Monday, 5 January 2015


..... you know I told you that I had been doing an awful lot of thinking yesterday? Well, I have decided that pussy cats were not built for thinking and I might not do it again, I think!I have been SO tired today and have spent all afternoon just lying on top of my little bed having a snooze and the only reason I can think of is that I thinked too much yesterday!

It has been quite a good day, so I was able to go out to play for a while this morning but to be honest, my dear friends, my adorable little heart wasn't in it at all, and I just went back in and sat up on the back of my couch while my MH ran all round my house with the vacuum cleaner and the dusters and it was then that I decided I would be better on my little bed, so off I went.

We didn't have a very good night last night 'cos my poor DH was up a lot with his awful cough and as you know, when my DH is up, we are ALL up! It did mean that I got a wee extra play outside about three o'clock this morning and I quite liked that, but I am afraid the old dear wasn't too happy when I cuddled in beside her with very cold little feets and I made her shiver until she cuddled me warm again.

I have just had a thought! Could it be that being out late has made me tired and not the thinking? I shall conduct an experiment when I am feeling stronger and you will be the first to know the result. Well, the first after me and my MH of course. :-))

My MH has finally persuaded my DH to go to the doctor with his cough and he will go on Wednesday if the wind isn't howling round about my house. My little weather man friend has told me it is going to be very stormy soon, so I think we might all have to stay indoors until it goes away to some place else, but I hope it lets my DH get to the doctors 'cos he needs to get better soon to look after yours truly when my MH goes for her new hip. As you know, I can do most things for myself, but I still can't manage to open my sachets of dinner and THAT is a necessity!

So, please wind don't blow too hard on Wednesday. Please!!

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