Saturday, 24 January 2015

No News

I'm afraid I have no news for you at all today 'cos me and my humans haven't done anything at all that is very interesting, but we are all very happy, so you don't need to worry about us.

It hasn't been a very good day on my island 'cos the wind has been blowing and we even had some hail and sleet and it was nearly tea time before yours truly ventured outside and then I only stayed out for very short times. In fact, one time my dear old MH let me out the door and by the time she had wandered into the living room with her sticks, I was back at the window yelling to be let back in. Oh we did laugh!

Me and the Boss did our exercises and then I helped my DH watch the football and while I was watching, I saw something which I thought might help me when I am in personal trainer to MH mode. I saw the referee and he was blowing a whistle and I thought that would help me in my training, but I am afraid that when I mentioned this to herself she didn't think it would be a very good idea. But I'm still working on it! It would just go beautifully with the rest of my training uniform.

I am hoping that it won't be just as cold tomorrow 'cos I have a lot of energy building up and as my MH can't play with me inside my house, I will need to use it all up when I get outside, so my little paws are crossed that it will be a better day for this adorable little puss.

And I hope it will be a better day for you too.

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