Friday, 30 January 2015


Look what I discovered this afternoon! A worm, but not just any worm--a ginormous worm! I shall let you all into a little secret. I have never seen a worm before and I was just a tad perplexed when I discovered this wriggly creature on my path today when I finally ventured out, but after I had poked it once or twice with my adorable little paw and it didn't hurt me, I wasn't frightened any more. Not that I was frightened in the first place you understand. Just a little bemused.

We have had a very good day although it is still too cold for yours truly so I haven't been out to play as much as I would like and when I do I just stay out for the littlest time and then I go home again where my humans are waiting for me with lots of cuddles which I just love.

I am a very happy puss just now 'cos both my humans are at home with me and also because my DH is finally feeling a wee bit better and that is very good news. He had to go to the boat today to get all our messages and when he comed home to me he gave me lots of bits of string to play with and that was good but then my MH picked up the string with her grabber which she brought home from the hospital to help her pick up all the things that she has dropped and she picked up one end of the string and shooked it all over my kitchen and I chased it and chased it until I was just the tiredest and happiest little puss in the whole big wide world.

Oh yes, it has definitely been a WOW day for me, but I hope you have had a good day too.

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