Friday, 13 February 2015

A Very Quiet Day

There has been no more excitement in my house today and we have all had a very quiet day but a very good day just the same. My MH didn't get out to play with me today 'cos the weather wasn't great but I went in and out lots of times and I was a very happy little puss just pottering around my garden and then jumping in through my window to make sure the humans were doing fine---which they were.

My friend M. came to see me and my MH for a while and we had a wee chat then I just had a snooze on my couch while I listened in case there was anything very important that I might miss, but they only chatted about nothing really, so I just feel asleep and just wakened up again when M. was going home.

So it has been just a normal sort of day really but we are all quite happy in my house and I was VERY happy when I jumped back in through the window after my humans had finished their dinner 'cos my dear old MH had left some fish on a little dish for me and my DH said I was like the vacuum cleaner when I just sooked it all up. Oh boy it was good---so good. I just loved it.

But I am a million times more adorable than the vacuum cleaner, sure I am? Silly DH! I shall need to give him a good talking to later on.