Thursday, 31 December 2015

Just to say...

.... that me and my humans, Irene and Bobby, would like to wish you all a very happy new year. We hope that you will have health and happiness and that 2016 will bring you all you want.


Wednesday, 30 December 2015

What a Night!

My dear little weather man friend was very right when he told us that there was going to be a big gale on my little island. It was the biggest one for a long time and I didn't like it at all. I just snuggled up on the couch beside my MH and hoped it would go away, but it waited until this afternoon before it blew away to somewhere else.

Last night, while it was blowing, my MH went away to have her shower and 'cos it was nearly bed-time, she put our blanket on and a wee while later the naughty wind blew all our lights off and we just went to bed, but at least it was a wee bit warm. The lights came on later so my house didn't get cold too much, but I snuggled up as close as I could get. I wasn't taking any chances!

When we got up this morning, we had a look to see if there was any damage, but everything seemed to be fine except for this old car which got the bonnet blowed right up. MY DH says he will need help to get it down again. And we lost a dustbin. It was outside with a great big concrete block inside it to stop it from blowing away, but the bin and the concrete are nowhere to be seen. Oh deary me!!

Needless to say, I stayed in my house nearly all of the day, but as it is a lot less blowy tonight, I shall venture out before bedtime.

I don't know if I will be able to write to you tomorrow or the next day, but me and my humans would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy new year and I will look forward to telling you all about my adventures in 2016.

Happy New Year, everyone!!

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

I think...

.... I would like it to be Christmas all the time 'cos I am liking this holiday time very much indeed. It is very relaxed in my house and my MH is just doing the tiniest little bit of housework and she keeps coming to find me wherever I am so that we can have a cuddle and a chat and that makes me so very, very happy. I don't want it to stop ----ever!

My DH nipped over to Stromness this afternoon and me and my MH stayed home and chatted, but we got a surprise when our friend M. came to see me and we had a lovely time together. Last week she had made my MH a beautiful Christmas cake and my MH told her how much she liked it so M.was very happy too.

I don't have much news for you 'cos we haven't been doing very many exciting things but we have been doing lovely things. It is getting a bit windy now on my little island and my little weather man friend has told me that there is going to be a great big gale tonight, so I don't think I shall be going out too much.

I am quite happy about that though, 'cos there is lots for me to do in my house and when it is night time, I can just snuggle up beside my MH so that we can both have the very bestest sleep.

Oh yes. I like this time very much and I hope you are liking it too.

Monday, 28 December 2015

A Wee Disappointment

Although not enough to spoil what was a very good day. I am loving this holiday time and last night when we were sitting watching the television and I was sleeping on my MH's knee, we got some surprise visitors and I was very happy. Well, I was happy after I had been hiding under my couch for a while. Once I knew that these visitors liked me, then I came out to see them and to be stroked and cuddled.

You know I keep talking about the nice farmer man next door? Well, it was him and his wife and their daughter who lives in Edinburgh but was on my little island for Christmas. She was one of my MH's pupils in the school here when she was a little children and she always comes to see the old dear when she has time.We had a good night and I got lots and lots of cuddles and plenty of knees to choose from so I was a very happy Squeak.

It has been very windy on my little island so I have had just a few very quick trips outside and lots of sleeps on my little bed and it was during one of these sleeps that I had my little disappointment 'cos my DH caught my mouse! Boo

I have been smelling a mouse in my house for the past couple of days and I am afraid I gave my dear old MH a fright this morning when she was sleeping. I was sound asleep on top of her chest and she was sound asleep as well, but then I heard a mouse and I SPRANG off said bed and said chest and the old dear nearly fell off the bed with fright, but by the time I got anywhere, the mouse had gone.

So, this afternoon, my humans were sitting watching my television and out popped said mouse and where was I? Sound asleep on my bed in my bedroom. And to make it worse, my DH caught MY mouse and put it outside and I was not best pleased, I can tell you.

But a pussy cat has to sleep, sure she does? And there are lots of other mouses. I will get another one to lay with soon, never fear.

Sunday, 27 December 2015


.... if Sundays at my house are normally quiet, this one was double quiet 'cos we were all relaxing and enjoying the holiday time.

When me and my MH wakened up, we saw that it was a lovely day, so as soon as I had hoovered up all my breakfast---well, I WAS hungry!--- I nipped out the window and enjoyed the lovely fresh air. It was good being out especially when my DH came out a wee while later to do something to his car, so I watched him very carefully just in case I ever want a car of my very own, although I have only ever been in my DH's car when I have been in my cage to go to the V-E-T. Yukk! Maybe I won't have a car after all 'cos they might expect me to take myself to the vet!

I was happy out playing but it is still a little cold, so I didn't stay out too long and then when I went inside I just had to find my MH and there was a cuddle waiting for me which I loved.

I spent a lot of time watching mt DH 'cos Santa brought him a growed-up meccano set and he is building a big water wheel and sometimes I just sit and watch him but I have no idea what it is going to look like. As soon as I know, you will know too 'cos I will ask my MH to put a picture on for you.

So, that has been my day. A very good one, I must say. I am really liking this holiday time and I hope it last a long, long time.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Still Brilliant

I am still having a great Christmas and my 'cuddle' present still hasn't worn out, so I am very happy. It is still a special day in my house today 'cos my humans have been married for 45 years today! Wow, that is a long time, isn't it? I am glad they got married 'cos then they were ready for me coming along and we are all very happy with that.

I got a very special surprise today when my two best 'boy' friends J. and A. came to see me. They are both home on my little island for the holiday and they needed to see me so they comed to my house today and we had a lovely time.

I have had a very lazy day with a few wee walks out in my garden, but it is a bit cold for me so I don't stay outside too long and when I come in, I head straight for my MH's knee and settle down for a snooze, and today I got another special treat for my adorable little tummy, so all in all, I have had a very good Christmas and anniversary.

I hope you have had a good time too.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

My Time

My humans were out this afternoon 'cos it was the island Nativity Play and my MH was helping the little childrens, so yours truly was left at home, but I didn't mind too much 'cos I knew that when they came home, then all their time would be for me and I was oh, so right!

I got a great big cuddle as soon as they came in my door and then I was allowed to help my MH put all the things away and as soon as she was finished, I dived onto my bed and scrambled under my cover and she tickled me and I loved it so much. She has promised to do that as often as I want and I have a feeling I will want it lots and lots of times 'cos that is my bestest Christmas present.

I am very much a people kitten and I just love being stroked and cuddled and sitting on knees so I am going to make a plan of my days for the next couple of weeks! I got a lovely surprise today when my friend A. came to see me. I was sleeping on my little bed when I heard him calling to my MH and I ran to see him and that made him happy. He said I was looking very good, so I gave him a special purr.He was helping my MH with the music this afternoon and they were having a rehearsal, so I just nipped up onto the back of my couch and was an audience and I liked it.

So that has been my day and it has been a good one, but my MH says I won't be writing to you tomorrow 'cos I will be too busy getting some special dinners and lots and lots of cuddles but me and my humans would like to wish all my friends who read about me, a very happy Christmas.

I hope you all have a lovely time and I will write to you again very soon. Happy Christmas.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

A Practice Day

So, off they went away to the party last night and left me all alone in the house. I wasn't too unhappy though 'cos it was a terrible night and I didn't really want to go out, but I would have been a wee bit happier if my humans had stayed at home with me, but they couldn't do that. So off they went, and I snuggled up on my couch for a snooze till they came home to me again. And they weren't too late which was brilliant. I have sent you a couple of pictures of my MH at the party and one of them shows you her funny hat and the other is with Santa Claus, but I don't know what he did with MY present.

And today has been a very good day for me as it was a sort of dress rehearsal for the holidays when I am the centre of attraction. My DH decided he needed to go shopping , so off he went at lunchtime and since my dear old MH was a wee bit tired from last night, she was just resting and so I had lots of sits on her knee and then a few plays whenever she was ready and I liked that, so I asked her to play lots and lots of times.

We had lots of good fun and lots of rests and my MH told me that this is what it was going to be like as soon as they come home from tomorrow's Nativity Play 'cos then all her work is finished and it will be Squeak's play time.

I can hardly wait!

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

An Excited Puss

I am getting very excited about Santa coming to see me and I am looking forward to my bestest present of all and that is having the COMPLETE attention of my humans, and it is nearly here! Yippee!!

I helped my MH today when she was fixing all the games and prizes for the party for the little childrens tonight and that made me even more excited. So much so, that I nearly had a wee accident, but my dear old MH saved me again! If I tell you she was blowing up balloons and one falled on to the floor beside me, can you guess the rest? Yep, I put one adorable little paw out to catch it for her, but by the time I had done this, my MH had grabbed it away from me and when she explained what could have happened, I was mightily relieved. Phew. I do not like loud bangs so I am very glad THAT didn't happen.

It is a dreadful evening on my little island and my humans are going to get wet and blowed about when they go out, but I shall stay in my warm house until they come home to me again and then give them both a big cuddle to make them warm again.

My MH says she doesn't have very much to do tomorrow, but she will be a bit busy on Thursday and then the rest of the time is just for ME.

And I for one can't wait!!

Monday, 21 December 2015

A Fun-Day Monday

It was a funny Monday for us all today 'cos my DH was at home and as you know, he is usually away at the Cat Shop, but it is closed for Christmas so he was here with me and my MH which was good.

It wasn't a very good day weather-wise, so I decided that I would stay indoors and have a snooze while my MH did a wee bit housework, but every now and then I would give her one of my signals that I wanted to play and she stopped what she was doing and played with me and I loved it LOTS!! Our first game was in the bedroom and now I rush in ahead of her and hide behind the door till she comes in and then I make one of my brilliant springs onto my bed and she covers me with my blanket and tickles me which is just wonderful. We played that game for a long time and then I let her go and do some more work while I had a snooze. Well, I was on the bed anyway!

Later in the afternoon, I discovered I had a lots more energy which needed to be used up, so I went and found the old dear in my kitchen and I raced into the living room and sat staring at my toys until she got the message. I was actually surprised at how quickly she managed it, but she came down on the floor with me and we played with all my toys again and it was just the very, very bestest.

I have had a very good day and my humans have promised me lots more days like this. I know they are going to be a wee bit busy tomorrow night at the party for all the childrens and then at the Nativity Play on Thursday, but apart from that, they are all MINE!!!

And what a programme I have got for them! They will love it I know, and you know I will love it!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

A Good Sunday

It is wet and cold outside, but in my house it is warm and dry and I am getting lots and lots of cuddles, so all is well in the world of Squeak.My humans are nearly finished all their work so there is lots of time for me.

I had a long chat with my MH last night while we were waiting for the 'Strictly' results to come and she asked me what I wanted Santa to bring me but I said I had enough toys so something to put in my adorable little tummy and lots and LOTS of cuddles and playtimes and she said she was sure I would get that, so she is going to help me ask Santa and I will leave him a little note.

And talking of Santa. Do you remember I told you he came to my island yesterday? Well, my MH let me see the pictures she had taken of him and all his little elves and I thought you might like to see him too. My humans said he was very jolly and they had a good time with him.

My DH is finished in the Cat Shop for a wee while so he will have lots of time for me too and he has said we are going to have a very good Christmas, so I hope he is right.

And I hope you have a very good Christmas too.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

A Much Better Day..... lots of ways. I think my little weather man friend loves me. Maybe not millions like my humans, but enough to want to make me happy and that's what he has done. As you know, my humans were away all day yesterday and he sent rain 'cos he knew I wouldn't want to go out and that I would be happy just snoozing till they came home, but he also knew that they would be at home with me today, so he sent good weather for me so that I could get out to play just as often as I wanted. See? He did that just for yours truly, so I think he must love me, sure he must?

I have had a very good day just helping my humans do very little except my MH was getting things ready for the Christmas party next week. She helps all the little children play games and she has to get them all ready and I helped her and she liked that a lot.

Then both my humans went to the pier 'cos Santa Claus was coming to my little island on the boat to see some of the little children and I am sure that when they came home again, they had a present in their pocket for me but they hided it so I don't really know.

I just hope! Hee hee

Friday, 18 December 2015

All Alone Was I

My humans went away to Kirkwall today and I was left all alone. However, apart from being a wee bit lonely, I didn't mind being in my house 'cos it poured with rain the whole day, so I just settled down on my little bed and slept till they came home again. Oh and by the way---- they were wet.

I felt sorry for them 'cos they were nearly ringing, but as soon as I gave them some of my very special purrs, they were perfectly happy again and my MH lifted me up and gave me one of her very special cuddles and I liked that.

But the very best bit was when I sat on my MH's knee and she told me that they wouldn't be going away on the boat again and that all their spare time will be just for me. And that is the very best Christmas present I can ever have.

Oh lucky Squeak. I hope you are lucky too.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Another Good Day

I am having very good fun just now and I feel very, very happy. I am sleeping very well and am having super duper dreams. Sometimes my dreams are so good that I don't want to waken up, so I have been having lots of sleeps which makes me a very healthy little puss.

My little weather man friend has been very good to me and has sent me some good weather so I have been able to go to play lots and lots of times and you all know how much I like being outside with all my little animal friends.

My humans have been taking things easy too and have lots of time for me so we have been playing with my toys and I have had lots of seats on my MH's knee so everything is just about purr-fect for this adorable little puss, although I did hear them saying they were going shopping tomorrow and I am to be left all alone.

I don't mind though, 'cos I think they are going for all my Christmas presents. I just happened to drop my list on my MH's knee and I watched as she read it, so I think they will be bringing lots of parcels home tomorrow, but I shall pretend not to look.

Oh, happy, happy Squeak!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Happy Me

I had a brilliant sleep last night. I think all the excitement tired me out and I slept sound, but I was oh, so happy.

It was just us girls in my house today 'cos the old boy was away to the Cat Shop, but today is his last day until after New Year, so there are lots of days for him to play with me and that is another reason I am feeling very happy.

My MH gave me all her attention today and we had lots of seats on my couch and lots of wee chats which I just loved. There was no housework so it was lovely and quiet and even the weather wasn't too bad so I was out playing lots and lots.

I had a wander into the field where the sheeps are and I had a chat with this Jacobs sheep although I think he is a boy sheep, but that was OK. I asked my MH to take his picture and let you see him 'cos he is one of my bestest friends and we get on very well. I hope you like him. I think he is a very handsome chap.

The other picture doesn't need any explanation 'cos it is just a very tired wee Squeak!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

At last the day has arrived. It is my birthday and I am six! I have had a brilliant birthday with cards and present and lots and lots of birthday cuddles and I even got a special dinner which I gobbled up. It was chicken which I just love. Oh, yum yum!

Even my little weather man friend remembered and sent me some quite good weather so I was able to go out and play lots of times and I am sure I heard some of the sheeps singing happy birthday to me, although that might have been a wee dream.

I overheard my humans talking this afternoon and my MH was saying that if the lovey ladies from the Cat Protection place hadn't found me when I was brand new and awful not well, I might not have made it to my little island and they both said they would have been very sad without me, and we all know why, don't we?

'Cos they love me MILLIONS!!!!

Monday, 14 December 2015

A Fun Day

I got an early birthday present from my little weather man friend 'cos he made the weather on my little island so lovely that I have been able to get out to play lots and lots of times today which was good 'cos it meant I could escape the vacuum cleaner. Yippee!

My DH nipped away on the boat to the Cat Shop and my MH looked out all her cleaning things and I wandered outside and started exploring. It was a tad on the cool side, so I didn't stay out too long, but oh I did enjoy myself 'cos it was lovely and calm and very, very quiet. I think outside was a lot quieter than inside!

In the afternoon, when all her work was finished, I asked my MH to play with me and that's just what she did. My humans think it is funny that I am a very growed up cat of nearly six years old, but I still play with them like a baby kitten, but they like it as much as me, so that's just fine.

Today's pictures are of me playing with the old dear and one she took while I had stopped for a quick paw-dicure. A puss has to look after herself now especially when it is her birthday tomorrow. I don't think I have mentioned that, have I?

I am heading out to play now before it gets too cold, but I am looking forward being out in the dark when it is still lovey and calm. It is the kind of weather that just suits me right down to the ground, so thank you very much little weather man friend.

I do appreciate your present!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

A lazy day

I like Sundays 'cos Sundays in my house are lazy days and there is lots and lots of time for me and today was no exception.

We didn't get up too early and as it was a fine morning, I waited until I had finished my little drop of milk and then I nipped out and my first stop was into the field in front of my house where there are lots of Jacob sheeps for me to have a chat to. I do feel sorry for all the sheeps when the wind is howling on them and the rain is making them wet. I know I don't like it, but I can always nip back inside and get warm again and even get a cuddle or two.

When I was a baby puss and didn't know as much as I do now, I wanted to bring the sheeps into my house when it was raining, but my MH explained a few wee things to me and now I understand why they can't, but it is a shame. Anyway, I had a chat to them and they all seem quite happy, so I had a wander round my garden and then back indoors 'cos I was a tad cold.

And that is how the rest of my day went really. A seat on one of my chairs or on my MH's knee and a wander outside then I did get a wee surprise when my friend M. came to see me and she told me and my humans that she liked my new carpet so that made the old dear quite happy.

I am having a wee snooze now, but I shall be heading outside later on for a wee while. My humans have noticed that I haven't been staying out as late as usual but it is quite cold at night and I am much happier on my little bed all cuddled up to my MH.

And that makes her very happy too. I know this 'cos she tells me.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

And Still a Better Day

I didn't want to get up this morning, so I didn't. I was lying on my MH's pillow when she got up and usually I get up with her and help her to eat her breakfast, but for some reason this morning I was tired and so I just stayed there and she didn't mind.

I was kind of half dozing and listening to what she was doing and then I heard the door open and I decided to see what she was up to. And I am so glad I did. 'Cos she was going to wash the outsides of my windows which were all dirty with all the 'stuff' the bad wind had throwed onto them. We were having difficulty looking out of them so I was happy when she decided to clean them.

And, I was happy 'cos I went out to play with her and my DH came too. Not to wash the windows, you understand. No, he had his own work to do, so I was able to watch them both and I had lots to play with. It was a fine day and even quite warm so we were all very happy.

I have still been a bit tired and so I have spent a lot of time in my wee hoose this afternoon as you can see.Hopefully, I will have lots more energy tomorrow.

Friday, 11 December 2015

A Much Better Day

Well, any day when I don't get thunder and lightning-ed on is bound to be a good day, sure it is?
Both my humans were at home with me and as we had lots of groceries there were quite a few boxes which meant lots of bits of string for me to play with so my day just kept getting better and better!

I only got very wet once or twice but it is worth getting wet just to get a big cuddle when I go inside again. I did get into a wee bit of trouble two times today 'cos I had an awful lot of energy inside this adorable little body and I was also in a climbing mood and those two things together are bound to get me into a bit of trouble.

The first time was when my MH was in the bedroom and she heard a sort of thump and a rattle and she thought someone had come into our house, so she went into the kitchen to see but there was nobody there AND she couldn't see me either. She looked and looked and finally she looked up and there was me up on top of the kitchen units where I am not supposed to be and I was told in no uncertain terms to get back down--or else! I don't know what the 'or else' would have been 'cos the old dear could never get up there to get me down, so I knew I was safe, but I went down anyway and it made her smile when I walked down the front of the kitchen cupboards!

I went climbing again in the afternoon and this time I got into trouble from both my humans when I nipped up on to the top of the big unit in the living room and that is one place I should definitely not be so I did one of my death-defying leaps from the top of the unit and landed on then back of my couch with one of those looks that said I knew EXACTLY what I was doing!

I have a feeling they didn't really believe me though, but I still haven't broken anything in all my nearly six years! Did I tell you it would soon be my birthday? Hee hee

Thursday, 10 December 2015

What a day!

My little weather man friend was right when he said it would be wet and windy on my little island but there was a wee bit that he didn't tell me and it tested all my intrepidness to the limit. But was I found wanting? Indeed I was not! In fact, as my MH is writing this for me, I am sitting on the couch beside her and my adorable little chest is all puffed up with proudness at just how brave I have been today.

My day started off quite well and then got better very quickly when I discovered that my humans were supposed to be going away to leave me for the entire day, but the people they were going to see had to go out and my humans were a wee bit sad but a big bit relieved 'cos it was not a nice day with lots of rain and a very big wind, so we all stayed home.

I was quite happy to follow the old dear round the house as she did lots of her housework and then we had my favourite game of 'hide and Squeak' when she was changing the sheets and the duvet covers and we played for a long time, but as usual, my little wagger gave the game away 'cos it started waving about under the sheet when my MH said 'Oh dear. Where is Squeak?' I lay as still as I possible could, but my silly wagger was waving like a flag and she found me! Sigh

I had a wee snooze in the afternoon and then just about four o'clock, I decided it was time for me to head outside and I couldn't have picked a worser time if I had tried. It was OK when I nipped out the window, but as soon as I got into my garden there was a great big shower of hailstones falling right on top of me and they HURT!! I kid you not, dear friends, they were like golf balls and there were millions of them and I am sure that most of those millions were falling on me and I was not happy at all! I ran as fast as my little legs could take me until I could find some shelter and then just as I was breathing a huge sigh of relief there was a HUGE flash if lightning and then the biggest roll of thunder I have ever heard and I was frightened.

I was outside, all alone in the hail and the wind and then in the thunder and lightning and I wanted my MH but it was still too wild for me to even try to get in my window so I just had to wait. As soon as it went off a wee bit I jumped up onto the window sill and banged on the window till my MH opened it for me and I shot in. Phew!

Then just as we were all settling down again, there was another great big flash and all our lights went off and my house was all in dark. The naughty lightning had knocked off all the switches but the electric men worked very hard and in a wee while all my lights were back on again so we are all happy and my MH thinks I am just the bravest puss in the world and who am I to argue with THAT?

I have been playing with my new mouse that my friend J. sent me and I asked my MH to take these pictures for you and I hope you like them. I love the little mouse, so thank you again J.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A Big Surprise

Well, actually I got two surprises today. A very good one and a not so very good one. As you know, it was Wednesday and Wednesday is one of my DH's Cat Shop days, so off he went on the boat, but---and this is my not so good surprise---my MH went away too. Well, to say I was not best pleased is an understatement and the wind was blowing so hard at my house that the window had to be kept shut, so I did what all good puss cats do. I took to my bed and sulked!

I was having a little nap when I heard the door opening and when I ran into the kitchen to see who had come into my house, there was my MH back home again and I was very happy, but then I was even happier when I got my very good surprise. It was a little parcel addressed to me and it had come all the way from England in the post. I was so excited 'cos it made me feel very important that lots of postmen people had seen my name and knew all about me. Then my MH opened it for me and it was another toy mouse just for me from one of my bestest friends J. and she had sent it for my birthday. Thank you J. and a million purrs from me to you. My MH said that I can play with it even though it's not my birthday yet and she will put a picture of it on my blog for you tomorrow or Friday 'cos they might be going out tomorrow if this horrid wind stops shouting at us.

They are supposed to be going visiting, but my little weather man friend said there has to be a storm on my little island, so maybe they won't be able to go away and leave me. I don't mind them going away, but I am always much happier when they are with me.

Naturally, I will let you know the outcome tomorrow.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Wet and Dry

My DH says I am like his sandpaper 'cos all day I have been wet and dry and I have made them giggle at the things I have been doing.

It was a fine morning and I went straight out to play after my breakfast and just came back in time to get my wee drop of milk. I just love that last wee drop of milk and my MH loves to listen to me as I lap it up 'cos I am usually purring at the same time, but it is just because I am so happy.

It wasn't raining or blowing so I stayed out for quite a long time but then my humans had to go away out for a while, so I just took to my bed until they came home again. The minister had come to my little island and my MH was playing her guitar, but before she went away, I had a seat in the guitar case and I loved it 'cos it is all furry and cosy on this adorable little body. I would sleep there if my MH would let me. Maybe that's what I could get for my birthday! My very own little guitar case bed. Oh yes!

My afternoon was filled with journeys in and out of my window and that's when I was getting wet 'cos it had started to rain but I was happy being outside and every time I went in, my MH was at hand to dry me down with tissues and towels and that made me purr more and more.I don't mind getting wet, but I am not too fond of getting blowed about and my little weather man friend says there is going to be a very bad wind on my little island tomorrow night so I will need to be very careful.

My DH says he could tie me on to a big bit of rope and if it was too windy, then he could gently pull me back home again. It might be quite a good idea just depending on where he puts the rope, so I shall give it serious consideration before I tell him 'no thanks'

My intrepidness doesn't need any help, thank you DH. I shall manage, as ever!

Monday, 7 December 2015

Monday Again

... and we are all back to normal. I am very happy to tell you that my house is a lot better today than it was last Monday. I have been a lot happier today. I didn't tell you last week 'cos I thought you might think I was a silly puss, but last Monday when the carpet men came to my house, I was a wee bit so upset that I ran away and hided under one of the beds.

I had been there for quite a while 'cos both my humans were busy, but then my MH noticed that I wasn't around and she came looking all over my house for me but couldn't find me. She knew I wasn't under my couch 'cos it was all in bits and then she had a brainwave and she lay down on the floor in my bedroom and looked under the bed and there I was--all sad and a wee bit lonely. She called for me and I went running up to her. Well, it was more of a shuffle really 'cos I WAS under the bed, you see.

I snuggled up to her and purred while she stroked me and told me everything would be just fine and that made me feel a whole lot better, so I just nipped up on to the top of my bed and had a snooze till she came back in again. So you can see how today was ever so much better.

The old boy nipped over to the Cat Shop, my MH nipped into the cupboard to get her vacuum cleaner and dusters and I nipped out into the wind and I loved it! And that's how my day has been. A rest on my couch, a wee play outside and then in for a heat and a cuddle and then outside again. Brilliant!

I like normal Mondays and my MH has told me that all my days will be normal for a long time now, so that makes me a very happy little Squeak!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

A New Game

Yes. I have invented a new game for me and my MH and we both love it, although it might need a tiny wee tweak just to make it purr-fect!

When we are in the kitchen and I want to play, I scoot as fast as I can into my living room and hide behind the door and wait till the old dear finds me. See? So, why does it need tweaked? Well, it's a GLASS door! Oops I did wonder how she kept finding me so quickly and then it dawned on me. I had a wee blush but nobody noticed.

I have had a very good day and have been in and out lots of times. I didn't let the wind or the rain bother me one little bit and then every time I came in, I had to stand on my chair until my MH got some tissues or a towel to make me dry again, and then she had to go and wash all my adorable little paw marks off said chair! She does get a wee bit peeved at having to do this a lot, but I can't help it so she understands.

We had a play together with my toys and today I chose all my little mouses and I had super fun and then when we were finished, I got a very special cuddle and you can see how happy we both are.

I hope you are happy too.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

A Good Day

We all had a long sleep this morning and as me and my MH had a wee nocturnal chinwag in the middle of last night, we were both a wee bit tired today so we didn't get up too early. I love when we have a chat in the middle of the night when it is so very dark that she can nearly not see me, but she can always hear me 'cos I purr for her when she is talking to me. She strokes me and cuddles me while she tells me she loves me millions and I like that lots. And what is my DH doing all this time? Yep, he is snoring!

When I finally did get up, I had my little drip of milk and then went out to play. It was a wee bit wet and quite windy, but nothing to worry yours truly so I was in and out a lot of times today. There are still some sheeps in the field beside my house, so I have some company when I am out, but the grass is very wet and to be honest, I would rather be inside playing with my humans, but I need to be outside to get some fresh air into these adorable little lungs and to use up some of my energy.

I always make sure I have plenty of 'oomph' left to play in my house and some times my MH chases me all over the house and I just love that game 'cos I can hide in little spaces that she can NEVER get into and that makes her giggle.

I have had a wee sniff at my Christmas tree but I know that I am not supposed to climb it so I get as close as I am allowed and just look at it. Maybe I will have just a little climb when they both go out.

After all, that's what trees are for, sure it is?

Friday, 4 December 2015


It is nearly my birthday and I have started counting the days and it is only eleven more days until I am an adorable six year old kitten-cat. I still love to play with my humans like a kitten but I have all the wisdom and cleverness of a growed-up cat, so I think I am just the perfect little package and my humans think so too.

It is always a bit of a problem for me at this time of the year 'cos I have to decide what I want for my birthday and what they should get me for Christmas. I don't want to appear too greedy, but I still love getting things, so I am sure you understand my little problem. I shall sleep on it for a night or two and I am sure something will spring to this adorable little mind.

I have been in and out lots of times today and quite a few times I have come in very wet and have had to wait until my humans get something suitable to dry me with. I also got into a wee bit of trouble 'cos I left lots of perfectly formed paw prints on my chair and on my couch and my dear old MH had had to get a wet cloth and clean them all off and no sooner were they all nice and dry and clean again, than I put more paw prints on them and my MH just sighed. But then she smiled, cuddled me and told me she loved me millions. Bless!

I had a wee play with my games as well and I asked the old dear to play 'cos I don't want her to feel left out, so we had a happy afternoon. I might try to go out later, but it is getting very wet and windy on my little island so I will have to have a think. I do love my nocturnal jaunts and have managed out every night since I was a baby puss, so I don't see why it should stop now!

So, there Mr. Wind. You can't frighten me!!

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Not Just So Good

I've had a good day, but not as good as normal 'cos both my humans were away out and I was left all alone which I don't really like, as you know. My MH had to take her eyes to to a 'optishan' who said that she could see OK, but surely my MH knows if she can see or not? I don't really understand that bit, but when I feel like it, I shall sit on her knee and let her explain it all to me.

I had a very quiet day but to be honest, I enjoyed the peace and quiet and the fact that I could just wander from chair to chair and room to room without tripping over workmen or carpets and I liked that. I had a good rest until my humans came home and then I sat with the old dear and let her stroke me and talk to me 'cos I know she likes that too.

So, although it hasn't been a brilliant day, it hasn't been a bad day either and tonight can only get better. The weather so far is fine so I am making the most of it 'cos my little weather man friend told me that the wind is going to be a gale and a big gale at that all weekend so I am going to need all my intrepidness I think and I have to save that up, so I shall rest.

I like the resting bit!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


I have had another lovely day and I have had millions of cuddles, so my little life is well and truly back on track and I am very happy. I stayed out very late last night and was almost in danger of having to stay out the WHOLE night! That would have been terrible and my MH would have missed me cuddling into her, so on the very last whistle----I knew by the tone of it that it was the last--- I wandered home and when I looked at the clock it told me that it was nearly two o'clock in this morning and my poor old DH was a wee bit tired and wanted to go to his bed, but I need to be home before they can both settle down, so that's how I was just a tad on the naughty side.

I didn't get up too early this morning and then I helped my MH do a wee bit of housework but all the time she was talking to me and every now and then I would nip outside for a play and then when I came home I got lots of cuddles.

There's not a lot of news but my living room is right back to normal again and we all like our new carpet, so it was worth all the hard work but I am glad it is all finished. I thought that we were all going to have a lazy day tomorrow, but my humans have to go away to Kirkwall so I am to be left all alone for the whole day.

However, they have promised that the weekend will be as lazy as I want so I am looking forward to that. I can hardly wait.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Squeak Rules Supreme

I have had a crackin' day and I have been ever so happy and you all know why, don't you? Yes. All the work is finished and my house is back the way it should be and I have been promised there will be no more upheaval for a long, long time.

I made my humans and the carpet-laying men giggle yesterday 'cos when they brought my couch back into the living room, I nipped up onto the back where I normally sit and sat there purring and when my MH explained that this was my normal sitting place, the men just smiled and stroked me and of course, I purred louder.

My humans have been doing some work today just making sure that everything is just right for me---and them, of course---but there has been plenty of time for me and I have been a little demanding I'm afraid, but my humans understand that I have been a little upset over the past day or two and they realise that I need lots of cuddles and that's what I have been getting.Happy Squeak.

The weather is a wee bit better and I have been in and out lots and lots but it is just the bestest feeling to know that when I come back in the window there is a carpet for my little feets and a couch for my adorable little bum.

That's all I ask. Well, that and some food, lots of cuddles and a comfortable bed to sleep in when my exploring is all done. That's not too much to ask, now, is it?

Monday, 30 November 2015

Before and After

Well, I still haven't had the bestest of days but at least it did get better and my living room is nearly back to just how I like it.

Last night was very windy on my little island but I discovered something very interesting in my garden and I kept going out to see it. I can't tell you what it was though 'cos my MH doesn't know and if she doesn't know, then neither do you, I'm afraid. I sat on the window sill and yowled until I was let out and then a while later I sat on the window sill and yowled to be let IN! I was only in for a heat and a wee biscuit and then I was back outside again much to the worry of the old dear. Sorry MH.

However, it was on one of these trips back in that I got a very unpleasant surprise 'cos my friends N. & M. were pulling up my carpet and I wasn't very happy even though my MH had explained what was happening, but it didn't mean I had to like it now, did it? And that's how the rest of the evening went with all my lovely things being packed away, but I am happy to say that some of my toys were left out for me and when all the work was done, my MH played with me but my adorable little heart wasn't really in it. I just did it to please her.

This morning two men came to my house that I didn't know and they started putting another carpet down on my floor and that made me a lot happier and when they went away my humans started putting all the things from the boxes back where they should be and I liked that a lot. My MH said that it will all be finished tomorrow and then I shall once again be the centre of their universe!

I am still having lots of trips out but it's not just as windy so I am having good fun but the bestest bit is when I go home and I have a couch to sit on and a carpet to stand on. My needs are simple, but I do expect them to be met.

After all, that's what humans are for, is it not?