Saturday, 14 June 2014

Another Very Good Day

I have been a very happy puss today 'cos we have all been outside a lot today even though the weather hasn't been too great, but it has not been pouring with rain or a howling gale, so I have been happy.

I went out a lot with my DH and we spent quite a while in our greenhouse talking to our plants and they are coming along very nicely thank you. We are both very pleased with them, but between you and me, I am pleased lots more than my DH 'cos mine is definitely MUCH better.

Now, I have a question for you. Do all humans like toys and machines? I ask this 'cos my DH has just bought himself a ginormous strimmer and he took it out to play last night and it is just another thing I do not like at all! I know he needs it to keep the grass tidy after my MH has cut it, but that still doesn't make me feel any better.

Me and my MH went into the gym and I sat at the door while she did her exercises and I just watched all the birdies and the naughty swallow tried to catch me again. I do not like that pesky swallow and if it gets too close, then it is mince meat. No questions asked! My friend B. has asked me why it keeps dive bombing me and I honestly do not know. I know where the nest is, but it is high up in one of the old sheds beside my house so it is too high for me to go near it--even if I wanted to do, which I don't, you understand, so I don't torment the birdies and I don't think I deserve to be treated like this in my own garden. I think it is just a cheeky swallow, but I hope it stops tormenting me soon. Maybe when the little baby swallows come, it will be too busy to play with me. Paws crossed!

I watched these two little birdies having their dinner tonight and it made me happy to know that they wee getting something to eat at my house. A wee while later, I went round to the other side of my house to have a seat on my little wall and I was watching the cows when this great big seagull came and sat on the roof of my porch and we had a very long conversation and my MH tooked this picture of me listening very carefully to what I was being told.

I wonder if I told the seagull about the pesky swallow, maybe he would chase it away for me? I shall ask tomorrow.

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