Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Just one wee hiccup....

....in an otherwise perfect day for this little puss. The weather is beautiful and I was able to get out to play the entire day which just makes me the happiest little animal in the world, but the only snag was that my MH had to go away to Stromness to see the dentist man. She was OK, but he just wanted to have a look at her teeths, so she had to be away all afternoon and it was just me and my DH, but we still had good fun.

He has been working in the garden so I have been helping and then doing pussy cat things like playing on the grass and hunting in my fields which I just love. I stayed out all afternoon just nipping in occasionally for a wee feed or a wee drink, so all was well in my little world.

I was lying on my grass having a think 'cos I have been asked a very important question by my friend J. who has a problem and naturally, she has turned to me for advice, so after I had done all the things I needed to, I lay on my grass and I just thinked, and I might have come up with an answer for her.

Anyway, I digress. There was I lying on the grass and thinking, when I saw my MH's little car coming round the corner, so I put all the thoughts away in a corner of my little brain for after and I ran to meet her and as usual she lifted me up and gave me the biggest cuddle ever and told me she had missed me, and I purred and purred for her to tell her I had missed her too and then we went into the living room and I looked at her teeths to see what the dentist man had done, but they just look the same to me, but my MH is happy, so that's all that matters, sure it is?

I am just loving this weather and hope it stays like this for a long time 'cos there is so much I can be doing outside without getting rained on or blowed away and that's the way I like it, thank you very much!

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