Friday, 5 December 2014

Ho Hum

Well, I have had two little mishaps today and although they weren't very serious, they upset my adorable little self, and if I am upset then everybody in my house is upset. I make sure of that! Except that my DH was still in his bed when it happened, so I will upset him later on. I had forgotten about that. It is such a good job I write to you every day, sure it is?

However, I am waffling again. It is quite a while since I have waffled, but I have felt like a waffle all day and you just happened to get it. Hee hee
I shall now get to the point. Is that a great big sigh I hear? Me and my MH were up in the middle of the night again as she was going to the Post Office and I decided that I wanted to go out exploring in the dark and I asked her to open the window for me, which she did, and oft I went out into the blackness. The old dear had her breakfast and then as it was time for her to go away, she called for me to come in as the wind was blowing and she couldn't go away and leave the window open, but I decided I was staying out and off she went leaving me locked out! Oh dear.

Now, being a kind, considerate MH, she told the postie man to let me in if he saw me when he came with all our letters and a long time later he arrived and let me in. That was good, I hear you say. Well it was in a way. But he only let me in the porch!! He never thought to open the other door into the real bit of my house and I was stuck in the little cold porch for about a half hour until the old dear came home. Oh she was upset when she saw how much I had suffered. Did I tell you I was becoming a bit of a diva? Well, I am when the need arises, and the need definitely arose this morning. Hee hee

The rest of my day was fine with me and my MH having a little snooze together 'cos she was a wee bit tired. I love these time when I can snuggle up close to her and we are both so very comfortable and happy. Sigh!

So, we had a snooze and then I decided to go outside again and just as I was gaily sniffing away at some interesting grasses and things the hail came on and started hitting me really, really hard and I did not like it one little bit. I was quite a long way from my house and by the time I got back to my window, bits of my adorable little body were quite sore.

However, as soon as I got in, my MH cuddled me all dry again and all the sore bits disappeared. I think she is magic, sometimes, and I like it lots!

I have showed you a nice weather picture today and not the one with all hail in it 'cos I wanted to make you feel happy and not sad. OK?

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