Friday, 13 June 2014

A Fun Day

.. and a resting day. I have been taking things very easy today, just because I have felt like it. I am very well, but decided that I would go slowly today, so I have spent a lot of time on the back of my couch.

My MH had to do all her housework today 'cos she was away swimming yesterday and didn't get anything done, so as soon as my DH was away on the boat to the Cat shop, she dragged the vacuum cleaner out and ran round my house with it while I sat up high and watched her.

I hope you like this first picture which my MH took last night when she saw this little boat sailing into the sunset and she started to wax lyrical about it and tooked this picture which I like and I hope you do too.

In the afternoon, we went outside for a while and I had a chat to all the cows who are just outside my gate just now eating up all the grass before the nice farmer next door puts them into a new field. I like chatting to the baby cows but I stay out of the way of the big bully boy just in case he is in a bad mood or is feeling like an afternoon snack, but the little cows are lovely and I like them lots.

My MH went into her gym and exercised her little legs and then we played on the grass and I am afraid I got another fright 'cos one of those horrid swallows dive bombed me again---even with my MH standing right beside me! Oh dear friends, she was not best pleased I can tell you and if she ever catches that naughty birdie we will have swallow soup! I do not like it at all and it swoops at me just for fun, but it is not fun from where I am, I can tell you.

I will go out again later on when I hope the little swallow is having a sleep 'cos I want to be able to play in my fields without any interference, thank you very much.

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  1. Why do the swallows keep dive-bombing you Squeak? Their nest must be quite close.