Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I am confused.

Yesterday it was Spring and I wanted it to be summer and now today it is back to winter again with rain and coldness and I just don't know where I am. Well, I know I am all curled up on my chair on top of my MH's jacket, but I am sure you all know what I mean.

I was out quite late last night, but my little island was very quiet, so I just came home and nipped into bed beside my MH and we all had a very good sleep. My DH was away to the cat shop today and he met my two friends P. & H. who are here on holiday from Germany and they are going to have lunch together tomorrow with some more of my friends. Now, P. & H. are MY friends, but am I invited for lunch? No, I am not, and I am not best pleased about it. I shall have to find something to do with my adorable little self all day until my humans come home to spoil me.

The little childrens were in my house again tonight for their guitar lesson and while they are getting better, it is still a little bit noisy for my delicate--and adorable!--little lugs, so I took my dear little self into the study and sat there with my DH where it was a wee bit more peaceful.

I haven't been in my greenhouse today and as my humans won't be here tomorrow, I won't be in there until Friday, so I will send you some pictures later on. It is still a wee bit early for you to see something, so don't worry.

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