Sunday, 4 January 2015

Thinking Day

I know I am not and never will be a Brownie or a Girl Guide, unless the rules change to let adorable puss cats join, but nevertheless I have had a thinking day today. Perhaps it is just the onset of another splendid year stretching out in front of me, or the fact that I am now a very sensible five year old puss, but I have been mulling things over a lot today and have come up with my new year's resolutions.

I have decided that I shall accept lots more cuddles from my MH 'cos I know how much these help the old dear get through the stresses and strains of the day and really it is no hardship to yours truly to be adored a little more that usual. I might even get to like it. My other resolution is that I shall think before I make major decisions and I shall look at the problem from all angles before making my pronouncement. There may be exceptions to my second resolution 'cos if I see something chaseable, then I am off and I will consider the consequences later!

So that has been my Sunday really. It is very cold, but I have been outside a few times just to see what is happening on my patch, but I have been happier indoors playing with my MH and my toys. I have lots of toys that my humans bought for me but my two favourite ones were given to me as presents. One is my little mouse which I told you about yesterday and I love it 'cos I can play with it all on my own and I run at it and jump on it and I even throwed it up in the air today which made my MH laugh a lot, and the other one is a toy on a stick which my friend S. gave me a long time ago, but I need my MH to shake it for me which she just loves doing of course, and as it is good exercise for the old dear you can see I only have her best interest at heart!

So there we are. It is now resting time and I will probably go out again before bed time 'cos I just love being outside in the dark and at that time my little island is lovely and quiet with just the little mouses---live ones!---scuttling around, so sometimes I just get a nice cosy spot where I snuggle down and just listen to them and I like that a lot.

I think I shall do lots of that this year. Another resolution, maybe?

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