Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Magic Day

Oh I am so happy, happy, happy! I have had simply the bestest day and I have loved every single second of it. When I wakened up this morning, I didn't think it was going to be a good day 'cos it was still very misty, but by the time we had all got up and had our breakfast, the mist was clearing away and it was getting brighter and warmer, so we could all get outside. Which is just what we did.

My DH was working in our greenhouse finishing off the little table for the Boss and I had a look and I think she will like it. My MH was talking to her friend on the phone but when she was finished, she came outside and decided to do a wee bit of weeding outside my living room, so naturally, I was right there to help her.

Now, if you remember, I told you there were lady cows in the field in front of my living room. Yes? Well, when my MH was bending down to pick up the weeds, the cows all came up the field and stood right beside her with only a little fence between them and her. She isn't frightened of the cows, but I decided she might be in danger, so I went close up to her and protected her. Ok. Ok. Maybe I should have been standing in FRONT of her to protect her, but I decided to do my protecting from behind her legs and it worked 'cos the cows just stayed there watching us. Phew! I may be very brave, dear MH, but I'm not silly!! Hee hee

My DH came round to see how we were getting on and he played with me and some pampas grass for a long time and I rolled and jumped and wriggled and made them laugh, but I was having great fun and loving it and I think I even made the lady cows smile.

Just when I was thinking that my day couldn't get any better, it did when my friend S. came to see me and we sat in my garden for a while as she was talking to my MH and I showed her all my little ornaments and she smiled as I sniffed them all while I was telling her what they all were and it made her very happy too.

So, now it is just after dinner time and I am having my evening siesta before I go out again later on and my MH has told me that because the weather is still very good, she can probably leave the window open for me, so I might stay out very, very late.

Oh happy, happy Squeak.

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