Tuesday, 17 June 2014


....it has been quite good and quite not good. The good bit is that my humans have been with me today and I got to sit on my MH's knee lots of times as I was in what she calls my 'cuddly' mood and she likes that as much as me.

The not so good bit is that the weather on my lovely little island has been awful. In fact my friend J. who watches what is happening on my island on her computer, asked me if my MH was using her steaming machine 'cos it was so foggy and she thought the old dear had been over doing it, but I told her it wasn't her fault, it was the naughty weather.

When I was sitting on my MH's knee my friend S. phoned so that they could have a chat and I purred down the phone so that S. heard me and she said it was soooo sweet. Oh yes, that's me all over.

Sweet and adorable and quite, quite perfect. Oh, and did I mention modest? Hee hee

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