Monday, 8 December 2014

A new name

My MH has given me a new name. I am now 'Scooty puss' and I know you will be anxious to find out why. Well, it has been another not very nice day with weather on my little island and I have had an awful lot of energy which needed to be used up, so I have been 'scooting' all over my house for nearly the en-tire day! Hence the new name. Don't worry, though. It is just for today 'cos I really love my real name.

My day started at seven o'clock again, although I had been up a couple of times through the night with my poor old DH who was coughing a lot and wasn't feeling well, and he needed me to help him and look after him, and I just happened to need a wee feed as well, so we helped one another.

My MH went away out and ten past seven o'clock in this morning and it was really dark. I asked her to let me out please, but she said no 'cos it was very cold, and the wind was blowing hard and she didn't want me to get cold and wet. Now, normally I would have had a tantrum, but because I am very grown up now---did I tell you I will be five next Monday?----I just said thank you MH and scooted back to bed and waited till the old dear came home again.

After her breakfast, she did some housework and everywhere she went, I scooted in front of her and dived on and off the furniture which made her laugh a lot. I did venture out a couple of times and as soon as I hit the outside, I scooted under the bushes in my garden so that I could get some shelter and it was while she was watching me scooting for the umpteenth time that she decided I needed a new name.

But just for today. I will be Squeak tonight and forever 'cos it is a brilliant name and it suits me so very well. She did get a wee bit worried though when I jumped up on top of this shelf when she was writing some letters 'cos there is a television on that shelf and I have to make a big 'spring' and it makes the television shake and every time it shakes my MH holds her breath until I am safely up on top of the hub, but then she worries about how I am going to get down again. Oops.

I shall tell you a little secret. In all my nearly five years, I have never broken anything or knocked anything down. And that's how I intend to keep it. So there!

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