Monday, 22 December 2014

Good Fun

I have had a very good day just doing all the little things that I like doing like nipping in and out of my windows when the wind stopped blowing at me and then cuddling up beside my MH on my couch when the wind comed back again. So I have it all worked out.

The old dear did all her housework today as usual but she told me she was making my house extra clean for Santa Claus and that made me a bit excited, so I nipped over to my Christmas tree and I stared at my presents hoping that the paper might just fall off and I could see what I was getting. But it didn't, so I am still excited.

My MH has promised that after her housework is finished tomorrow, she won't bring the vacuum cleaner out for a long, long time and she will spend as much time with me as I want. Now, I know you can't wrap that up and put it under the tree, but that is my very favourite present ever!

I have developed a new winter routine which I am very happy with and it means that I am staying indoors more if the weather isn't to my liking. I just nip out for short times when it is not throwing all sorts of horrid weather at me and I spend the rest of my time either sleeping on my couch or cuddling in beside my MH where I am at my happiest.

Ah yes. I think I will like my new winter routine.

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