Monday, 5 May 2014

Busy Squeak

I have been a very busy puss today helping my DH do all the jobs on the great big list that my MH left for us, but we managed to get it all done for her so she was a very happy MH when she came home.

I was quite surprised at how quickly my DH got everything done, but it meant that he didn't have very much time to play with me, but at least he fed me every time I asked him, so I didn't complain too much.

I did get into a bit of trouble when my MH was going out this morning 'cos just as she was getting into her little car, she saw me digging in the new bit of garden that my DH has just made. I had just done what all pussy cats need to do, and I was burying the evidence when she roared at me! She nearly wakened up all the people on my little island, but she had to go and catch the boat so she didn't have time to chase me---and I knew that!! Sorry, humans.

She had a good day and was in a very good mood when she came home, so I was forgiven and then she let me sit on her knee while she was using her computer and you all know that is one of my very favourite positions and I think I look exquisite.

I am sure you will agree.

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