Saturday, 28 February 2015

Happy. happy. happy

We have all had a very good day today 'cos all our water is on and my humans are nice and clean again. I had thought I might have to do the deed myself and wash them, but the lovely water men fixed it and we have lots of lovely water coming through our taps so everybody on my little island is happy again.

The weather hasn't been too bad so I have been out to play lots of times and every time I go out, I stay longer and longer so that makes me happy too. AND, I didn't get locked in or locked out of anywhere today so I am doubly happy.

I don't have much news except that we got a lovely surprise this morning when our friends P. and H. from Germany phoned to see if we were doing OK and my MH was able to tell them that she was. They were asking her how she gets her socks on now and she said that she would put a picture of the 'contraption' that she uses so that they can see what she does, so she will do that tomorrow if I remind her. It is brilliant and her socks were on in seconds today without her bending down.

I am having a snooze just now as I always do after my dinner, but I am going out to play in a while and then I shall come home and settle down on my MH's knee 'cos we are going to watch boxing on my television and she will put on her big furry dressing gown first and you all know how much I love that dressing gown, no matter where it is.

I have even taken to lying on it at night when I need a wee space of my own. I nip over to the ottoman where it is kept and I lie there till I hear my MH starting to wake up and then I nip over beside her and pretend I have been there all the time. And she doesn't know a thing about it!

Oh. She does now, doesn't she? Doh!!!

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  1. Good news re your water. Ours is from the mountain behind us & sometimes it runs out - then we have to bucket it from the river - it's very heavy!!!!!