Saturday, 31 May 2014


... I have been feeling slightly under the weather today and I haven't been outside very much, but when I did go out I managed to commit a very serious accident. Nobody was hurtfortunately, but if I had been caught I would definitely be writing this from the bottom of the soup pot!! Hee hee. I shall explain.

I decided to stay in today although the weather was lovely, but I was still a wee bit afraid the pesky swallows would be waiting for me, so I just sat with my MH as she was doing some of her cards and I liked that 'cos she talked to me all the time she was working and I could sit and look out of the window and see everything that was happening, so I was quite content---and safe!

However, my MH went away with my friend S. and some other peoples from my little island to paint all the benches that are dotted around the place, so I was left with my DH who was playing with his strimmer to make my grass tidy after my MH had cut it all and I decided to be brave and go out with him.

While he was some place else, I decided to go into the greenhouse and have a wee nosey and it was then that I did something dreadful. I knocked over my DH's can of beer that he had taken in with him while he was having a wee rest. Oh dear. I tried to put it back into the tin, but it just wouldn't go, so I did the only sensible, honest thing to do. I ran away!!

A wee while later, my DH went back into the greenhouse and nearly cried when he saw what had happened, and I just sauntered in beside him and gave him my very best 'oh dear, DH what a shame' look, and he doesn't know it was me. Phew. 'cos in his eyes, that is a unforgivable crime!!!

I am resting now but I shall head out later on and see what is happening with all my little animal friends. I am looking forward to that and I hope you are having a very good weekend.

Friday, 30 May 2014

My Hero

My MH!! Yep. My dear old wonderful MH saved my life tonight and I love her to bits for it. Now, I know you need to learn all the details, so I shall wait till you are settled comfortably and then I shall tell you. Ready? OK

It has been a lovely day on my little island and this afternoon was just so beautiful that I wanted to be outside all the time, and off I went through my fence and was very happily playing in the long grass being a very good little Squeak until I decided it was time to go home and tell my MH what a good time I had been having, and it was then that disaster struck. Well, very nearly.

I was gaily romping through the long grass on my merry way home and I was humming a little tune to my adorable little self while my little wagger was waving in the wee breeze, and then suddenly I got dived bombed by two horrid, horrid swallows! Oh my dear friends, I thought I would never see my house or my beloved humans again 'cos every time I tried to move, these awful birdies swooped down on me and I had to lie flat so that they couldn't reach me. I was frightened and every time I tried to run, I couldn't 'cos the birdies were very fast, so I just had to lie there in the long grass.

Now, it so happened that earlier in the afternoon my MH had done her washing and we hanged it out on the rope to dry and just at the very right time, she decided to bring it in again and that's when she heard the noise the birdies were making and she stopped to see what they were shouting at and it was then that she saw me lying in the grass with the birdies circling just above me and that made her very, very angry 'cos she loves me loads and doesn't want anything to hurt me.

So, she called my name and the sound of her voice must have told the birdies that they were in trouble 'cos the flewed away and I ran as fast as my adorable (frightened) little legs would take me, right through the fence and up beside my MH who picked me up and gave me a great big cuddle and told me everything would be fine now. Phew! My hero!!I do hope that these pesky swallows will leave me alone now 'cos I didn't like that one little bit.

My day had been good up until then 'cos my DH was away to the Cat Shop and my MH was down at the Hall 'cos the minister had come to see everybody, so I was just doing anything that I wanted to do and I already had played in her guitar case which I love 'cos it is all furry and cosy and I think I could easily make it my bed if my MH would let me, but I don't think she will somehow. :-))

I am hoping that when I go out to play later on I will be left in peace 'cos I don't want to hurt the birdies, but if they keep doing bad things to me, then I shall have to show them who is the boss, and there is only one boss here. My MH! Hee hee.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Lovely Thursday

I had a very good night last night wandering through all the fields and just enjoying some peace and quiet doing pussy cat things. The weather on my little island has been good lately and I do appreciate that. I do go out in all kinds of weather, but I don't like the wind and I am not too keen on being wet, although I love it when my humans dry me and make me feel all normal again. So, you see, I like being outside but my very favourite time is when the sun is shining and making my adorable little body all cosy and warm. I love the sunshine and even at nighttime when the sun has gone for a wee sleep, my little island is just a magical place to be and I am so happy I am here.

I was tired when I got home and I nipped up on to my bed where my MH was already snoring, so I gently cuddled in beside her and had just the bestest sleep until the alarm clock wakened us all up. My dear old MH was going swimming as I told you yesterday and like I mentioned, me and my DH had a great big list of things to do, but she did say to him that if he was busy it would be OK, but we knew she didn't really mean it. :-))

When the old dear had left the island, me and my DH settled down for a wee chat about what we would do with the day and we decided that the best place to begin would be the greenhouse, so oft we went to have a wee look at our plants. His are doing OK, but my little pepper is doing wonderfully well---not that I am boasting, of course!!

We did everything very slowly today 'cos we were enjoying the lovely weather, but we decided that we had better make a start to 'the list' and we managed to get everything done much to the delight of the Boss who gave us both a gold star, although I got a very special cuddle as well!!

There definitely are advantages to being an adorable pussycat!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Just Wednesday

Today was just a very normal Wednesday with my DH going to the cat shop and my MH going out for a wee while and then the childrens coming to play their guitars and that's just what happened today.

I know that on a Tuesday night I have to be home quite early 'cos both my humans need to be in bed earlier than normal, but as the weather was quite good through the night, my DH could leave the window open for me, so I played on my new cut grass and then I went through the fence and into the long grass where I sniffed and ran and played and by the time I went back through the fence to go home,I was quite a tired little Squeak and I cuddled up beside my MH and had a good sleep till morning and then we were all up quite early.

I did a wee bit of playing outside before my humans went away, and while I was waiting for my MH to come home to me, I just had a rest on my bed and got my special cuddle all ready for her 'co I know she needs that when she has been away from me for even a tiny wee while.

We had enough time in the afternoon to have a play on my grass and I had my favourite game of hide and seek with the old dear, but I think she found me as you will see from this picture. We had good fun outside and then when we were finished, we sat on the couch in the peace and quiet 'cos we both knew that it would soon get noisy when the childrens came and oh boy, were we right!

The little cherubs are getting better at their guitars, but it is still quite sore on my adorable little lugs. The best bit for me is when they are all finished, and I appear from my hiding place to let them cuddle me 'cos that makes us all happy.

My MH has told me that she is going swimming with her friend P. tomorrow, so me and my DH will no doubt be given a ginormous list of all the things she expects us to do, but I hope she remembers that we have all our plants to look after and they must come before any hoovering or dusting.

I'm sure my DH will be able to explain this to her without her exploding, but I will let you know!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Gardening Again

I got a wee surprise tonight 'cos my MH decided to cut our grass after she got her dinner and she NEVER does that! So, what made tonight special? Well, nothing really, but the grass was too wet all day to cut it and when night time came, it was a wee bit better and because my little weather man friend had said it might rain soon, the old dear decided to get the lawn mower out and I went outside with her and watched what she was doing, so that made her very happy.

We have all had a good day and me and my DH invited my MH into our greenhouse to see our little plants and my DH is amazed to find that there are some baby peppers already. He has no idea how they have growed so quickly, but we know, sure we do? Yep. I have chosen the peppers this year and I have been giving them lots of purrs and happy looks and they are growing better than my DH's tomatoes! Oh happy, happy Squeak.

While my MH was in the greenhouse, I decided to climb my favourite pole and sat at the top long enough for her to go and get her camera and take this picture of me. Oh, I just love being up on the top of the poles 'cos I can see for miles and miles and I am nearly high enough to catch the pesky swallows when they fly past me.

I am resting now 'cos me and my MH are quite tired after having cut all my grass, but my garden is looking lovely and if it is not raining later on, I will go out and play on the short grass before I head off into the fields to talk to all my little mouse friends.

Oh yes, another good day for yours truly!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Happy Monday

I had a very good sleep last night 'cos I was all curled up beside my MH and that is just where I love being and to tell you a secret, she likes it too. I didn't even mind when the vacuum cleaner made its Monday morning appearance and I just settled on the back of my couch and watched as my MH cleaned my living room.

I went into the greenhouse with my DH and our tomato plants are nearly ready to get their photographs taken, so I shall ask my MH to do that tomorrow and I will show you what we have been doing. When we were out, I heard a great big rumbling noise and when I looked over to the field, I saw Mr. Bull and he didn't look or sound very happy, so I stayed very close to my DH----to protect him, of course!

The bull used to be in the field beside my friend S.'s house and she called him Mr. Grumpy, so I think I will call him that too. My MH told me not to go into the field beside him 'cos he might hurt me, but I had already worked that out and I definitely won't be found anywhere where he can catch me. I certainly don't want to end up as Mr. Grumpy's afternoon snack!

The weather today hasn't been too bad but not as nice as my humans would have liked 'cos my MH needs to cut her grass and it is foggy tonight so she thinks it is still too wet for her to play with her lawn mower and I for one am not complaining. It is good enough for me to get out to play later on so that just suits me fine and I shall tell you tomorrow what I decide to do later on tonight.

I expect I shall have the very bestest of fun as usual.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Hello Again

It's me, Squeak and I'm back! I hope you didn't miss me too much while I wasn't here. Well, that's not quite right 'cos I WAS here but my MH who writes this for me WASN'T here. See? She and my DH had gone away to Stromness for a concert and they couldn't get back home to me, so I was all on my own last night and I was just a wee bit sad and a big bit lonely.

My friend S. came to see me and to give me my dinner and I sat on her knee for a while and we had a chat so for that time I was happy instead of sad and that helped me a lot so when she went away, I went through to the bedroom and I sleept on my MH's pillow and I had some good dreams.

This morning I wakened up when I heard my door opening and I got a lovely surprise when I went into the kitchen 'cos my MH had comed home to me and we had a ginormous cuddle which made us both very happy. My DH was in the Cat shop today so he didn't come home till after six o'clock, but we are altogether again now and that is how I like it best.

I had two friends in to see me this afternoon as M. and S. came to make sure that I was OK and that I was being looked after. They said they had come to talk to my MH, but I know the truth! They were looking after moi! I had a play in my garden and a good old stretch on one of my bits of wood which helps to keep my adorable little claws in very good condition.

So you can see that I am right back to normal again and I am once again a very happy little Squeak.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Ho Hum

It has been a rotten day today with lots of rain so I have hardly been outside and have spent the day just lazing about on various different chairs in my house which has been quite fine.

My DH was in the Cat shop, so I just helped my MH to do all the wee jobs she wanted to do and I was there every time she needed a cuddle or wanted to hear a great big purr and she needed these quite often. She was making some cards and I am afraid that I was a teeny bit nosy and got a wee bit too close to where she was working, and if my MH hadn't moved very quickly, I might have been silicone'd on to her desk! Oops!

Later on in the afternoon, I was still in a very inquisitive mood as you can see from today's pictures. The little bonsai tree was thirsty and my MH was giving it a drink, so I had to have a very close look and when my MH shouted at me---in a caring way, of course---I gave her my 'I'm just having a wee sniff' look and then I jumped down again without doing any damage at all.

While we were having a rest and a chat this afternoon my MH told me that I am to be left all alone tomorrow day AND tomorrow night 'cos they are going to a concert in Stromness and won't be home till Sunday morning. Boo hoo. The good news is that my friend S. is going to come to my house tomorrow night to give me my dinner, so I shall be very OK. Just a wee bit lonely, but I shall probably just sleep till my humans come home.

And if the weather is anything like it has been today, I shall not be complaining, although my humans won't know that!

Thursday, 22 May 2014


..... off they went, my two humans, and left me all alone. So you will have worked out that I won't be able to tell you very much at all 'cos I can't tell my MH what I did, so she can't tell you. See?

I had a good wee while outside last night even though it was a bit wet and windy. My friend B. was supposed to be coming up to my hunting grounds to show me how she catches mouses 'cos she is much older than me. She also tells me that she is much wiser than me, but I am not so sure about that. However, I do know she is not nearly as brave as me 'cos I went outside in the not nice weather and she stayed indoors and told me it was too nasty to come out to see me. Between you and me dear friends, I am quite happy 'cos some of those little mouses are my friends and I didn't want to see then get hurt, or eaten, but please don't tell B. 'cos she will be angry at me.

When my humans came home tonight I was in a very good mood and I gave my MH the signal that I needed to play and she got down on the floor beside me and we played for a long time and at one point I nearly knocked one of the lamps over when I bounded onto the rocking chair and rocked it right back onto the lamp, but I just rocked forwards in time, much to my MH's relief. Phew.

Then I saw some great big birdie at my feeder, so I stopped playing for a wee while and had a little look. I didn't go outside 'cos I didn't want to get cold and wet and also I wanted the little birds to get something to eat without being afraid of me.

That's just the kind of little puss I am.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I am confused.

Yesterday it was Spring and I wanted it to be summer and now today it is back to winter again with rain and coldness and I just don't know where I am. Well, I know I am all curled up on my chair on top of my MH's jacket, but I am sure you all know what I mean.

I was out quite late last night, but my little island was very quiet, so I just came home and nipped into bed beside my MH and we all had a very good sleep. My DH was away to the cat shop today and he met my two friends P. & H. who are here on holiday from Germany and they are going to have lunch together tomorrow with some more of my friends. Now, P. & H. are MY friends, but am I invited for lunch? No, I am not, and I am not best pleased about it. I shall have to find something to do with my adorable little self all day until my humans come home to spoil me.

The little childrens were in my house again tonight for their guitar lesson and while they are getting better, it is still a little bit noisy for my delicate--and adorable!--little lugs, so I took my dear little self into the study and sat there with my DH where it was a wee bit more peaceful.

I haven't been in my greenhouse today and as my humans won't be here tomorrow, I won't be in there until Friday, so I will send you some pictures later on. It is still a wee bit early for you to see something, so don't worry.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

When will it be Summer?

I need to know this 'cos I am fed up with Spring!

Well, not with Spring itself 'cos I love seeing all the new birdies and little lambs and calves and I love when the grass is growing long enough for me to hide in and sleep in. I love all that side of Spring, but it is my MH's side that I do not like. The Spring-cleaning side!

Ah, I see you understand completely. She has decided that this is the week when the house has to be all cleaned and no matter where I went today, I was in the wrong place. I had just settled down on my little bed after my little apres-breakfast stroll and in she arrived with the dusters and the polishes and the vacuum cleaner, so I told her I was not happy and stormed off to an other room and settled down again.

You all know what is coming now don't you? In she came dragging all the STUFF with her and yours truly was disturbed again! I was not best pleased, I can tell you, but even my 'please don't do this to me' look had no effect on her and off she went gaily hoovering and dusting and singing while I just lay there being not happy. But I'm afraid it all went un-noticed.

She did make up for it later on mind you when I got a big cuddle and the promise that the vacuum cleaner would not be out again for a day or two, so I suppose I will have to be content with that for the time being. But I still need to know when it will be summer---just in case she finds a bit she has forgotten. Sigh!

I hope you like this picture. I know it is a wee bit out of focus but me and my MH think I look rather cute and thought we would share it with you.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Just Us Girls.....

...... at my house today 'cos my DH went away into Kirkwall to get our plants and he came back with some tomatoes and pepper plants, so he is giving them a wee drink just now and introducing them to our greenhouse. I am going to leave them in peace tonight, but I shall go and inspect in the morning and decide which one I want to look after and then I shall show you pictures of them.

So, there we were, just me and my MH and we were up quite early 'cos the postie man came with a letter for us, and then the old dear decided that she would start her spring cleaning, so I just tooked to my bed until she was finished. She cleaned the bathroom and then the living room and then the steamer machine came out and hissed all over my kitchen. Oh my dear friends, I did get a fright 'cos I was lying on my little bed and I heard this hissing sound and I thought that another puss cat had come into my house, so I very carefully wandered into the kitchen to scare it away and that's when I discovered it was the steaming machine. I was quite pleased then, and just wandered back to bed.

My MH doesn't work all the time through the day. She keeps stopping for a wee rest and she strokes me and cuddles me and talks to me, so I don't feel too neglected, and I understand that it has to be done. I don't particularly like it, but I do understand. So, when she was finished, we both went into the gym for a while and I saw her settled on her bike and then left her and went to play on my grass until she was finished and then we played together and I ran and ran and ran while she just stood there and watched me. Well, her little legs were tired after doing all their exercises, so I understood that too.

We were just back inside my house when my DH arrived with all the goodies for him and for her and for me, so we were all very happy. I am now resting and letting my dinner settle and then later on I shall head outside and I might even have a wee look in the greenhouse window to have a wee peep at all the new plants, but I am quite excited about seeing them tomorrow.

I shall tell you all about them.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Lovely Sunday

I love Sunday. I think it might be my very favouritist day of the week 'cos normally my humans are at home with me and my MH doesn't do any work at all so she has millions of time to spend with me if I so desire, and usually I do desire!

We didn't get up too early 'cos it had been raining and it didn't look very nice so I was quite content snuggled up beside my MH and she was quite content snuggled up to me and my DH was just snoring and having good dreams, so we were all very happy.

When we all did get up, I had my breakfast and then I nipped out of the window, but I didn't go too far away 'cos I have to listen carefully while my MH is having her breakfast, and I hear you asking 'why?' so I shall tell you. When she is finished her cereal, I always get the last wee drop of milk, so I sit outside the window and when I hear her scraping the bottom of her dish, I know she is nearly finished and time for me to appear, and when I nip back in the window, I always make her laugh, but I always get my milk!

We all had a wander round the garden and I heard my DH telling the Boss that he is going into Kirkwall tomorrow to get our tomato and strawberry plants, so I am going to be a very busy puss next week, but I do love having my very own plants and I will send you lots of pictures.

I got a very pleasant surprise this afternoon when my friend S. came up to see me and she gave me a very special cuddle because I had let my MH look after her puss cat and her hens. I don't mind my MH being friendly with the chooks, but I am not too happy about another pussy cat in her life. However, as it was for my friend, I didn't mind too much.

When S. went away, me and my MH went into the gym for a wee while and then she played with me on the grass until we were both tired, so when we came inside again, I just lay down on my little sheepskin rug for a lovely snooze and then I will decide what I will do later on.

Oh yes, I love Sunday, and I hope you do too.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Saturday Again

And I like Saturdays 'cos normally both my humans are at home with me and you all know by now, that the time I like the very bestest is when we are all at home together. I am a people cat, but the people I love being with the most are my humans, so it has been a good day so far.

We didn't need to get up too early today which was just as well really 'cos I stayed out rather late last night, and I needed to catch up with my snoozing time.

Me and my DH had a wee wander round to the greenhouse and I watched as he tidied it up 'cos I think the tomato plants might be arriving very soon and we need to make sure we are all ready, and I think we nearly are. I then went into the gym with my MH and watched as she went on her bike. I have to be careful that I give them equal time 'cos I don't want to cause a 'domestic' do I?

My DH decided that he would make the dinner tonight in his wok and whatever his is doing needed egg whites, so my MH had to help him after he made a mess of doing the first two eggs, but then the Boss came along and did it for him but that meant that she had a lot of yolks left so she made us some pancakes which we all like and my friend S. had made lemon curd, so the humans had a wee afternoon treat. My MH said she will give S. some pancakes when she see her, but it is a secret, so don't read this bit S. Hee hee ;-))

You will have worked out that because S. is home again,my MH doesn't have to go and play with the other puss and I am happy about that. I do understand that she has to help, but I do get a wee bit jealous. But them I'm only human! Well, you know what I mean.

I hope you like my picture today. My MH took it just before she started to make her pancakes 'cos she thought I looked lovely. And in case you are worried. I only get to sit on the table when the cover is on and that gets tooked off when the humans are having their dinner, so it is still clean. OK?

Friday, 16 May 2014

A Better Day

I have had a much better day today and that is mainly due to the fact that the weather is a lot more to my liking and I have been outside a lot looking for more mouses but I haven't found any---yet!

I did go outside last night but only for a short time 'cos it was cold and damp so by the time I nipped into bed beside my MH I was a wee bit wet and I don't think she really appreciated my cuddle.

Both my humans had to go out this afternoon, but my MH played with me when she came home and that made up for all the hours that I was left all alone and sad and lonely with nobody to talk to and nobody to cuddle me. Can you hear the violins yet? Hee hee They were only away for about three and a half hours and the window was open so I could do what I wanted, but I just like to play the sympathy card every now and then.

It was a bit wet and windy at tea time but it is a much better evening so I shall be heading out into my happy hunting grounds in a while after I have had my snooze and I shall see what I can find. There are lots of mouses out there just waiting to be talked to ------ or catched---depending on the mood I am in.

I shall let you know tomorrow.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

A Very Quiet Day

I have been rather a sleepy puss today and haven't done very much at all. The weather hasn't been to my liking as it has been windy again and cold, so I have stayed inside my house for most of the day and just snuggled up beside my MH.

I was out quite late last night and because it was a fine night, my DH left the window open for me and that meant that I could stay out just as long as I wanted and oh joy, I founded a little mouse and bringed it into my house and it was my DH who found it before he went to bed. He was not very pleased with me and I'm afraid that the mouse wasn't happy either 'cos it was a wee bit dead when he found it, but he doesn't know whether it was dead when I found it, or whether I made it dead and I am not telling. That will just have to be another one of my little secrets.

I have decided that I am just going to continue having a lazy evening and I might not even go outside later on. I will see what I feel like when I waken up after my sleep and, as you can see how comfortable I am, it might not be for a long time yet.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My Little Island

It has been such a glorious day today that I asked my MH to take some pictures of my little island so that you can see where I live. It is a beautiful place and I love being here and I know I am a very lucky puss so I wanted to share it with you a wee bit.

You know that this is the view from my living room 'cos you have seen it in lots of pictures, and the big boat is the Hamnavoe that takes people and cars from Stromness to Scrabster and my humans have been on it lots of times when they go away their holidays. All my lovely dinners and my MH's food and my DH's can of beers come from Stromness but they come on our little boat that I have been on, but I have never been on this big boat and I am never going on it 'cos us animals have to go into cages if we go on that boat and I don't want that, so I have told my humans that I would rather not go on that boat thank you very much and they quite understand.

This picture was taken from the beach at Sandside and there are lots of seals in the water, but they didn't pop up while my MH was clicking with her camera, but we know they are there. If you look really closely, the little house you can see at the top left of the photograph is mine where I live with my humans. It is high up on the island and there is lots and lots of space round about for me to play in.

This photo is at the other side of the beach and you can see one of the lighthouses. We have two on my island---a big one and a little one and I can see the little one from my living room and I can see the top of the big one from my garden. One time, when my humans were on holiday and my friend J. was looking after me, I was out nearly all night and when I comed home J. found sand on my adorable little paws and he thinks I was down here on the beach, but of course I can't tell him if I was or if I wasn't. Hee hee. I love keeping all the humans wondering!

These birdies are oyster catchers and there are lots and lots of them on my island and I just love them and I am sure you will like them too. But look what my MH found today when she was at my friend's house. A brand new baby hen. A beautiful brand new baby chick that made my MH go 'aawww' when she saw it and I must admit that I did the very same when she showed me this picture.

It is adorable, isn't it?

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

I wonder

I have been thinking a lot today, but I am afraid I haven't come up with any answers and I am a bit confused. I shall explain, shall I?

Last night, as I was lying on my chair just gathering up all my energy before I went out to play--oops, I mean to hunt!--- I heard my humans talking about what they were going to do today and my MH said that she had to go to Stromness in the afternoon and I didn't want her to go. I know I am selfish sometimes, but I am the happiest when my MH is with me and I don't like it when she is not here. OK? Now, I didn't DO anything like my magic dances or whisper my magic words or anything like that. I just said into my adorable little self that I wish she didn't need to go away, and guess what? The boat broke down and couldn't come to my little island, so my dear old MH couldn't get off the island, and I was a very happy, and rather astonished little puss. So, all of this got me thinking. Was all this just a coincidence or am I just the magicest puss in the en-tire world? I have thought and thought and thought, but I don't have an answer. Sigh.

Anyway, I have had a very good day helping my MH hang out our washing, but I didn't do any pole dancing 'cos between you and me, dear friends, I was still quite busy thinking and I think my DH was a bit disappointed 'cos he wanted to see me doing my tricks, but I just sat on the bench and let him take this picture of me and that made him a bit happier.

I sat in my garden on my own for a while as my humans had to go to another house to look after a pussy cat and some little chooky hens 'cos their human is away and as she is our friend, we are happy to help and as I am such an understanding little pussy cat, I don't mind when my humans are making a fuss of another puss. As long as it is just for a little while!

It is now sleeping time as I gather up all my strength for later and you can see that I am having my nap on my favourite chair.

Oh, happy dreams.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Puss on the Move

I have been finding different places to sit in my living room and in my garden and I have taken a couple of pictures to show you where I like resting.

This afternoon I decided I would do some exploring in my living room and I jumped up beside the television and then, when I thought that nobody was looking, I nipped on to the floor in behind it---where I shouldn't be---but unfortunately my DH saw me and shouted at me. I pretended I didn't hear him and that made him get up out of his chair to see what I was doing but when he looked behind the television I had vanished and he couldn't find me! Hee hee. My MH was smiling 'cos I had just sidled in between her guitars and sat very,very still and my DH never thought to look there for me. Oh it was very funny.

I have been doing a lot of sleeping on the chair beside the window and I am liking it there so that has become my 'evening' seat and it is very comfortable. I have my own little cushion that I can curl up on when I need a snooze and I do need lots of little snoozes because I am being very busy just now.

However, I was wide awake this afternoon, just sitting on my window sill when I saw this great big seagull at our little bird feeder and I growled at it and wagged my adorable little tail at it to tell it to fly away and after a while it did, but it took away a great big bit of food with it which was supposed to be for the little birds. I was not a happy Squeak.

Later in the afternoon I went outside to sit in my garden and I sat beside this little robin ornament and listened to all the 'real' birdies singing to me and then I noticed my oyster catcher friends had come back to my little island. There is a mister and a missus oyster catcher who come to the field opposite my house every year and they build their nest and have a little baby oyster catcher and sometimes two little babies and then the babies grow up and fly away and the mummy and daddy go away somewhere in the winter, but come back to me in the summer and they are here now and that has made me very happy. Maybe my MH will get a picture of them for you.

I am going to have a snooze now on my chair beside the window---or maybe on the back of my couch and then I will go out later on and say hello to the birdies.

It is so very lovely here on my island in the Spring and Summer with all the new baby animals being born. I just love it SO much.

Sunday, 11 May 2014


...I stayed out very late last night 'cos it was a calm night and the Boss told my DH that he could leave the window open for me if I wasn't home when he wanted to go to bed and that's just what he did, so I was able to stay out very, very late. But still not all night. Not yet.

I wandered all over my garden and then I slipped through the fence and went into the big fields first at the back of my house and then at the front, and I had a wee sniff at the bales to see if there were any little mouses waiting for me, so I was a very busy puss and used my time outside very well.

I decided to go home when the rain came on and I am afraid I wakened my poor old MY, but it was by accident---honest! I went in the window and when I saw that there was no-one in my living room, I nipped into the bedroom to make sure the oldies were OK and as I had a closer look at my MH, I felt a little shake coming on and I am afraid I shooked my adorable little wet body right on to her poor old sleeping head and it sort of wakened her up with a jump. Oops. But by the time she wakened up full, I was back in the kitchen, so I think she thinks she was dreaming, and I for one am not going to tell her any different! And neither are you! :-))

I have had a very good day today and have been out playing nearly all the time except when I went into the gym for a short while with my MH, but I preferred to play on the grass while she was doing her cycling. It was too good outside to spend a lot of time in the gym, but my MH has to be on her bike 'cos she can't run round the grass as fast as me. I often let her chase me, but sometimes I run slow or even stop so that she can catch up with me. She just has little legs and they can't go very fast at all. Shame.

So my day has been a good one and I hope yours has been too. I am having a snooze now after my dinner, but I shall be heading out in a while and so far, my MH is safe 'cos it's not raining---but then you never know what might happen later.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Super Saturday

Yep, another very good day for this very good puss. We all had a long sleep although I did happen to waken my MH about six o'clock this morning 'cos I was feeling a tad peckish and I just whispered once in her lug and she jumped up and gave me something to eat and then we both went back to sleep. I think the fact that my adorable little cold, wet nose tickled her lug had something to do with how quickly she wakened!

It is quite a good day but a wee bit damp, but that is OK by me 'cos it means that the lawn mower doesn't come out to play while I am in my garden. I had a sniff at all the plants and a climb on some of my poles and I did a bit of claw-sharpening just in case I need to go a-hunting later on. I am ready. I may have been a boy scout in an earlier life as I always like to be prepared.

Both my humans have been at home with me and my friend M. came to see me and my MH and to have a look at her computer which had a wee germ in it again and it was a wee bit sick, but me and her think that M. has fixed it. I sat on the back of his chair and watched as he was working with her laptop, but it didn't mean anything at all to me. And, I shall let you into a secret. It didn't mean anything at all to my MH either! If it is working, she can make it go, but if it is sick, she doesn't know what to do.

I am so happy I am a pussy cat (adorable!) and not a computer 'cos if I feel a wee bit unwell, my MH always knows what to do with me. Sometimes a cuddle helps, but she always makes me feel good---well except when she de-fleas and de-worms me! That does not make me feel good at all!

And I refuse to listen to any of her arguments! Hee hee

I hope you are all having a very good weekend, just like me.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Another Good Day

I am having a really good time just now doing all sorts of things inside my house and in my garden and I am keeping my adorable little self very busy.

As you can see, I am still trying out boxes to see which ones suit me best. We get lots of boxes at my house 'cos that's how our messages come and I have a wee seat in them all to see which ones I like best. It is really good fun, but I am still happiest on my couch or on my MH's knee, but me being in the boxes makes my humans smile and that's all that matters.

It was girls day Chez Squeak today as my DH was away to the Cat shop and we have had a really lazy day but lots of good fun at the same time. I wandered in and out of my window while my MH was working in the kitchen with her steamer machine, and then after lunch time my friend M. came to see me and she brought our box of messages with her, so I gave her a special purr to say thank you as I am a very polite, well mannered little puss. Oh, and did I mention that some people find me adorable? Well they do and even though I say it myself, I think they are very right!

I went into the gym with the old dear and I wandered around the garden while she walked and cycled and when she was finished, we played for a long time on my grass and it was brilliant fun. I ran and jumped and sharpened my little claws and rolled on the grass and then on my path and it made me a very happy Squeak indeed.

I had a rest in the afternoon and then I was ready to run and meet my DH when he came home and I sat on my MH's knee while we listened to all the things he had been doing, but I am afraid I nodded off half way through. Sorry, DH. I will try harder next week!

I am looking forward to my weekend and I hope you have a very good weekend too.

Thursday, 8 May 2014


.... the little childrens came to my house last night for their guitar lesson and I did my disappearing trick under my couch and lay there with my adorable little paws in my equally adorable little lugs and sang my own little songs while they did their practice. For little childrens, my MH thinks they are pretty good but the big problem is that they all play their guitars in one key and then they all sing their songs in a different key and my poor MH is trying so hard to get them to get better, so we'll see. I think my MH might end up under the couch with yours truly, although when I think about it, she is a wee bit bigger than me, so maybe not!

The rest of my night was very good---and very quiet---and I had lots of fun when I went out into the fields but I am afraid that I stayed out very, very late and my DH was getting a bit annoyed with me 'cos he wanted to get to his bed, but I arrived just in time. My timing is impeccable, as you can well imagine!

Today has been another good day and there have been lots of things for me to do. My DH was outside a lot so I played with him and watched what he was doing as I lay on the grass which was lovely and warm and nice and short after my MH had cut it yesterday. I don't like the mower as you know, but I do like what it does, so I must stop complaining----sometime! :-))

My MH was playing with the vacuum cleaner but when she was finished, she came outside and played with me on the grass and I was so, so happy. I ran and ran and chased flies and killed lots of bit of grass and climbed poles and ran through the fence and just had the bestest of fun, and then guess what happened?

A horrible swallow birdie started to dive bomb me! Just when I told you that I hadn't seen any, one appears to torment me and I was annoyed, very annoyed and I am sure it would have tried to torment me even more if my MH hadn't appeared just at the right time and it flewed away again and left me to enjoy myself, but I suppose it will be back again with all its friends. Sigh!

I decided to go indoors for a while and discovered a box which I hadn't explored, so I had a seat for a wee while inside said box and then I decided that all the excitement outside had made me just a tad sleepy, so I lay down on my little fleece and had a lovely snooze.

I need to have a rest because it is a lovely evening and I shall be heading outside soon and I intend being out as long as I possible can and will wait until the final whistle from my DH, but maybe he will leave the window open for me. I have never been out for the en-tire night before, but I have a feeling in my little bones that this might just be the summer for it.

Oh yes, it might just be!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Wednesday Routine

Wednesdays chez Squeak are a wee bit different to my other days and I shall tell you why.

Normally, my MH is up first in the mornings and I help her to get washed and dressed so that she does this very quickly 'cos the first thing she does when we go into the kitchen is feed me and normally I am a VERY hungry Squeak and I am always ready for a big breakfast. I have that and if the weather is fine, then I go out to play.

Well, you all know that my DH goes to the Cat shop on a Wednesday which means he is up first and he has an alarm clock which rings for him. He takes a wee while to waken up, so I have to help him ---- a lot! As soon as his clock goes off, I nip over beside him and sort of sit on his head and purr just a wee bit. If this doesn't work, then I shuffle my adorable little bum slightly on his head and purr a bit louder and if THAT doesn't work, I sit on his face until he is forced to put his feet on the ground and then follow them into the kitchen 'cos that's where I am leading them! And then he feeds me and I leave him in peace. Once he wakens up a bit, he thinks this is quite funny and he tells my MH all about it and they have a giggle.

My MH sits with me for a while and then she has to go out but just for a short time and soon she is home to cuddle me and talk to me, but unfortunately, it is a good day today and she decided to cut her grass when she came home, so I didn't get too much attention. She will make up for it, though. I shall see to that!!

The little childrens will be here soon to learn some more guitar, so I shall tell you all about it tomorrow. I thought you might like to see the little bit of garden that I have been forbidden to go near, and you will be able to judge for yourself whether or not I am managing to do that.

I think not! Hee hee

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A Much Better Day

It is much better in a lot of ways. The weather is quite good which means an outside pussy cat. My DH is doing lots of work outside which means company for an outside pussy cat and my MH has been in and out a lot too which means lots of cuddles for this outside pussy cat when she passes me, so I am happy, happy, happy.

I had a long play outside last night and 'cos my DH was watching a film and not wanting to go to bed too early, I was able to stay out until I was tired and I liked that.

My poor old MY was tired after her day in the town walking round all the shops and talking with her friends, so I saw her into her little bed and sat with her for a while and then I hit the night-life and did all the things a puss cat should be doing.

It is hardly getting dark on my little island now, but I see very well in all kinds of light so it doesn't bother me, but I do like when the nights are lovely and light 'cos I can see the little mouses so much better and it means we can all sit together and have a chat and we all like that.

There are lots more birdies arriving in my fields and I like listening to them singing to me and so far there aren't any pesky swallows bothering me. I hate it when I am lying on my path minding my own business and having nice dreams and then they start dive-bombing me. Oh it makes me such an angry Squeak and you know that is just not in my nature! Maybe they are away pestering some other pussy cat and will leave me in peace this year. All my little paws are crossed.

I am having a snooze just now while my MH is writing this for you, but I shall be heading outside again very soon and I shall tell you all about it tomorrow.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Busy Squeak

I have been a very busy puss today helping my DH do all the jobs on the great big list that my MH left for us, but we managed to get it all done for her so she was a very happy MH when she came home.

I was quite surprised at how quickly my DH got everything done, but it meant that he didn't have very much time to play with me, but at least he fed me every time I asked him, so I didn't complain too much.

I did get into a bit of trouble when my MH was going out this morning 'cos just as she was getting into her little car, she saw me digging in the new bit of garden that my DH has just made. I had just done what all pussy cats need to do, and I was burying the evidence when she roared at me! She nearly wakened up all the people on my little island, but she had to go and catch the boat so she didn't have time to chase me---and I knew that!! Sorry, humans.

She had a good day and was in a very good mood when she came home, so I was forgiven and then she let me sit on her knee while she was using her computer and you all know that is one of my very favourite positions and I think I look exquisite.

I am sure you will agree.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sleepy Sunday

.... but a good Sunday. My little weather man friend said it would rain on my little island and it did, so I stayed in a lot of the day and just nipped out when it wasn't pouring.

I gave my dear old MH a shock when I went in and sat on her knee 'cos my adorable little paws were all wet and so was she, but we all had a giggle. Then I went in the sulks with her 'cos she put the awful de-flea stuff on me! Yukk. I think I might be getting old 'cos I didn't see it coming, or maybe my MH is getting cleverer. The 'stuff' is in a bright green tube so normally as soon as I see that in the palm of her hand I am off, but I missed it completely and there I was---me and my little wet feets---lying on her knee purring contentedly and POUNCE---I was de-flea'd and not at all happy.

We had the usual argument with me telling her that I don't have fleas so I don't need the 'stuff' and her telling me that it is only because of the 'stuff' that I don't have them and I can see it is an argument I am never going to win. Sigh!

So, after I had had enough of the sulks, I watched her as she played on her Wii and then when I thought it was time for her to give her undivided attention to yours truly, I sat on the box and she took the hint and played with me which made me a wee bit happier.

She is going to Kirkwall tomorrow with her friends, so it is just me and my DH at home, but as usual we have a great big list of jobs to be done so we'll see how we get on, although my DH is very good at making up excuses as to why we didn't get them all done, and I for one am saying nothing!

Well, he doesn't put horrible stuff on me like she does! :-)))

Saturday, 3 May 2014

More Great Fun

Oh I am just loving this. It hasn't been very warm, but it hasn't been raining or winding either, so I have been outside nearly all day and I have had lots and lots of brilliant fun.

My humans have been outside a lot too and you know that makes me just a very happy little Squeak, so you will understand that I am just loving this so, so much.

My DH had lots of work to do in our greenhouse and then he decided to clean my MH's little car and the Boss was very happy and she told him that he could have the biggest steak tonight for his dinner, so that made him smile. My MH did some washing and she was able to hang it out and of course, I had to watch her and help her if she got a wee bit stuck, and she appreciated it when I sat up on the top of the clothes pole and purred to her.

I don't have an awful lot of news but I am sure you can imagine all the things I have been doing, so I will just give you some action shots of yours truly which will help your imagination a wee bit, and there is also one of my DH in our greenhouse 'cos I thought that I show you lots of pictures of my MH but not too many of himself, so that is one of my DH happy in his greenhouse.

I am having a brilliant weekend so far, and I hope your weekend is good too.