Friday, 20 February 2015

Brilliant Fun

I have had simply the bestest of fun today with both my humans. My dear old MH is much better and nearly back to normal so she is able to play with me whenever I ask her. The only thing she still can't do is lie down on the floor with me, but she holds all my toys with her grabber while I chase them all over my living room, so that makes me very happy. And it cheers her up too!

Now, as you all know, Friday is messages day Chez Squeak and messages day means string day and when my DH takes the string off the boxes he ties it up in a big bow and throws it to me, so I play with it for a long time and I make my humans laugh at the things I do.

I had played lots of times with the string and then I had a rest on my couch and quite forgot about it, but when I trotted through to my kitchen for a little nibble at my biscuits I found it again and I asked my DH to please play with me. Which he did. And it was brilliant, especially when I got into some of the funniest shapes you can imagine. Once my MH had stopped laughing, she grabbed her camera and tooked these pictures just for you.

I think they are brilliant and I think I might use them if I decide to become a pussy cat trainer. I think they would look fantastic on my glossy brochure which I am sure my MH would make for me. I just need a name for my new venture so I shall give that some thought as I am resting on my couch.

I am looking forward to a good weekend and I hope yours is a good one too.

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