Thursday, 5 February 2015

Just A Quiet Day

It has been another very good day Chez Squeak and as usual I have loved every minute of it. I have been outside a lot but inside a lot more 'cos it is cold, but if I run about my garden then I don't feel the cold too much and it helps me to use up some of my lots of energy.

It was housework day today 'cos my MH has some of her friends coming to see her tomorrow and she is getting all excited and I am getting excited too 'cos I have never seen these ladies and I am a wee bit shy so I am a wee bit worried, but I am sure we will all get along very fine. I hope so. Anyway, back to the housework. Before my MH went away for her new hip, she did most of the housework and me and my DH could escape together for some peace and quiet, but since she has come home, there are things that she can't do and my DH has to do them for her, so at one point this morning he was hoovering and she was cleaning and I was getting ignored. I was not a happy puss. But just for a little while 'cos my MH soon ran out of steam and she sat down and cuddled me, so that was OK.

We didn't have any visitors today so me and my MH were able to play for a while and even though she can't get down on the floor with me, she can use her grabber to play with my toys and I just run and run all over my living room and I like that. And then when I feel I have done enough running, I just pick a chair--or my MH's knee--- and settled down for a little snooze.

I will have lots of knees to choose from tomorrow 'cos I am sure that my MH's friends will be very happy for me to cuddle down beside them. I will be able to tell you tomorrow.

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