Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Ah Well....

....I suppose the weather had to change sometime and it did today. Ho hum. It has been cold and damp and definitely not a day for adorable little pussy cats to be outside too much, so I have stayed inside where I have been lovely and cosy. But then I got a shock, 'cos I was listening to my little weather man friend and he told me that it might snow on Friday. Snow...in May...!!! I might need to look out my little boots again!

Both my humans have been at home with me all day and it has been too cold for them to go outside too, so I have had plenty of company all day which makes me a very happy little Squeak. Me and my MH played with my toys while my DH watched us, but when we were finished, I took my MH into her wee gym and watched while she did her exercises and then we had a very quick play in the garden and my MH watched as I had a good sniff at all the plants and that made her smile.

I like being in my garden and inspecting everything, but between you and me, I was very happy when she decided that it was time to go inside 'cos I was just a tad on the cold side. We sat on my couch for a while and then my MH put on her Wii and it was time for me to get weighed again and my little Wii Mii said hello to the real me and told me that I was still the same weight which made us all happy.

And then it asked me if my adorable little nose was wet and I said it was and my little Wii Mii told me that was 'cos I was healthy, but I knew that! I am a very healthy little puss and I hope you are healthy too.

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