Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Still Having Fun

The weather is still lovely and I have had lots of fun in my garden and in our gym and greenhouse with my humans. They like the good weather too 'cos they both like being outside especially when they can play with me or just watch me as I do all my pussy cat things which make them smile and I like that.

My MH had just a little bit of housework to do today but she washed all my blankets and hanged them out on the rope and I sat up on the top of the clothes pole and watched her. It was funny looking down at her and it made us both smile. My MH looks after all my covers and my dishes 'cos I can't do that. I just look after my adorable little body and keep it as clean as I can and sometimes my coat is just shining 'cos I am a very healthy and happy puss.

My DH was in our greenhouse but he wasn't working with the plants as it is still a bit early, but he was playing with bits of wood as he is making a table for the Boss so that she can use it when they sit outside in the very warm weather which my little weather man friend has told me we are going to have in the summer. I will let you see the table when my DH has finished.

At the same time as I was watching him, I could nip round to the other side of my house to see my MH in her gym and I made sure she was fine and not overdoing all the exercises, but she was OK, and when she was finished, she tooked these pictures of me with some of our little ornaments outside the door of my house.

One day when the nice farmer man next door was in, he told me that the house must be for me 'cos my DH has his greenhouse and my MH has her gym, so the house is mine and I like that idea. I just have to sell it to the humans and I don't fancy my chances!

So, right now, dear friends, all is well in my little world and I hope everything is well with you too.

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