Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year

I probably won't write to you tomorrow, so me and my humans would like to wish you all a very happy new year and we hope it will be a good one for everybody.

I have had a very good day just doing lots of my normal things which I don't really need to explain 'cos you all know me so very well by now. My DH is still not very well, but he is getting better and we are all taking things very easy which I like, but when I think my MH is getting a wee bit fed up then I ask her to play with me which she does and right away she is cheered up.

I have made my new year and I have decided to try to become even more adorable, although I am not too sure if that is possible, and the other one is to always make my humans happy and that is an easy one 'cos I know they love me millions and whenever I am around they are happy.

I had a wee surprise this afternoon when the nice farmer man from next door came into see me. I always like when he comes in 'cos he lets me sniff his hands and they have all sorts of interesting cow and sheep smells off them. One day I nipped into my porch where he had left his boots and I had a sniff at them which was the wrong thing to do 'cos they were VERY smelly and I nearly passed out. My MH saw me swaying on my adorable little feets with my eyes glazing over and just caught me before I hit the floor! So, I now stay away from his boots, but the rest of him is full of interesting smells which I love.

So there we are. My year has finished on a very good feeling and I hope that you will have a very happy 2015 and I will look forward to sharing all my adventures with you and maybe I will get some more paw pals to write to. I would like that but I love all the ones I already have.

Happy New Year everyone. Thank you for sharing it with me.

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  1. Squeak, you have given me my laugh for the year. I do hope your DH feels better real soon, and that MH does really well getting her new knee. I don't think she would like another postponement. Happy New Year to you and your family from Sadie and I.