Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Funny Day

Not funny laughing, but funny odd. Me and my MH were up very early this morning 'cos the old dear had to go away on the first boat to see the dentist. It wasn't anything serious, so don't worry. The tooth doctor just wanted to see her again and she got on fine.

I helped my DH in our greenhouse and my little pepper is still doing extremely well and my DH still doesn't know why! It was a lovely morning so I was outside all the time and then I saw my MH coming home again and I ran to meet her and gave her a great big purr and she lifted me up and cuddled me for a long time and it was oh so lovely.

We had a seat for a while and she told me what she had been doing and then I tooked her into the greenhouse to see my little plant and she was very impressed. She showed me these pictures she tooked this morning when she was on the way to the boat 'cos it was very calm and she though you might like to see the bit of my island that looks down Scapa Flow to Hoy and then to Flotta and the other one is of our boat that comes every day to my little island.

In the afternoon, she made some cakes for me and my DH and then she played with her lawn mower and she just got finished when the rain came on, so she was very, very pleased with her dear old self. Bless!

I sat on my MH's knee last night and we watched the programme about cats which was very good. It told the whole world just how special us pussy cats are, but it didn't give away any of our secrets which suited me just fine. I don't mind if everybody thinks we are the greatest things on four feet, but we still need to be mysterious, sure we do?

Pussy cats of the world unite, and Squeak for puss-in-chief!!

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