and she decided to cut the grass!! I was not a happy Squeak, I can tell you, so I left them to it and went inside and curled up on my chair until they were finished. Fortunately the weather behaved until the old dear was finished and she was very, very pleased with her dear little self. Bless!

After a while, our friend N. brought in our boxes of messages and while my MH was putting them all away, I chased the bit of string all round my kitchen and then I carried it into my living room and played there for a while. I like playing with string. In fact, I like playing with all my toys and every time my MH plays with me, I pick a different toy and now she just leaves it all to me.

We played for a long time until I was a bit tired and then my MH sat at the table and made some cards and I just sat on my windowsill and watched the rain running down the window and tried not to listen when my MH kept telling me how lucky she had been to get all the grass cut before the rain came on.

Oh, she just LOVES it when she is right!

Thursday, 10 April 2014


I had a long, long look and I finally found my intrepidness. It was under the bed beside my wee green ball, so I had a quick play with said ball, slipped into my intrepidness and then slipped out of the window into the night.

Now, in case you are wondering, and I am sure you will be, nobody can see my intrepidness 'cos I wear it like Harry Potter's invisibility cloak and it makes me feel very brave when I am out in the big world all by myself.

So, back to last night. I sat on my MH's knee until it was time for the old dear to toddle off to bed and I lay beside her until she dropped off----oh no, not off the bed!!--- off to sleep! Oh, I am having a funny picture in my adorable little head and it is making me giggle. Anyway, she is sleeping, my DH is in the study playing on his computer and I have decided I am going out. Ok? Are you keeping up?

I gave my DH the signal that I wanted out, wrapped my intrepidness all around me and shot out of the window. Now, unfortunately I hadn't looked to see what the weather was doing and it was only after he had closed the window that I realised it was pouring with rain and I am afraid my intrepidness isn't waterproof, so I was getting wet. We won't to the 'ringing' joke again, 'cos I think you have heard it enough times.

I ran as fast as these adorable little legs would take me until I came to the pampas grass and I sheltered for a minute or two and listened for any little birdies that might have been out, but they had more sense than me and were all in their little birdie beds sound asleep, and I decided that I should be in my own little bed, so I jumped up on the study windowsill and waved to my DH who ran to the door and let me in. I was so wet he used nearly a whole bath towel to dry me, but by the time I was ready to cuddle up beside my MH, I was lovely and dry again and I had a very good sleep.

We have had a good day today and I helped my DH paint the other garden bench and then I watched my MH while she made some scones and some pancakes and then I took her into the gym before I had a little sleep on her jacket.

It isn't raining now, so I am hoping that I will be able to stay out much longer when I go out later on, but I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Not Much News

It has just been a normal Wednesday Chez Squeak with my DH going to the Cat shop and my MH going out for a wee while and yours truly having a snooze till she came back.

We were all up quite early, and I nipped out to my garden to see what was happening before the old dear had to go out. If the weather is good enough, she leaves the window open for me, but today was a wee bit windy so she closed it which was fine by me 'cos I didn't really feel like going out. I saw her safely off the premises and showed her my 'I am really going to miss you' face, but as soon as the door was shut, I was all curled up on my bed with my 'I just love this' face on. Hee hee

I ran to greet her when I heard the door open and we sat on my couch and had a wee chat about mouses and sheeps and world affairs in general before we went out to feed the birdies and then I sat on my window sill and just waited to see who would come along for a feed and this is what I saw. A ginormous big seagull! My MH doesn't mind the big birdies getting some food, but she prefers if the littler birdies get their dinner first, but they must have been at somebody else's house today and this big gull got a LOT to eat.

We played on the carpet with my toys for a while and then we listened to my DH when he came home and told us all the things he had been doing in the shop, and that took us up till dinner time and between you and me dear friends, my wee lugs were getting a wee bit sore! He had a LOT to tell us!!

It is raining now so I don't know if I will be going outside tonight, but maybe I will find my intrepidness if I can remember where I left it, and I will go hunting in the rain and the wind and the dark.

Oh yes, 'Intrepid' is my middle name. "Squeak Intrepid Mathieson"---yep, that has a very nice ring to it.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

More Fun

I am liking this weather. Although it has been a wee bit wet sometimes today, I have still been able to get out to play lots of times and that makes me very happy.

I have been into the field in front of my house and had a chat with the little lambs and we all liked that. They are so beautiful and some of them have lovely colours on their wool and I love to watch them running and jumping around. It reminds me of when I was much younger!

My DH has been working in my garden and in our greenhouse so there has been plenty for me to do--watching that he does everything the way the Boss would like it. It makes life MUCH easier for us all if he gets it right the first time, so I do my best to help and I know he appreciates it.

There was just a wee bit of vacuuming done today so I was able to stay out of its way. I lay on my path and listened to the birdies. Every day we go outside, there are more birdies on my little island and I love listening to them chirrping and singing and sometimes I meow back at them to let them know that I am listening.

When my MH had finished all her work inside, we went into the gym and then she played with me on the grass while I attacked all the bits of pampas grass and I made the old dear laugh 'cos when she was watching me, I spied a very dangerous blade of grass that need to be killed, so I crouched down and stared at it ---hard! Then I wriggled my adorable little bum, pinned back the equally adorable little lugs and WOOSH! Like a streak of lightning I was off and before you could blink, the big bit of grass was no more. I had saved the world again! Phew.

I was a wee bit tired after that, so I decided to have a little nap and then I heard a noise which I knew I didn't like and I went outside with my humans and that's when we saw the nice man from next door, but when I realised what he was doing, I decided maybe he wasn't that nice after all 'cos he was fixing the lawn mower! Aargh!

I thought I had put a spell on it, but he made the awful machine work, although the grass was too wet to cut, but now I know that my MH will be able to take the mower out when the weather is dry and my lovely, quiet days will be shattered. I did ask him not to fix it and to pretend it would never go again, but he just smiled and kept on working.

Oh dear, I suppose it was just too much to hope for. I shall just have to concentrate on my rain dance from now on. Oh Joy!!

Monday, 7 April 2014


....isn't this just the cutest thing on four adorable little feets you have ever seen ---- even though I am lying down! I have had such a crackin' day, that I needed a little apres dinner nap. But I look oh so cute, don't I?

We had good weather on our little island and me and my DH have been in and out a lot of times while my MH was running round the house with the vacuum cleaner, and that in itself is a sight to behold, I can tell you. When I needed a wee rest from chasing around my garden, I went into my house to see what the Boss was doing and I got a brilliant surprise 'cos she was changing the beds again and this time she needed my DH to help her to turn the mattresses so I had the bestest of fun playing in my bedroom all the time my humans were fixing the beds. I hided under the 'lectric blankets, which my MH had turned off in case I was Squeak toast :-)), and I played in the duvet covers and it was brilliant. My MH kept smiling at me and my DH kept shaking his head, but I was a very happy pussy cat.

I went back into the garden to help my DH put oily stuff on the benches and then I helped him with a wee bit of gardening and I showed him how to chase and catch some pampas grass, but he wasn't as good at it as me, but that is very understandable, sure it is? Maybe if he had four feets like me, it would help.

Then my MH appeared with the washing which she was hanging out and I played on the grass while she was doing that and I even managed to run up the clothes poles lots and lots of times and that made her laugh again. And guess what my DH did? Yep,he shooked his head. His head gets shooked lots of times, but I don't know why. Maybe I will have to ask him.

My next job was to take the old dear into her wee gym. She hasn't been there since she came back from Aberdeen 'cos her wee legs have been a bit sore, but she told me today that she was ready to start again, so oft we went and I sat on the chair while she played on her bike and then I ran round and round my garden again when she was finished.

So, you can see why I needed my little snooze after my dinner. My adorable little tummy was filled up and I was feeling very content, so I just curled up on the back of my couch and before you could whisper my name, I was sound asleep dreaming of mouses and pampas grass and duvet covers and all those things that I love playing with.

Oh I have had just the very bestest of days and I still have night time to come!! Magic! Magic!! Magic!!!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lots of news

Yes, I have a lot to tell you today. First of all, I am very well and very happy. I played with my humans last night in my living room and then I went outside late at night and did all the things I just love doing before I had a very good sleep curled up beside my MH.

Me and my humans don't get up very early and some people on my little island think it is quite funny. My MH was talking to one of her friends about the mist yesterday morning and my MH said she had seen it and her friend said 'Oh it must have lasted a long time then' and we all giggled.

Anyway, when we got up, the weather was nice so my DH went outside to paint one of the benches just to see how it would look and it does look good again after all the winter, but then the Boss appeared and decided to see if the lawn mower would work and at this point yours truly was not best pleased 'cos I had been having great fun running up and down my garden and my MH was throwing bits of pampas grass for me to chase, so I decided to see if I could still do my rain dance and ran round and round in circles saying the magic words, and guess what? It worked!! Oh, it so, so worked! The rain suddenly came on and the lawn mower wouldn't start so we had all to go inside again. Yippee!

Before we had to go in though, I had good fun and I sat up on the gate post and when my MH looked at this picture she said I look as though there was an arrow coming through me, but honestly I am very alright.

You might also be worried about another picture you saw and that is the one of me on top of the big unit. Well, my living room is NOT sinking. It is OK. Honest. I think my dear old MH must have been leaning in a funny way when she tooked this picture 'cos my friend S. asked me how I didn't slide off the unit, but it doesn't look like this for real. I will ask the old dear to take a proper picture for you so you don't need to worry any more.

I am now having a wee sleep on my couch desperately trying to remember what I need to do to make the rain STOP now 'cos it has served its purpose, but I would like to get out to play again, so maybe while I am sleeping, I will remember what to do. I hope so.

But if it raining where you are, that has nothing at all to do with me 'cos my spell only works in my garden. OK? :-))

Saturday, 5 April 2014

A Very Good Day

Me and my humans have had a very good day and we are all well and very happy. I have been a wee bit quiet over the past couple of days and my MH was worried that I might be a wee bit unwell, but I think I have just been tired and maybe a wee bit lazy 'cos I am feeling fine.

My MH asked me to play with her last night, so we both lay down on my carpet and played with my toys and that's when she knew I was OK 'cos I was enjoying myself and doing what I usually do. The only slight problem was that the old dear couldn't get up again and me and my DH had to help her. Shame :-(

We didn't get up too early and when we did, we couldn't see very much 'cos my little island was covered in mist and I thought I wouldn't get out to play much today, but then the sun came out and the mist all went away and my MH tooked this picture of it for you. We were in my garden for a long time and it was just lovely, and I rolled and rolled on my path while my MH stood and watched me and then she tooked this picture of me which I really like 'cos you can see my adorable little tongue licking my nose. My MH tried to do that with her nose, but she couldn't so maybe I will teach her. I just hope my DH has the camera ready when she is trying. Hee hee.

When we were going back inside, we noticed this starling sitting on my chimney, but I just left it there 'cos I knew that by the time I climbed up onto my roof the birdie would have flewed away. I am a very clever puss, don't you know?

I love when the weather is like this and I love being outside with all the little sheeps and all my little creature friends and there are lots more to be seen now that the weather is getting better. My very favourite time is night time when it is getting a wee bit dark and it is very quiet and that's when I do lots of hunting and exploring and pussy cat things before I nip back in my window and have a sleep with lots of lovely dreams.

I hope the weather is like this tomorrow and I will go out to play with my humans 'cos they have said there are some jobs they need to do outside and I just love it when we are all out together 'cos it makes it much easier for me to keep an eye on them. You just never know what they are going to get up to next!

I hope you are having a good weekend too doing all the things you like to do.