Monday, 7 April 2014


....isn't this just the cutest thing on four adorable little feets you have ever seen ---- even though I am lying down! I have had such a crackin' day, that I needed a little apres dinner nap. But I look oh so cute, don't I?

We had good weather on our little island and me and my DH have been in and out a lot of times while my MH was running round the house with the vacuum cleaner, and that in itself is a sight to behold, I can tell you. When I needed a wee rest from chasing around my garden, I went into my house to see what the Boss was doing and I got a brilliant surprise 'cos she was changing the beds again and this time she needed my DH to help her to turn the mattresses so I had the bestest of fun playing in my bedroom all the time my humans were fixing the beds. I hided under the 'lectric blankets, which my MH had turned off in case I was Squeak toast :-)), and I played in the duvet covers and it was brilliant. My MH kept smiling at me and my DH kept shaking his head, but I was a very happy pussy cat.

I went back into the garden to help my DH put oily stuff on the benches and then I helped him with a wee bit of gardening and I showed him how to chase and catch some pampas grass, but he wasn't as good at it as me, but that is very understandable, sure it is? Maybe if he had four feets like me, it would help.

Then my MH appeared with the washing which she was hanging out and I played on the grass while she was doing that and I even managed to run up the clothes poles lots and lots of times and that made her laugh again. And guess what my DH did? Yep,he shooked his head. His head gets shooked lots of times, but I don't know why. Maybe I will have to ask him.

My next job was to take the old dear into her wee gym. She hasn't been there since she came back from Aberdeen 'cos her wee legs have been a bit sore, but she told me today that she was ready to start again, so oft we went and I sat on the chair while she played on her bike and then I ran round and round my garden again when she was finished.

So, you can see why I needed my little snooze after my dinner. My adorable little tummy was filled up and I was feeling very content, so I just curled up on the back of my couch and before you could whisper my name, I was sound asleep dreaming of mouses and pampas grass and duvet covers and all those things that I love playing with.

Oh I have had just the very bestest of days and I still have night time to come!! Magic! Magic!! Magic!!!

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