Thursday, 19 February 2015

A Better Day

We have had a super duper day today, but for a while it was just me and my MH 'cos my DH decided he wanted to go to Kirkwall so oft he went leaving us to have a lovely girlie day. We even managed to play together for a while and that made me extremely happy.

We did lots of little things and we had to have lots of seats and that is my favourite bit 'cos when we are having a seat, I nip up onto my MH's knee and she strokes me which always makes my purrer work very hard and it makes the old dear smile and I like that. My MH decided to do a wee bit of housework and I had great fun playing with her feather duster when she tickled me with it. Oh it did make me laugh 'cos it was such a funny feeling bit I liked it and every time she put it down, I jumped on it and then my MH would lift it up again and tickle me some more. I think the feather duster will be one of my favourite toys now.

Now, I have to tell you that I am a very fit little puss. I know I have always been healthy and very well, but since my MH has had to do all her exercises, I am getting very fit and I shall tell you why, but first I need to explain one of her exercises. She has to do lots of them lying on our bed and as you have seen from the photographs I lie beside her or usually on top of her to make sure she is doing them properly and I know she appreciates that.

Well, today it went a wee bit further and it was really a wee mistake on my part, but I shall tell you all about it. The exercise is that my MH has to slide one leg out to the side and then bring it back in again. OK? Well, I sort of got my position wrong and my front two paws were on the leg that slides while my back two paws were on the leg that stayed still so I ended up doing lots of stretches which I hadn't intended doing, but I feel a whole lot better for that and think I might do some every day.

But I need a wee headband and four little wrist bands so that I look the part. Cute or what?

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