Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Wee Bit Busy

We have all been a wee bit busy today but we have had a good day. I am sleeping very well these nights and I have stopped wakening my MH in the middle of the night, but the funny thing is that she is wakening ME up! The poor old thing usually needs to get up to go to the toilet and by the time she has gathered up her sticks and rattled her way into the bathroom yours truly is wide awake. So I wait for her and then I ask if I could please have a wee biscuit and of course I get it. It is actually quite funny watching her 'cos she has a grabber stick which she uses to save her from bending over and she is getting really good at picking things up with it. I am just waiting until she tries to get me with it! I have noticed that my DH is staying out of its reach too!

Anyway, we were up quite early 'cos the nurse was coming to see my MH and it my DH had to go away to the boat to get her and bring her to my house. I hided under my couch for a wee while until I knew that she was a nice lady and then I came out and I let her stroke me and she told my MH that I was beautiful so that made us very happy.

She said I could go into the bedroom with them while she was helping the old dear and oft we all went. Now, do you remember the great big bit of elastoplast that I told you about? Well, the nurse took it off and at this point I just pretended to watch but to be honest, my dear friends, I had my adorable little eyes shut tight 'cos I have discovered that I am not very good with that kind of thing and sometimes I come over all unnecessary and have to lie down, and I didn't want the nurse to have to stop working with my MH to bring me round!

I would never have heard the end of it!

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