Saturday, 31 January 2015


.... it was after my dinner time before I got out to play today and I was not at all happy with that situation. You all know how much I like being outside especially when the sheeps are outside my gate and doubly especially when I needed to see if that great big worm was still there, but by the time I did get out it was too dark to see if it was on my path. Even with my brilliant eyesight!

There has been snow and sleet and lots of horrible wind on my little island and far too windy for me to venture out. In fact, I would call it a gale and I am getting very good at naming these winds 'cos I have been listening very carefully to my little weather man friend so that I know when I can go out safely and when I need to stay in my house with my humans.

My MH is getting on really well and is now just using one stick and sometimes none sticks at all, but she is getting annoyed like me 'cos she can't get outside and she wants to get her shoes on and go out to play with me, but she is frightened the wind might blow her over. Since she has come home she has to wear long white stockings and 'cos she hasn't to bend over, my DH has to put them on for her and do you know what he did? He tickled her feets! Oh dear, what a noise she made. I think if she could have moved quicker she would have clouted him with her stick!

We have all had a good day but I am hoping that the wind has a wee rest soon so that I can get out to play before bedtime 'cos I have an awful lot of energy and unless I can get rid of it all, I might not sleep and if I don't sleep then my poor old humans won't get much rest either, so my adorable little paws and their not so adorable fingers are all crossed!

I shall tell you tomorrow.

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