Sunday, 1 June 2014

A Much Better Day

I have been feeling a lot better today and a lot more like my old self which means I have been going out to play again and that always makes me happy.

We all had our usual lazy Sunday just doing all the wee things that we like doing and I just dotted in and out making sure my humans were still beside me and that they were OK which they were. My MH went out for a wee while but she was soon back home beside me and then I got my usual visit from my friend S. who is always delighted to see me, and I love to see her too. And today she had a special surprise for me and my MH 'cos she brought along her little friend Sergei the meerkat to meet us. Now, just in case you are wondering, Sergei isn't REAL, he is a toy type thingy and if you watch your television you will see him lots of times. He is very cute, but not adorable, like me---naturally---but I had a wee sniff at him and I liked him and I know he liked me too.

My friend S. also gave me a message from Buttons who is her pussy cat and older and wiser than I am and Buttons told me that if the swallows annoy me again I have to catch them and eat them! I appreciate her advice, but I don't think I could do that 'cos it is just not in my nature, but if they make me angry enough then I might just do it! Buttons would be so proud of me then, wouldn't she?

It is siesta time for me now and then I shall do my usual hunting and playing later on before settling down beside my MH for a good night's sleep.

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