Sunday, 15 June 2014

Just More of the Same...

.... but good fun anyway. As you know, Sunday is a very lazy day in my house and today was no exception. My humans just did lots of 'footering' with little things. 'Footering' is one of my MH's favourite words and she footers quite a lot just doing wee bits and pieces.

I usually get a visit, and a great big cuddle from my friend S., but she wasn't able to come to see me today so I am sending her a big purr from me. Well, it would be from me, wouldn't it 'cos nobody else in my house purrs! Doh!!

Me and my DH went into our greenhouse and I helped my MH hang out her washing and of course I had to have a play on the clothes poles and I am sure that the mummy cows were smiling at me. I only hope the baby cows don't try it 'cos I don't think my humans would be best pleased. I took my MH into her wee gym and it was while we were there that she told me some not very good news.

They are going away to leave me again! my MH told me that they were going on their holidays at the end of this month and I can't go. I am not too sad that I can't go 'cos it would mean I would need to go in cages on the boat and then on the big aeroplane and I would be in a strange country where I wouldn't know what all the little animals were saying. Plus, I would miss all my own little animal friends, but I will miss my humans a lot. My friends J. and A. are coming to stay with me and I know we will have very good fun and they look after me nearly as well as my MH, so that is OK. Nearly!

I had a wee look at the map to see where they were going and it is away very, very far, but my MH has promised to bring me a super, duper present, so I will be excited all the time they are away just wondering what they will bring me home again.

And of course, I shall tell you what it is.

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