Monday, 14 April 2014


I have had a crackin' day! A brilliant day with better weather and lots of visitors who thought I was----what was the word again? Oh yes, ADORABLE!!

I shall start from the beginning and tell you all about it. I had a very good sleep 'cos I was tired since I had stayed out quite late even though it was wet and windy, but I just love being out late at night and my intrepidness lets me go even if the weather is terrible--which it was.

So. I wakened up this morning, opened my adorable little eyes and lugs and didn't see the rain or hear the wind, so I jumped off my bed, bounded into the spare room and looked out of the window and saw the sun!! Yippee! It was a good day--a Squeak day, so I bounded back into the bedroom and jumped up onto my bed and then onto my MH who made that funny 'ooff' noise as I landed on her tummy which hadn't wakened up yet, and I told her I was hungry so would she please feed me very quickly so that I could get outside, and of course she did.

I had a play in my garden and a wander round all my fields and I could feel the sun on my little body and I was lovely and cosy and so very, very happy, then after a wee while, the nice farmer next door came into my house to see me. He talked to my MH but I knew he was really in to see me. He pretends that he doesn't like animals but he really likes me and lets me sniff all the smells on his boots which I like. I have had a thought. Maybe it's just me he likes, which is understandable, is it not?

After he had gone away, my MH continued with her housework and I went outside to help my DH who was putting varnish stuff on our benches and I had to make sure he was doing it in a way that would suit the Boss and he did, so that's fine. While we were in the garden we saw some more visitors coming up my path, so I hided for a wee while 'cos I didn't know who they were, but once they were in my house and talking to my MH, I went in to let them see me, and I remembered one lady who had been before and she had brought another two ladies to see me and to talk to my humans, and guess what? Yep. They thought I was adorable too. Oh, this was turning out to be an excellent day!

Later on, me and my MH went into the gym and it was such a good day that she could leave the door open so I could watch her doing her exercises while I played on my grass and then she played with me when her little legs were tired. The rest of the afternoon was quiet 'cos there were no more visitors and the old dear was making some cards, but then I got a big surprise 'cos she came out to the garden to play with me and I ran and ran and ran and I even climbed up the clothes poles and I just loved it.

All this was done before dinner time, so I will have a snooze now and then I shall go out to play later on tonight. I am looking forward to being out in my fields when it is dark and I shall tell you all about it tomorrow.

I hope you have had as good as day as I have.


  1. I'm pleased to see you made the most of the good weather now it has finally made it's way up to you. Anne

  2. You did have a very busy day, and a lovely one it was. You look very adorable on the post, but then you knew that didn't you.