Sunday, 22 June 2014

Not Too Bad

That's what my day has been. I could have been a lot worse if my MH had had her way 'cos she wanted to take out the lawn mower and cut my grass, but the weather didn't let her and I for one was very happy. I did feel a wee bit upset for the old dear, but I lay down until it had passed! Hee hee.

As you know, my humans are going away soon and she wanted the grass to be nice for me to play on while they are away, but it was wet, so she couldn't cut it. What a shame :-))) However, I still managed to get out to play lots of times and I was out in my garden minding my own business when that pesky swallow tormented me again, but this time my DH saw him and shoo-ed him away. He is a very annoying birdie, that swallow, and he is in grave danger of ending up as my supper. I am not a cruel puss, but I will NOT be bullied in my own garden. So, pesky swallow, be afraid, be very afraid!

I got a big surprise when I was standing at my door with my MH 'cos my friend S. came to see me and gave me a big cuddle. In fact, it was a special cuddle 'cos she won't be seeing me for a long time unless I have a wee wander down to her house when her pussy cat is asleep and I can collect my cuddle and bring it home with me.

That sounds like a very good plan, even though I do say so!

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