Sunday, 22 February 2015

Nearly Right

My little weather man friend was nearly right when he said it would snow and be a gale on my little island 'cos it has been sleeting and raining and the wind has been very naughty, and you all know what this means for this adorable little puss, don't you? My friends didn't come to see me and that made me and my MH a wee bit sad, but then my friend S. sended me an email with a big cuddle in it and she said she has some treats for me, so I am asking my little weatherman friend very nicely if he can make the weather better just long enough for S. to deliver my treats. I am sure he will oblige 'cos he is a lovely little weather man.

Me and my MH had lots of time to spend together and we did our exercises as usual and then she did something that she had never done before. Well, not in my lifetime, anyway. She was working with a jig saw that my friend gave her for her birthday and she was putting all the bits into different bags and she was doing this on our spare room bed and I was watching very carefully so that I could help. Now, you all know what I am like with bags, don't you? I like to go inside them. So, I decided to put my adorable little nose inside the biggest bag and in it went all by its little self except I was behind it you understand, but it didn't come out on its own! Oh dear me no. It came out with quite a few bits of jig saw hanging to the whiskers and the Boss was not best pleased, so I got a bit of a row for that.

I decided to take myself off to the chair in the room and sat and watched her but then I noticed that my little wagger was hanging down from the chair and it was twitching away all by its dear little self quite happily. I sat and watched it for a while and my MH sat and watched me watching it until I pounced and tried to catch it. I swirled round and round and round in the chair and then I gave one death defying leap---and fell off!

Oh, my dear friends, I thought the old dear was going to burst a gasket she laughed so hard and then I was frightened she would fall off the bed 'cos I don't think me and my DH would have been able to get her up again, and I don't think her grabber would have been any use. I might have had to ask the nice man next door to bring his fork lift into my house to help us. However, she managed to control herself and gave me the biggest cuddle when I jumped up beside her, but I did feel a wee bit silly. However, we both had a giggle about it and that was fine.

I hope you like today's pictures. They are maybe not the best of yours truly, but you will see that I am still having great fun with my little bit of string. I just love it and it makes me very happy, so that can't be bad, can it?

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