Monday, 26 January 2015

A Fun Day

I have had a really good day today and although it is still very cold on my little island, I just nip in and out for short times and have a wee run round my garden before I jump back in the window again and get warmed up.

We had some visitors today who came to see me and my MH and it was good to see them, but I'm afraid I gave the lady a fright 'cos I was sitting up on the back of the couch where she was sitting and I stretched out my adorable little paw which just happened to tickle her on the lug and it made her jump, and we all giggled.

When they went away, I was able to play with my MH 'cos she sat on the couch and played with me and my toys an she didn't need to get down on the floor and it made me very, very happy 'cos it is just the bestest of fun when my humans play with me.

I asked my DH to take a picture of me and the Boss with her new feather duster which she uses to help my DH do the housework so when she is having a wee walk some of the furniture gets tickled with this duster. See? When I was sitting on her knee she told me that when she was a very little girl of just about three or four, she used to go to tap dancing lessons and guess what she used? YES!!! A feather duster!

She has promised me that when her new hip isn't new any more, she will do some tap dancing for me with the feather duster and I promise you that I will learn how to work our video so that you can see it too.

Sure I am a very good puss?

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