Saturday, 6 December 2014


I haven't had any more mishaps today, so that is good, but I haven't had a very exciting day, so that's not so good. However, being an intrepid little puss, I have made the best of it.

The weather on my dear little island hasn't been very good and there has been a lot of rain, so I have had to time my trips outside to coincide with some slightly better weather so that I don't get soaking wet again. I did manage a couple of visits out to my garden but I am afraid I sort of annoyed my MH when I asked her to let me out the door and as soon as it was opened I disappeared, only to ask her again as soon as she walked back into my kitchen. Oh dear. I know it upsets her, but an adorable puss such as I has to make sure the time is exactly right, sure I do? She forgives me anyway 'cos she loves me. Aaawww!

We are both a bit worried about my DH 'cos he was up a lot during the night with a horrid cough and even me and my MH couldn't help him and that made us sad. He said he is feeling a wee bit better tonight so I hope we can all get a better sleep tonight. I am a very patient puss, but I do need my sleep,so I may take my adorable little self----and the duvet!----into another room for a while. I will tell you tomorrow.

You may have noticed that there aren't any new photographs of yours truly and I am not sure why my MH isn't clicking as much, but I have drawn her attention to this fact and I am sure there will be new pictures of yours truly very soon.

Meanwhile I shall have another snooze on the back of my couch and hope that I might be able to get out to play later on.

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  1. Certainly hope your DH feels better soon, and that your weather improves. It is raining a lot here too.