Saturday, 3 May 2014

More Great Fun

Oh I am just loving this. It hasn't been very warm, but it hasn't been raining or winding either, so I have been outside nearly all day and I have had lots and lots of brilliant fun.

My humans have been outside a lot too and you know that makes me just a very happy little Squeak, so you will understand that I am just loving this so, so much.

My DH had lots of work to do in our greenhouse and then he decided to clean my MH's little car and the Boss was very happy and she told him that he could have the biggest steak tonight for his dinner, so that made him smile. My MH did some washing and she was able to hang it out and of course, I had to watch her and help her if she got a wee bit stuck, and she appreciated it when I sat up on the top of the clothes pole and purred to her.

I don't have an awful lot of news but I am sure you can imagine all the things I have been doing, so I will just give you some action shots of yours truly which will help your imagination a wee bit, and there is also one of my DH in our greenhouse 'cos I thought that I show you lots of pictures of my MH but not too many of himself, so that is one of my DH happy in his greenhouse.

I am having a brilliant weekend so far, and I hope your weekend is good too.

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