Sunday, 25 January 2015

More of the same

We are all into a nice routine now and I for one am very happy with it. It is quite cold on my little island, so although I go out quite often, I don't stay out long and as soon as I come in again, I jump up onto my MH's knee for a cuddle and a wee warm and that makes us both very happy.

My poor old DH is quite tired 'cos he is still not very well and because my MH is on her sticks he has a lot of work to do 'cos he has to do all the things that she can't. She is quite happy 'cos now he knows just how hard she works, and she is going to try and make sure he doesn't forget. Hee hee

I got a wee bit of a surprise though when my friend S. came to see us. I didn't think she would come today 'cos she came to see me on Friday, but she did and I liked it lots. She is my very bestest friend and I love her lots so I am always happy to see her. We played for a long time and she asked me to show her how my little treat ball worked, but I'm afraid I wouldn't and I suppose you will want to know why? Well, I just thought that if I showed her how to get my treats out, she might have eaten them all up herself and not leave any for me! One just never knows, does one?

Now, if you are wondering why there aren't any new photographs of yours truly it is because my MH hasn't been playing with her camera 'cos she is holding onto her sticks so she can't hold on to the camera at the same time, but she says she will soon be able to take some pictures of yours truly. So don't worry, new pictures will arrive soon.

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