Saturday, 10 January 2015

More Wind

Well, we made it through through the first storm and now we are all sitting waiting for the next one to finish so that I can get out to play, please. We all had a good sleep last night and I think that my MH was happy that the wind didn't blow too hard during the night. It has decided to wait until day time and somehow that's not just so bad.

It has not been too bad a day and I did manage out a couple of times. Actually, getting out was the easy bit, but getting back in again was harder! I went out the door both times and I just sort of stood there and let the wind take me wherever it wanted and it was like I was flying and I liked it so much that I am going to ask my MH to make me a Superman suit with a little cape which could keep me warm if I was saving the world when it was cold. Good plan, eh? Anyway, I digress again. I went out the door 'cos it was far too windy at the windae! Do you get it? That's a wee joke 'cos some Scottish people say windae instead of window. Good eh? Anyway (again!) when I had fixed all the problems in the world---or at least my little bit of the world---I decided to go back inside but I had to have three or four jumps up onto my window sill before I managed to land without being blown off course. I think if I am going to be a Superman type puss, I might need to sharpen my direction skills, but I am sure that with a little practice, I shall be purr-fect! That's another joke. There must be something in the treats my MH is giving me today! When I finally did land on the window sill, it was my DH who had to open the window for me 'cos my MH said she was frightened it would just blow out of her hand and disappear somewhere. But between me and my DH yours truly managed back in safely and I got a big cuddle from the Boss.

My DH has been getting a crash course in looking after me 'cos my MH is going away on Tuesday---if the weather lets her. I would like to do my weather dance to keep her here, but I know she needs to be fixed, so I am trying to be a brave puss and I am helping her to train my DH. He looks after me a wee bit, but as you know I am definitely my MH's puss and she knows nearly everything I am thinking and sometimes even before I have thinked it!

There is just one wee bit which confuses her and that is my routine when I want out after I have had my dinner, and she still hasn't worked that one out yet. Mind you, that might be because I haven't worked it out either! Hee hee

I get my dinner just before my MH starts to cook for her and my DH and then I have a wee sleep on my couch, but when they sit down at the table in the kitchen I wander through and ask to be let out please. Well, my MH gets up and opens the outside door for me and I have a wee sniff at the outside and then turn and walk back into the kitchen where I sit and stare at them for a minute or two before I walk back into the porch, or I push the porch door open if it is a wee bit shut and my MH knows I am asking again. I sometimes do this two or three times before I finally decide to go out, but the thing that my MH can't understand is that I know I am going to go out, so why don't I go out the first time?

And if I knew the answer to that, my dear friends, you would be the first to know!!

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