Saturday, 29 November 2014


Do you remember that I told you yesterday that I was to be the centre of my MH's universe today 'cos I had been left all on my own last night? Well, the old dear kept her word. I sort of made sure she did by asking her to play with me lots of times, which she did, but then we both had a great big surprise 'cos we got visitors and I loved it.

One of my MH's former pupils was back on the island and she wanted to see me and she brought her two baby humans with her so that we could all have a wee look at them. There was a little girl and she is about two and there was a baby boy who is just months old so he really wasn't very interesting although I did have a sniff at him when his mummy put him on the floor. I was rather lucky 'cos I sniffed his hair and not the other end and my MH told me I was a very wise puss!

The little girl was more fun and she wanted to play with me and my MH told me she was very proud of me 'cos I was very gentle and I let the little girl stroke me and touch me and she loved me very much, so that is another gold star for yours truly! I even had a seat in the little boy's carry cot. He wasn't in it at the time so I decided I would like to see what it would feel like to be a human baby and I jumped in but it sort of tipped over so I jumped out again and that made everybody laugh. We all had good fun, but my house was nice and quiet again when they all went away and I had to have a little snooze to recover from all my adoration.

As you can see, I have had a good day and the best bit is just about to happen as I am sitting on my MH's knee and we are patiently waiting for Strictly to come on again.

I hope you have had a good Saturday too and that Sunday will be a super duper day for you.

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