Monday, 16 June 2014

Very Quiet

That has been my day 'cos both my humans had to go away on the boat today, so I was left to my own devices which was Ok 'cos the window was left open and I played outside for a while and talked to the baby cows and then I had a long snooze.

I am quite happy on my own, although I do prefer it when both my humans are at home with me as there are still lots of things I cannot do. I know I am very clever, but I cannot open the cupboard where all my food is kept and I can't open the packets of dinners, so I do need the old dears for that. And, I also need cuddles which I get on demand from my MH. She does come in handy sometimes. Hee hee

So, you will have worked out by now, that since my MH has been away off my little island, I won't have any news for you 'cos she doesn't know what I have been doing. I think she probably has a very good idea, but unless I learn to talk, she won't know for sure.

I think it would be really cool if us animals could talk. Even if we could talk to one another. I wonder if puss cats would have a different accent to doggies and to cows and sheeps? Oh, dear friends, can you just imagine all the noise in my fields if all the cows and sheeps were all talking at the same time, and if they were calling out to me it would be really noisy.

But it could be really the brilliantest fun, sure it would?

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